Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

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Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz – South Korea is a peaceful country in East Asia. Try this South Korea quiz and find out how much you know about the country by answering these 11 questions. Good luck!

Oh, and if you need help, check out our articles on South Korea. It will definitely inspire you to travel to South Korea!

Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

It’s progressive, it’s trendy, it’s bustling and it’s full of life – Seoul is the leading capital of South Korea. It offers historical and modern attractions and a visit here cannot be limited to a few days. With five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city and several modern buildings that have earned it the title of World Design Capital, Seoul is the most inspiring city in East Asia.

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Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine. It is tasty, spicy and most importantly, healthy. Kimchi is available as a side dish on any table (at restaurants as well as at home). This is a traditional recipe used to preserve vegetables through fermentation. The most common kimchi you’ll see is napa cabbage, which is fermented with chili powder, garlic, and ginger, among other spices.

According to the new national rule, if you wear Hanbok, you can enter all museums, temples and palaces for free. This is probably not the only reason why many Koreans dress in their traditional clothes, but it certainly helps. Whether in old palaces or modern malls, it’s great to walk around the cities and see so many young people proudly wearing their national costumes!

We discovered that it is possible to spend the night in the sauna. How does it work? You pay for a sauna ticket (about $10) and then go to the relaxation room, where you can sleep as much as you want, including all night. In addition to towels, you will also receive pajamas and blankets. We enjoyed the experience and tried several saunas in Korea.

Busan is South Korea’s second most populous city (after Seoul) and is one of Korea’s most important economic centers due to its location and numerous ports. However, the fact that it is a coastal town with beaches gives it a very relaxed atmosphere with many young people hanging out at the bars next to Gwangalli Beach.

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It was painted blue as part of the plan to turn the village into a cultural center

Gamcheon was once a slum in Busan where refugees from the Korean War took refuge. In 2009, someone came up with a plan to revitalize the area, inviting artists and painters to use the village as a canvas. As a result, today Gamcheon is a vibrant cultural village with studios of many young artists and artisans selling their works to the hundreds of tourists who visit Gamcheon every day.

Although the beautiful Boseong-gun Green Tea Plantation is a tourist spot, it is worth a visit to see the amazing shapes of the green tea bushes. You won’t find a combine, instead you will find many other guests interested in tea. In addition to tea and ice cream, there is a whole range of green tea products. Did we mention that green tea ice cream is our favorite flavor?

Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

These installations are not just “any installation”. They are the tombs of the rulers of the Silla kingdom. Although it has not been possible to identify all the rulers buried there, it is known that most of them were members of royalty, and a few were generals or other important figures of the Silla period. Be careful not to climb the mountains, it is forbidden and punishable by heavy penalties.

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Jeonju is another traditional village with over 800 hanok (traditional wooden houses) still standing. You can walk through the streets and even enter many of them (these are restaurants, cafes, shops and even guest houses). The village is enjoyable outside of the peak tourist season when it can get crowded. It is also a paradise for street food lovers as there is something delicious to cook around every corner.

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Taehyun is a member of TXT, and if he’s your bias in the group, this quiz will let you know how much you have in common with him.

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TXT members are very talented artists and they also have a beautiful personality that has won over all their fans. Due to their work in music and the charisma of the idols we love, this group of young idols is growing in popularity.

One of the members of Tomorrow X Together is Taehyun, who belongs to the maknae line as they are the youngest members in a K-Pop group. But that doesn’t mean Tae is any less talented than his hyungs, he’s amazing at singing and dancing. He has an amazing talent.

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Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

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You are not compatible with TXT Taehyun, your personality and interests are completely different. But we’re sure he’ll love knowing he has amazing fans like you.

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It’s impossible not to love the charismatic members of ITZY. Since their debut, these young ladies have rocked the industry with their amazing singles and amazing performances. We’re talking about the best K-Pop dancers of the 4th generation.

At the same time, the “WANNABE” singers are winning more than a million hearts because of their charming personalities. All of them are fun, easy and even cute. That is why their fans are increasing day by day.

Since dreaming isn’t a crime, it’s time to find out how good your chemistry is with the band leader. Yeji looks great on stage, but MIDZY already knows how cute she is.

Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

This quiz will tell you if you and Yeji will become best friends. Choose the option that is closer to your preference. All you need is five minutes and a piece of paper. Ready to meet your new friend?

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You and Yeji have something in common. You would have great chemistry. You would also be friends for many years.

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Are You Beautiful In Korea Quiz

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