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Aig Insurance Company – American International Group, or AIG, is a life insurance company that offers customizable policies that fit almost any financial situation.

While AIG’s life insurance rates aren’t exactly the cheapest, it’s the company’s flexible product selection that sets it apart.

Aig Insurance Company

Aig Insurance Company

From term life insurance policies that can be combined and tailored to reflect your financial obligations, to guaranteed universal policies that can be used for income in your older years, AIG has unique coverage options aimed at addressing the needs of the customer. AIG’s only downside is that its customer service and claims reviews aren’t on par with other major insurers, which is a concern when buying a permanent life insurance policy.

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Term life insurance guarantees a predetermined payout if the policyholder dies within the specified term. AIG offers a term life insurance policy called Select Term, which can be customized with terms ranging from 15 to 35 years.

AIG’s term life insurance rates aren’t exactly the cheapest, but the rates are consistently better than average compared to other national life insurance companies. In particular, non-smokers face rates that are over 15% lower than competitors.

AIG term life insurance policies have a minimum face value of $50,000, but you can purchase up to $10 million in coverage if approved. Term policies have flat premiums for the specified policy terms, but are renewable, so you can continue to renew your coverage for one-year increments after the initial term. However, the premiums will increase every year and the policy can only be renewed until you turn 95.

Since AIG term insurance comes with flexible terms and coverage amounts, the company allows you to tailor life insurance policies to suit your financial situation. With a degree, you can essentially determine the exact periods and amount of life insurance you need and combine policies to suit that situation.

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For example, let’s say you have a 30-year mortgage for $500,000 that you want your family to pay off if you die, and you also have a child you want to send to college in 16 years. You can buy a 30-year life insurance policy from AIG to cover your mortgage and cover it with 16 years of coverage for what you expect to pay for your child’s education.

AIG term life insurance is also convertible until you turn 70. This means you can convert the policy to a whole or universal life insurance policy with AIG if, for example, you are diagnosed with an illness that would make it difficult to find an affordable price. permanent cover. Since there is no requirement to demonstrate insurance before converting to a permanent life insurance policy, you will be accepted.

AIG’s life insurance underwriting guidelines are quite flexible, meaning insurers won’t automatically deny you coverage for some common conditions, such as sleep apnea or diabetes. And life insurance customers who smoke marijuana are even eligible to receive their best rates. However, you may be able to get better life insurance quotes from another insurer if you have other things in your medical history, such as high cholesterol.

Aig Insurance Company

AIG also offers a premium variation discount on its Select Term policy. The premium back term policy is limited to those under the age of 55; The adjustable term length starts from 20 years and the minimum policy amount is $100,000.

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However, you can recover or otherwise use your premium payments after the initial policy term. Basically, it acts like a whole life insurance policy during the initial term, building up a cash value which is guaranteed to be equal to the amount you have paid in premiums till the end of the term. So, for example, if you paid $1,000 a year in premiums for 20 years, the cash value of the policy at the end would be $20,000.

AIG return premium life insurance is a great option if you can afford the higher premiums now and are willing to sacrifice the opportunity cost of having that money available.

It can also be a good option if you’re undecided between short-term and permanent life insurance and want the ability to choose permanent coverage later.

AIG term life insurance policies can be customized with riders, or policy add-ons, that extend your coverage in certain situations. The following drivers are available for AIG term policies:

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It works like an accidental death insurance policy, which provides up to $250,000 of additional coverage, or the face value of a short-term policy if it’s less than $250,000. Accidental death coverage is cheaper than term policy coverage because it would not be just for the beneficiaries. payment if you die in an accident. Cover expires when you turn 70.

It works like a children’s life insurance policy and can cover all your children with a rider. You can buy between $500 and $25,000 of coverage for your children, which lasts until your child turns 25 or you turn 65.

The only free rider included with the company’s term life insurance policies. If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than two years to live, you can receive a portion of the death benefit while you are still alive. AIG’s terminal illness rider has an early death benefit acceleration fee of up to $500, and some terms vary by state, so you should contact the company if you’re interested in using this feature.

Aig Insurance Company

It waives your premiums if you become totally disabled for at least six months and if you continue to waive premiums for as long as the total disability continues. The only exception is if you become totally disabled after age 60, in which case coverage lasts for up to one year (or beyond age 65).

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AIG offers two indexed universal life insurance policies, Value+ Protector and Max Accumulator+. Both universal policies offer permanent coverage, with a portion of your premiums financing the cash value of the policy. This cash value can be held in a fixed-rate “sub-account,” which has a guaranteed interest rate of 2%, or invested in index accounts. Index accounts are similar to mutual funds in that their performance is based on the performance of an index, and AIG offers three or four index account options, depending on the universal life insurance policy.

AIG universal life insurance index account options work in one of two ways, depending on the account you choose:

Participation rate index accounts track the performance of a particular index and a percentage of the positive performance of that index is credited to your account. For example, if the index rose 10% over a year, your money invested in that account would grow in value by 6%, assuming a “participation rate” of 60%. On the other hand, if the index falls in value, you will receive at least a 0% interest loan. A participation rate account is the best choice in years when an index performs very well because you have a higher upside potential than a capital rate account.

Equity rate index accounts track the performance of an index in a similar way, but you “participate” in 100% of the index up to a certain “cap”, generally 10%. So if the index had a 6% return, that 6% interest would be credited to your cash value. But if the index rose by 20%, you would only gain 10%. Therefore, an equity rate index account is the best choice in years when an index performs moderately, since you are participating in all the upside opportunities. These accounts are also capped, so you don’t participate in negative index performance.

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Universal life insurance policies from AIG are available if you are between the ages of 18 and 80 and have a minimum face value of $50,000. And, with the Max Accumulator+ indexed universal life policy, you can buy cover without any. screening if you are under 50 and your policy face value is under $500,000. When you buy a universal policy, you have the option of choosing between a death benefit equal to the face value of the policy or its face value plus its face value. value for money, although this option will increase your fees.

The cash value of the policy can be accessed through policy withdrawals or loans, like most universal life policies, but you may also have the option of purchasing paid-up top-ups. Basically, paid supplements add a death benefit to your indexed universal life insurance policy without increasing your premiums because the supplement is paid in full. You can also use the cash value of the policy to pay off some of your premiums.

More uniquely, you can access your AIG death benefit while you’re still alive through the company’s Accelerated Access Solution if you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness or Lifestyle Income Solution after you turn 85 years old.

Aig Insurance Company

AIG also offers a variable universal life insurance policy, called AG Platinum Choice VUL, which is similar to the company’s indexed universal policies but has a wider variety of funds.

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