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Asuransi Car Salim Group – Shareholders: PT. Central Asia Insurance (ACA), Salim Group. – There are branches in more than 45 cities. Infobank Award: Platinum Award for 10 consecutive years as Outstanding Performer Company, Gold Award for 5 years – Total assets over Rs 4.7 trillion with RBC 216% in 2013

Illustration of benefits with CARlink Pro – Mixed 1 Life insurance cover with UP: Rp ,- UP: Rp ,- 1st year insurance premium Rp.35,700 Rp.35,700 (in thousands of rupiah) Age 15 High school age 18 College age 23 Married Age 33 Savings balance 1 billion

Asuransi Car Salim Group

Asuransi Car Salim Group

3i-Network % Bonus Types and Distribution B. Royalty Turnover Bonus Position Bonus Elite Level Bonus B. Terms of Reference Close Monthly Premium (Rp) BR 25% BE Premium 10% NPV BP 40% NPV BL Po 82% NPV BL 825 × T O T A L = 137% National Premium Value (NPV) = 32% x Premium Payout : % distributed bonus

Profile Pt.aj Car

1. REFERRAL BONUS ONE TIME RESERVATION GET 3 YEAR BONUS I : 14, 29% x Monthly premium Rp ,- Year II : 7, 14% x Monthly premium Rp ,- Year III : 3, 57% x Monthly premium Rp. 12. x 10 people x 14, 29%= IDR 500,000 4 referrals 4 people IDR 350,000 x 14 people x 14, 29% = IDR 700,000 5 referrals 6 people IDR 350, 20, 000, 20 IDR

Total recruitment/month Total shares 5-9 people 1 share 10 people 2 shares Known: Premium turnover Rp.10 M NPV = Rp.10 M x 32% = Rp.3, 2M : 137%= Rp Who gets elite bonuses = 700 Elite bonus share = (10% x ): 700 = Rp/share

Crown Agency Titanium Agency 3 JT (3%+3%) ±Rp. Platinum Agency 3 JT (3%+3%) ±Rp. Gold Bureau 3 JT (3%+3%) Bonus level Kum 3 JT (3%+ 5%) Bonus level Kum ±Rp. Silver Agency Bronze Agency 3 JT (5%+8%) ±Rp. Leader Agency 3 JT (8%+12%) ±Rp. 3 JT (12%) Bonus level Kum .3 Group 12% Group agency Rp. Agency Rp. Bronze Agency to Group Close Premium Rp. Silver to Crown Agency Close Premium Rp

7 Groups 5 Categories 5 Levels Level Sets (Rp) 1. Rp. 15% = 3% for each set of levels, +(Special for Kum Level 1 = 7% + Kum Level 2 = 5% (Requirement: 3 groups) Group Agency). 2. Rp 10% (2% per level reserve) 3. Rp 10% (2% per level reserve) 4. Rp 5. Rp 6. Rp 7. Rp 5% (1% per level reserve) % X Premium value X Rp. Group Group to N Total Rp. Group Group N to BL =

Prestasi Pt Aj Car

3 50 k – 100 k 2. 9 350 k to 450 k 3. 27 500 k to 700 k 4. 81 1.5 million to 2.5 million 5. 243 5 million to 8 million 6. 729 18 million 25 million 7 .2.18 million million 50 to 80 million

% BRO requirements have reached the lowest bronze agency position with the following turnover: Close Gold Premium 2% Small group turnover 20% of the total group turnover Rp.350 Rp. Platinum 1% Small Group Turnover 20% of Total Group Turnover Rs 700 Titanium Small Group Turnover 20% of Total Group Turnover Rp. Crown Small Group Turnover 20% of total group turnover Rp.3 M Group A Rp.300 Rp. BRO Yes, if less than 20% BRO Category C Rp. Don’t get 25 million.

Reference 5 partners Total turnover Rp. ,- Bonus + Rp. ,- referral 5 Rp. 350,000 ,-: Reference bonus 5 x Rp ,- Level Bonus Rp ,- Elite Bonus Rp ,- Total Bonus (+) Rp ,-

Asuransi Car Salim Group

Average premium Rp/month must pass AAJI exam 1. Total bonus sharing 9 + 4 = 13 types of bonus.

Sekilas Tentang Pt. Aj Central Asia Raya

16 Conclusion: Bonus has no effect Downline position is higher than Upline. No break system Turnover to infinite depth Compulsory new insurance every year

Monthly Total Partner Premium Total turnover per month Rp. First level 1 3,350,000 1,050,000 Second level 2 9 Total 12 4,200,000 Third level 3 27 39 13,650,000 Fourth level 4 81,120 42,000 32.42,050,000

Sixth Level 1 3 Level 2 9 Level 3 27 Level 4 81 Level 5 243 Level 6 729 Total 1,092 350,000 382,200,000 Seventh Level 7 2,187 3,70 7 1,84 Level 561 9 840 3,444,000,000

Differences in “MLM, 3i-Network and Insurance in general” Differences in MLM 3i-Network Insurance in general products – Proximity in the form of goods (like it or not, you have to buy) Investment and protection (like it or not, saving) Other System Marketing plan fails Money runs out Failed No savings High sales terms Bonus (deep) Same as Net Working Insurance Bonus No level limit (until available unlimited) Bonus limited to certain level/only few levels, and can break

Car Bisnis Asuransi, Investasi Untuk Masa Depan

How: Enter BRI ATM Select payment menu Search for “BRIVA” Advanced Premium Enter code: Digit no. Final sum insured. Yes first part/not yet. Policy no. ID cards. Payment amount. Yes

To operate this website, we log and share user data with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our privacy policy, including the cookie policy.- CAR companies may be familiar in the Indonesian insurance industry. The business was founded in 1975 (45th active) and this company has assets up to IDR 5.4 trillion.

The name CAR stands for PT Asuransi Jiwa Central Asia Raya with the full name of the company Central Asia Raya.

Asuransi Car Salim Group

Speaking of legitimacy, PT AJ CAR is officially registered with the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Billion Assets from Investor Magazine.

Asuransi Car 3i Network Penipu 2022

After knowing the brief history of CAR insurance companies, we naturally have to know the advanced products they have i.e. 3i (Investment, Insurance and Income).

Besides investing in ourselves for the future, at an unnecessary risk, i.e. death, we can at least give an inheritance to the surviving family.

This is done because only by telling stories about the good of saving through CAR 3i we can get an idea of ​​financial planning for the future through investments, unexpected expenses through insurance and current income through income. Network, Mutamimah, whose address is Kampung Jagong Jeget. Jagong District, currently the official representative of PT AJ CAR and a civil servant teacher in a primary school in Central Aceh District through his WhatsApp message to this media.

I joined this movement in July this year (red) and was introduced to this movement by the leaders Nardi Vijaya and Mr. Martin Adi Nugroho.

Investasi Car 3i Networks Kelapa Gading (member Of Salim Group)

When asked about the benefits of this business, “Yes, it is very good for a housewife’s income, because as long as I have been involved, I have earned about Rp. 5,000,000.

Amna, who currently lives in Gading Jaya Village, Jagong District, is also Mutamimah’s CAR partner, agrees with Mutamimah’s mother, we have nothing to lose if we join this CAR partner, as we can choose the level of investment in its business, more we are actively involved in this As the business continues, the chance for the bonus will increase

Therefore, we also open the door wide for those who want to join this CAR partner, he concluded by contacting us on Hp/WA number 082276605192 and facebook for muta mimah and 082275605260 facebook for Amna wati. The Salim Group is the largest conglomerate in Indonesia and the Salim family refers to majority owned companies. Its assets include Indofood Sukses Makmur,

Asuransi Car Salim Group

The world’s largest producer of instant noodles; Indomobil Group, one of Indonesia’s largest car manufacturers; Indomaret, Indonesia’s largest warehouse chain; and Bogasari, a large flour mill.

Jual Brosur Car 3i Networks Pt Aj Central Asia Raya Simple Berkualitas

The group was founded in October 1972 by Sudono Salim and his junior partner Sutanto Djuhar (Lin Wjing). Curt CEO is Anthony Saleem, son of Sudono Saleem.

) and timber concessions. The Salim Group has been involved in property development and the leisure industry for over 30 years. Its businesses include hotel and resort development, golf courses and commercial real estate.

A portrait of Salim Group founder Sudono Salim was burned by rioters who looted his home in Jakarta during the May 1998 riots.

Salim’s group was closely associated with Suharto, the Indonesian politician and dictator who ruled Indonesia for 31 years, and Sudono was Salim’s “peace and sponsor”.

Asuransi Jiwa Car 3i Network 2022 2022

Sudono Salim’s house during the May 1998 uprising that led to Suharto’s fall

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