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Asset Marketing Consultants Inc – The most effective customer retention tools and unique ideas to brand your business to the public, regardless of your budget.

Our strong, dynamic team of annuity experts work hard to keep you updated on the latest annuity plans.

Asset Marketing Consultants Inc

Asset Marketing Consultants Inc

Asset has 20+ years of success working with advisors like you. Our legacy of excellence in people, products, processes and performance stems from our founder, Rick Metcalfe, who was the first to seize the opportunity to help independent consultants achieve their goals.

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We are growing. Like you, we are at our core a service company. Every day we strive to be the most professional and responsive FMO you’ve ever worked with. We are open and transparent to everyone we work with, and foster a welcoming community of advisors that aligns with our unique culture. It is this continued culture of sharing and caring that began with my father, and even today the asset really sets. It’s about choosing the right people to work with. All we ask is an opportunity to show you the difference our people can make. There are no limits to what we can do. Together.

Let Asset Marketing help you get out there with our digital marketing programs that can bring you more exposure and leads.

We bring you the latest innovations, lead generation ideas, the most effective customer retention tools and unique branding ideas for your business, regardless of budget!

From online training platforms to national seminars and events, Asset allows you to focus and connect in a way that fits your busy schedule.

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Helping you grow the annuity market by offering tailored, comprehensive client solutions and five-star service is at the heart of Asset’s annuity culture.

Our nationally recognized, award-winning creative team excels at delivering a diverse range of dynamic print and online media for our financial professionals.

We provide you with customized marketing and prospecting strategies to build sales, profits and brand.

Asset Marketing Consultants Inc

We invite you to be a part of the Asset experience; take action today for a more successful tomorrow.

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Asset Marketing Systems is convinced that insurance products have a place in everyone’s portfolio. If you don’t insure your customers, someone else will. With more than 20 years of experience and a staff of highly trained professionals, we have placed more than $10 billion in premiums since our inception; Our programs and support are second to none.

We use cookies and browser functionality to improve your experience, create content and ads, and analyze how our websites are used. California consumers can exercise their CCPA rights. There is no shortage of digital marketing consultants in training in the US. But in order to benefit from their services, you need to know who is right for your project and who meets your needs, both creatively and financially. Finding such a person on your own is not an easy task. That’s where you can make all the difference. We will define your needs and connect you with digital marketers who are expert consultants. Just hop on the phone with us and you’ll be one step closer to getting in touch with the adviser of your choice.

01 Joshua Fechter Based in San Diego, Joshua Fechter is an experienced digital marketing consultant specializing in marketing growth, product marketing and software company marketing. Fechter believes in implementing guidelines and procedures that ensure long-term sustainable growth. He has developed and implemented successful growth strategies as growth manager for several SaaS companies where he helps his clients adapt to current marketing tools, methods and platforms. He was also part of the first team to develop a live streaming application for social networking giant Facebook. His forward thinking and knowledge of digital media have won him many awards. The Product School announced him as the world’s best product marketer in 2018. He was also ranked as a top author in 2017 and 2018 by Quora. His portfolio includes success stories including Squibler, FutureFuel and Lumen5. Visit Joshua Fechter

02 John Doherty Based in Denver Colorado, John Doherty is a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is the founder of Credo and offers SEO and growth marketing consulting. His experience has allowed him to shed unnecessary resources and resources and develop marketing strategies that deliver results and drive growth. Has the ability to identify success factors and business stress points. Doherty not only develops growth strategies, but also guides companies in how to handle change and lay the foundations for success. Doherty is an expert in search engine optimization, B2B customer acquisition, content management and email marketing. He helps professional marketplaces, content sites and e-commerce sites grow their business. Before becoming a full-time consultant, John Doherty worked with companies such as HotPads, Trulia Rentals, and Distilled NYC. Visit John Doherty

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03 Lorenzo Gutierrez Lorenzo Gutierrez is a strategist, digital marketer and entrepreneur with offices in Los Angeles, San Fransico and California. He has been a trusted name since 2008. Since then, he has successfully designed and implemented many internet and SEO projects. He has helped his clients generate revenue and achieve results through digital and marketing strategies. Gutierrez has been a speaker at many workshops, courses and conferences where he has spoken about trending topics such as SEO, Google, digital marketing and digital marketing campaigns. Consulting services offered by Gutierrez include content marketing, marketing, PPC, website design, social media marketing and SEO. He has provided marketing services to brands such as Novabay Pharmaceuticals and Biochain Institute Inc. His full profile is available on LinkedIn. Visit Lorenzo Gutierrez

04 Selena Vidya Based in Los Angeles, Selena Vidya has been in the digital marketing consulting industry for over a decade. During this time he worked as a digital consultant and helped countless business owners achieve their growth goals and find new customers. He is a professional content designer and consultant, business consultant, SEO strategy, organic search, app marketing, social marketing and digital marketing strategy consultant. His portfolio includes startups, Fortune 500 companies and film/TV studios. Vidya helps her clients build effective digital marketing teams that use effective communication to enhance their online presence. Visit Selena Vidya

05 Shane Barker Shane Barker is an experienced digital marketing consultant from Sacramento. He was ranked #1 national social media consultant by PROskore. Barker offers advice to companies from a range of industries. Shane works with startups, SMEs and large corporations. He offers services including lead generation, conversion planning, customer acquisition and management consulting, etc. He does fame management for many famous people. Barker also offers potential customers a free analytics report on their mobile apps or websites. He also contributes to well-known publications such as Yahoo Small Business, Salesforce and Marketing Profs, to name a few. Visit Shane Barker

Asset Marketing Consultants Inc

06 John Reinesch John Reinesch is a digital marketing consultant based in New York. He researches and uses a creative and analytical approach to build successful digital marketing strategies. Reinesch helps his clients increase business growth through customer acquisition, creating results-oriented campaigns and using the right combination of channels and marketing strategies. He specializes in SEO, PPC, technical web audits, Google analytics, web analytics and customer conversions. Reinesch’s testimonials on LinkedIn are proof of his dedication and ability to get the right results. Visit John Reinesch

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07 Sam McRoberts Sam McRoberts is a talented digital marketer from Seattle. He has been involved in internet marketing, e-commerce and web design since 1999 and has now established himself as an expert in search marketing, SEO, reputation management, blogging, social media marketing and conversion optimization. He is currently busy with his company VUDU Marketing which offers SEO strategy building and advanced SEO audits to various businesses. McRoberts has worked with various companies, including small businesses and Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, HTC and Amazin, etc. His recent work on an e-commerce site enabled the client to increase organic traffic by 40%. He also worked with a professional services company where his efforts led to an eight-figure increase in revenue in just two years. McRoberts has been interviewed and featured in many prestigious publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, Search Engine Journal and QuickSprout, to name a few. Visit Sam McRoberts

08 Ashley Hart Ashley Hart is an award-winning digital expert and brand marketer from New York. He helps his clients meet their marketing needs and business goals with his expertise in email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, lead generation, website optimization, digital marketing strategy and SEO. Hart has more than 25 years of experience in the field and an unparalleled track record of changing marketing trends and helping businesses grow. His client portfolio includes B2B software companies, B2C companies and e-commerce companies from around the world. His clients are industries such as fashion, finance, manufacturing, email security, healthcare, education and hospitality, etc. Visit Ashley Hart

09 Jasmine Sandler With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Jasmine Sandler is a highly rated digital marketer and consultant.

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