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App Drawer For Miui – Did you know that you can finally get the app drawer on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone? Well, Xiaomi officially added app drawer support to its MIUI in November. To enable the MIUI app drawer on your MIUI device, you need the latest MIUI system launcher. We have attached the latest 4.17.1 MIUI System Launcher APK here. Download it and activate your phone’s app drawer now.

MIUI did not have the app drawer option before its official system launch. It lacked a number of home screen settings from Xiaomi and Redmi phones. In November 2019, Xiaomi officially added app drawer support, but limited it to MIUI Chinese ROMs only. Global MIUI users did not get it at that time.

App Drawer For Miui

App Drawer For Miui

However, in early 2020, Xiaomi launched the same support for global users as well. However, this feature does not appear out of the box on Xiaomi or Redmi phones. It is part of the latest version of MIUI System Launcher. Fortunately, the official APK of MIUI Launcher is widely available and you can install it on your phone within a second. This is not a third-party app or third-party solution that keeps your phone as good as it was before.

After The Long Wait, Xiaomi Is Finally Giving Miui An App Drawer

MIUI System Launcher cleverly adds all the missing features to your MIUI 11 device. Note that this will not work with devices running MIUI 10 or lower. You must have MIUI 11 installed. We’re bringing back the now defunct MIUI app drawer.

Now you should have enabled the MIUI app drawer. You can customize the behavior of the app drawer by going to the same home screen settings. Transition effects, categories, scrollbars and pretty much everything can be customized. The best feature of this app drawer is the way it categorizes everything under its specific category. With the app drawer enabled, MIUI 11 looks much cleaner.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to contact me through the comment section below if you face any problem. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Miui Soll Endlich App Drawer Erhalten

An important Merkmal of Android is the so-called “app drawer”, a separate Bereich auf dem Startbildschimmer, i velchem ​​​​sich sich all installed Apps versammeln, ohne that sie permanent auf the owntlichen Home Screens verteilt sein müssen. Xiaomi lue einen andre Ansatz gewählt in its Android allerdings version. All the icons on the home screen in MIUI-land, no app drawer. Dies ist wohl auch einer der Gründe, warum MIUI is often called iOS Abklatsch wird.

Quite abgeneigt scheint Xiaomi dem concept des App Skuffer allerdings schon lenger nicht mehr zu sein. Let’s go back to the Pocophone F1 which came with a special version of MIUI. This is especially different in the Launcher and offers auch einen App Drawer, where the entire nebenbei bemerkt zimmerandt integriert bli. MIUI users can install this launcher for a period of time in the regular MIUI version, which can install an app drawer.

Now Xiaomi wants to reveal the app drawer which includes the regular MIUI variant. Dies geht aus dem lasten Alpha Build des MIUI Launchers hervor, in welchem ​​​​man die apprehensive Option findt. Anscheinend wird der App Drawer option sen. Users can then choose between the “MIUI Nutzererfahrung” and one with a classic Android ähnelnden Startoberfläche wählen. Wann das Function Einzug in stable MIUI Builds holds, ist naturlich or nicht absehbar.

App Drawer For Miui

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Poco X3 Pro Review: Software And Performance

Google Playstore klatsch av sich is everything on the home screen, and it must be opened. Somit ist das ach so böse Miui verhalten eigentlich Google Standard! Wemms nicht passt, Xiaomi verhinder keine Drittanbieter Launcher. My Nova Launcher is already on an Android 2.X system. Auch here, Icons auf homescreen abwählen, da ja nicht in all applications should get Playstore kommen müssen. You should see the missing app drawer.

All apps on the iPhone device’s home screen are available on Xiaomi’s MIUI interface and can be used in organized folders. Systemaufbau differentiates sich spürbar from smartphones, after installation all applications are available in an application overview and are available as Möglichkeit as Nutzer manuale, which is on the home screen. The lack of such an app overview was frequently criticized by MIUI and led many users to use alternative launchers e.g. Nova-Launcher must be installed on Ihr smartphone. Xiaomi hood with Pocophone F1 release available for this review and Poco-Launcher with app overview (App-Drawer) on Google Playstore.

Non wird die App-Übersicht and Swipe-Up Operation Easy in Standard-Uberface found all Xiaomi smartphones. Dies best ene Beta-Version des newen Xiaomi-Launchers, die der Hersteller bereits vor einiger Zeit zum download nederwaisten hat.

If you install the new version, you will be able to use the system with the app drawer. Auch beherrscht der neue Launcher die Swipe-Up Geste, with the man durch ein Wischen von unten nach oben die App Übersicht aufruft. Wer Lust hat, kan die new beta version bereits jetzt herunterladen and installieren.

Xiaomi: App Drawer Verwenden Und Anpassen

After installing the application, you need to use the “Startbildschirm & Schnellzugriff” installation, then click on “Standard launcher” and then select the option. The following is from sieht das Ganze dann:

Möglichkeit, the Xiaomi smartphone with App-Übersicht to use is definitely gelungene Erweiterung des ansonsten so ausgefeilten Systems as it is bald local. Egen stellt sich nur die Frage warum Xiaomi dennen Option nicht schon langst eingefügt in das System. The beta version is practically active. If you are in Euch: Nutzt Ihr Euer Handy med or ohne App-Drawer? Do you have messages about this, as App Drawer using Xiaomi seiner Stock Launcher, it has a new time for China ROM gibt. Vor einigen Wochen starta dieser in die Alpha, now wird er über regular Wege verteilt. When the launcher reaches a new update, it will check for system app updates (Settings > Updates for system apps) to install the system – the latest system update will also be available. If you like – and nicht bereits auf other Launcher mit dieser Functionality wie Nova oder Lawnchair abgewandert – seid, könnt das Update über diesen Menüpunkt einspielen. Stelle bei euch nicht auftauchen should be a deser, so gibt es bereits dies the corresponding APK-Datei zum download.

You can activate the app drawer in the MIUI settings (Einstelungen > Startbildschimmer > Startbildschimmer). Dort müsst ihr nun statt “Normal”, “App-Schublade” is activated – Xiaomi has a 1:1 translation of the Begriff “App Drawer”.

App Drawer For Miui

Now you can use your app drawer, heißt, ihr habt einen klassische Startbildschimmer und nach dem Hochwischen eine separate App-Übersicht. Dieser könnte ihr weitere Einstellungen vornehmen. So lassen sich App-Vorschläge ein-og ausblenden, der Hintergrund weiter einstellen og die Apps nach Gusto kategorisieren. Eure App-Liste könndt ihr auf Wunsch auch ordnen lassen in alphabetical order.

Xiaomi Miui 13 Alpha Launcher Brings Smoother App Drawer, New Widgets

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Mit dem Absenden eines Kommentars stimmst du unserer Datenschutzerklärung und der Speicherung von dir angegegener, personalbezogener Daten zu.Application drawer is a popular function of Android phones. It also offers a more specialized section to accommodate all the apps installed on your phone so that the various app icons on your home screen are not completely redundant. Its presence makes the home screen of the phone more streamlined.

On most Android smartphones, you can open the app drawer by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen. Some phones and launchers also have an app drawer icon in the dock, which can be clicked to access all installed apps.

However, in Xiaomi phones, all apps are placed directly on the home screen. To enable the app drawer on any Xiaomi smartphone, follow the steps below.

Xiaomi Testing App Drawer In Miui Launcher, App Shortcuts Also Spotted In Alpha Development Build

After enabling the app drawer feature, you can swipe up from the bottom to access the app library. However, in this article we will learn how to customize our Xiaomi app drawer. If you want to know about this amazing feature, you can check more details below.

This newly activated feature will automatically organize your apps by category that you can recognize at the top of the screen. Not only does it provide better organization, it also has some practical and complementary features.

In the same section of the activation drawer, you can scroll down and see the various configurations available to further customize the interface. these are –

App Drawer For Miui

App Suggestion: As that option shows, when you enable this

Miui Launcher Finally Gets App Drawer, Feature Available In Alpha Version Right Now

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