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Apply For Id Card Online – Every German citizen over the age of 16 has one in their wallet: an ID card. In 2010, the former book or laminated card was transformed into an ID card with an online identification function, ushering in a new era. GmbH produces this electronic identity document on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Public Affairs (BMI). It is the first card that allows its owner to identify themselves in both the analog and digital worlds.

This topic specifically focuses on prominent features such as online identity functionality and the future of mobile identity processes.

Apply For Id Card Online

Apply For Id Card Online

“As our world becomes increasingly digitized, there are more and more good reasons to use online IDs and on-site reader features in everyday life. To make it especially easy, fast and secure , we are constantly working on improving the user experience. With electronic identity verification. Here is an important partner.”

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Dr Marcus Rector, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs, Building and Public Affairs (BMI) and Chief Information Officer of the Federal Government. Portrait photo © Henning Schacht

Effective, simple and secure: this is a German ID card with an online identification function. Equipped with a chip, this card can also be used as a means of identification in the digital world, hence the name online ID card. At the same time, it is one of the most counterfeit-proof identification documents. Electronic Identity Document is developed by GmbH, one of Germany’s leading IT security companies.

How often and for what purposes is the online ID card used? Check out our infographic for an overview.

Now you can deal with government agencies or private companies without leaving your home. Since November 2010, ID cards in Germany have been equipped with an additional component, namely an electronic data carrier in the form of a chip that stores personal and biometric data.

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An ID card with an online identity function can be used by its owner to securely verify their identity on the Internet and use online services.

In addition to the online identification function, now only the user’s selected PIN code and a reader such as a smartphone are required, and relevant data can be transmitted for identification and verification.

Identify yourself digitally? We’ll show you step by step how it works on a smartphone: an infographic with instructions.

Apply For Id Card Online

In addition to the ID card, the Electronic Residence Permit (eAT) has also been equipped with an online identification function since 2011. Additionally, work is underway on the implementation of the eID card, which will also allow EU citizens to use the online identification function.

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More than 100 services offer online identification using an ID card. These include the most common services at the moment, online pension information services, and car registration or student loan applications, as well as services provided by private companies such as insurance companies, banks or telecommunications providers. The ones

To this end, the federal government introduced the free AusweisApp2 app, which establishes a secure, confidential connection between the online ID card, the smartphone and the relevant service provider.

Although many respondents are aware of the online identification feature on their ID card (68 percent), more than half of them (57 percent) do not use it. why so? A lack of interesting offers was cited by 29%, while 21% preferred to interact with government agencies in person. Due to Corona there has been some change in this attitude. More than half of respondents said they had tried the online identification function or used it more often – most likely for online negotiations with government agencies.

The following articles provide a good overview of the different ways to use the online identification feature. While the magazine’s article titled “10 Years of Online Identity” takes its readers on a journey back in time, from the beginning of the need for ID cards to today’s online identity capabilities, the article “Smartphone as Identity Card” looks to the future. And how does the ID card come to the smartphone? How these mobile IDs can be encrypted and secured is discussed in an article titled Mobile IDs: Doing business with your smartphone.

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Article Digital transformation of the German ID card In November 2010, an ID card in the form of a credit card with an online identification function was issued for the first time. A lot has happened since then. Here are some of the most important developments of the last ten years.

Article Smart phone as an ID card Resolve transactions with government agencies without leaving home. An ID card with an online identification function makes this possible.

Article Digital identity in your wallet The online identity function can save Germans long trips to government offices. But it still has a long way to go in terms of usage. why so?

Apply For Id Card Online

When Germany introduced an online ID card feature in 2010, it paved the way for digital, autonomous identification. The question today is what digital autonomous identity might look like in the future. Data security is a top priority, especially for government programs. How will ID cards become a universal, secure and mobile means of authentication? How can it benefit the administration and the economy?

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The OPTIMOS 2.0 project, led by a consortium leader and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, is working to create an infrastructure for secure online authentication on websites and applications using smartphones. This will ensure protection of digital identity against forgery, manipulation and theft.

Digital identifiers are essential for any modern government. Digital identity is important when it comes to identifying yourself in the digital world. But to prevent misuse and theft, these identity data must be specially protected. In our survey, we asked which digital identity provider is the most trusted. Most (49 percent) trust the state, namely Germany. However, the survey also showed that there is considerable skepticism about the proposal overall, with 29 percent of respondents saying they do not trust any of the listed suppliers, 8 percent trusting the EU and Only a small number rely on private suppliers, regardless of whether they are based in Europe or the US.

Until now, users had to carry their physical ID card with them at all times to use the online identification feature, be it through a smartphone or a card reader. But this may change in the future.

As part of the OPTIMOS 2.0 project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), research was conducted to find out how smartphones can be made as safe and secure as possible. That identity cards can also be transferred to them. . In the mobile version, a citizen’s personal data is first transferred (received) to the smartphone and stored there in a secure element (SE) – the so-called derived identity at any time physical identification. Can be used without the need for a card. . SE chips, which are permanently soldered into smartphones, are already used for credit cards and are planned to be used with ID cards in the future. Manufacturers’ operating systems cannot access the secure environment of these chips, which is managed by the security vendor, and are therefore particularly secure. The original document is kept as the main source of identification and is still required in high security situations.

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As Consortium Leader, currently involved in another project financed by BMWi and currently in the competition phase: “ONCE – Simple Online Registration”. ONCE develops and implements secure digital identity use cases in the management, mobility and hospitality industries. The project focuses on how identity systems with different trust levels and technical architectures can be integrated in a user-friendly and transparent way.

With the right smartphone apps, such as the eID smartphone app, specific data can now be transferred to an online service in a simple and secure way with the user’s consent and without having to reproduce the ID card in violation of data protection legislation. Fully compatible with It is an identification system based on a significant level of trust. However, if the online service requires a higher level of security, the citizen will be asked to use the online identification function with an ID card.

In addition to ID cards, in the future it will be possible to securely transfer other documents to a smartphone: for example, the owner’s driving license, health insurance card, or monthly public transport pass.

Apply For Id Card Online

But still, you need to use the online ID feature with the appropriate app on a modern Android smartphone or iPhone. However, our survey found that 62 percent of respondents said they were completely unaware of the incident, while 32 percent were aware of it. A new type of usage is planned to be introduced next year. In 2021, the first smartphones that can be used as online ID cards should be released. How do you think it will be received? Among those interviewed, there was no consensus: 35 percent

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