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Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance – Mega Insurance has partnered with Fuse to provide insurance services through a digital platform. This is done to make it easier for consumers to access the various Mega Insurance products and services.

Mega Insurance CEO Tomy Ferdiansah said the presence of Insurtech has made it easier for the public to access insurance services through digital platforms. That’s why Mega Insurance is innovating to stay ahead of the times by partnering with Fuse to provide end-to-end digital applications.

Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance

Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance

Mega Insurance is looking forward to continue its digital expansion. The exclusive collaboration for trade insurance products through the Fuse distribution channel has been established since Q4 2020. This quarter we recorded a gross written premium / GWP (gross premium income) of IDR 5.1 billion. while sales increased significantly in 2021, contributing to Mega Insurance’s GWP of IDR 40.7 billion,” Tomy explained in writing on Tuesday (29/03/2022).

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“As a Fuse partner, collaboration is key in product development from branding to sales. Insurtech is one way to adapt to today’s conditions, which is why we at Mega Insurance chose Fuse because it has its own value proposition,” continued Tomy. .

Meanwhile, Fuse founder and chief operating officer (COO) Ivan Sunandar said that Fuse is currently working with more than 40 trusted insurance companies in the country. Some only work with Fuse, which Fuse calls a Titanium category partner, one of which is Mega Insurance. This collaboration includes retail and corporate sales of vehicles, property and other insurance products.

“As an independent technology platform, Fuse positions insurance companies as key partners in the digital insurance ecosystem. We have developed many technological innovations to meet the needs of insurance products and support insurance companies in providing the insurance experience to marketers/partners and end users. Ivan said.

Tomy said Mega Insurance and Fuse will continue to develop their technology to help insurers and merchant/partners distribute insurance products. In addition to distribution, cooperation with insurance companies also includes the creation of economical and community-based insurance products. Car insurance is a must-have for owners of four-wheeled vehicles. Due to the unpredictable condition of the highway, an accident can happen to any vehicle.

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Not to mention, well-maintained and rarely used cars are still at risk of disaster. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your favorite vehicle with insurance.

Realizing the importance of this, Mega Insurance has partnered with to offer comprehensive car insurance (all risks) as it celebrates its 18th anniversary.

“Mega Insurance has partnered with because’s efficient and comprehensive information service, especially in helping potential customers choose the best insurance, makes it easy for potential customers to recognize Mega Insurance’s quality products,” said Mega Insurance CEO Tomy Ferdiansah. . in writing on Thursday (June 16, 2022).

Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance

Meanwhile, director Ziko Goi said that thanks to this collaboration, vehicle owners no longer need to worry if their favorite vehicle meets with an accident.

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“Car insurance is here as a solution and offers many protections that car owners can enjoy. Car insurance has become a necessity, so works with reliable insurance companies to provide customers with the best car insurance,” said Ziko.

With this special program, vehicle owners can enjoy comprehensive protection and compensation from minor to serious damage, he added.

“Vehicle owners can be provided with comprehensive protection and compensation for minor damage, serious damage and indemnification guarantees in the event of loss or theft of the vehicle,” he said.

Ziko explained that in addition to the opportunity available to Mega Insurance customers, customers can also enjoy the promotion. He explained that two of the company’s customers can also get discounts and cashbacks from Mega Insurance’s 18th anniversary promotion.

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“In conjunction with Mega Insurance’s 18th anniversary, we are bringing you a special program this June that and Mega Insurance customers will surely enjoy. The reason why we introduce comprehensive insurance is that this type of insurance is recommended for cars with a high frequency.

“This special program is valid until 2022. June 30 Customers can directly check and shop on to get the best premiums at an affordable price,” concluded Ziko.PT. General Insurance Mega (Mega Insurance) is one of the first general insurance companies established under the PT name. Insurance of the Republic.

Mega Insurance was ratified after the transfer of shares to PARA GROUP through PT. Mega Corpora (ie PT. Para Global Investindo) and PT. Investama Partners, in Deed No. of Notary Muhani Salim, S.H. 11, 2014 February 19

Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance

Name change from PT. Republican insurance became PT. Mega general insurance (Mega insurance) is legalized in foreign currency by a notarial deed. Budi Santosa Isbandi, S.H., no. 9, and also to the Minister of Justice by Order No. 07/06/2011. C-17396 HT.01.01 Th. 2004, 2004 July 12

Asuransi Mobil Terbaik Di Indonesia

As part of PARA GROUP, which has now changed its name to CT CORPORA, Mega Insurance has several sister companies such as Bank Mega, Bank Mega Syariah, Bank Sulut, Bank Sulteng, Mega Indonesia Life Insurance, Mega Capital, Mega Finance, Mega. Auto Finance (MAF), Mega Central Finance (MCF), Mega Asset, Trans TV, Trans 7, CNN Indonesia, TransVision, detikcom, Trans Retail Indonesia, Baskin Robbins, Wendy’s, The Coffee Bean, Trans Fashion, Metro department store, Anta Tour and Vaya Tour, The Trans Hotel, Ibis Bandung, Trans Studio Bandung and Makassar, CT Agro, Jayatama, etc.

PT Asuransi Umum Mega (Mega Insurance) continues to strive to provide consumers with the highest quality services. For that purpose, 2007-05-07 PT. General Insurance Mega (Mega Insurance) has an official business branch with Sharia principles according to the Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. KEP-095/KM.10/2007.

Committed to becoming a reliable insurance company that provides fast and convenient services, PT. General Insurance Mega (Mega Insurance) focuses on direct customer service or through other related parties.

The best travel insurance products are offered by Mega Travel Care, the best health insurance products are offered by Mega Medical Care, Mega Proteksi Diri and Mega Medical Plus, the best home insurance products are offered by Mega Rumah and the best vehicle insurance products offered by Mega Vehicles. .

Pt. Asuransi Umum Mega (mega Insurance)

PT for now. General Insurance Mega (Mega Insurance) continues to improve the quality of services to remain the insurance company trusted by consumers.

This is also proven by the award of the best general insurance company, which was continuously won in 2007-2018 by various banking magazines, such as Investor Magazine, Infobank Magazine and Media Insurance Magazine.

Currently PT. General Insurance Mega (Mega Insurance) announces vacancies in Medan for the following positions:

Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance

If you are interested in the above qualifications, please send your full application, CV, copy of recent diploma/transcript of honors, recent passport and required documents by e-mail only. by mail: [email protected] with the subject: PT General Insurance Mega position (Mega Insurance), in cooperation with Cermati Protect (PT Focus Solusi Proteksi), sold Mega Insurance car insurance products digitally through the financial market. The aim of this collaboration is to facilitate access to online purchase of Mega Insurance car insurance products as well as to expand car insurance market penetration in the country.

Berita Mega Insurance Hari Ini

As Vice President of Insurance at Cermati Protect, Juanri said, “Insurance is an effective way to protect yourself against various financial risks in the event of a disaster. In addition to health and life insurance, vehicle insurance is critical now that mobility and community activities are slowly returning to activity as PPKM levels decline.

Vehicle insurance for vehicle owners provides added value to its users while providing a sense of security and peace of mind in a variety of situations. Because car insurance guarantees car protection against losses caused by accidents, theft, riots and natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

Penetration of the national insurance industry continues to grow during the pandemic, according to data from the Office of Financial Services (FSA). By July 2021, insurance penetration reached 3.11%. This figure compared to 2020 end, increased and reached 2.92 percent. The OJK also registers all general and life insurance premiums sold digitally (

) until 2021 July. reached 6.0 trillion Rs. This figure represents 3.94% of total National Insurance premiums for general and life insurance. According to the OJK, digital insurance marketing continues to grow compared to 2021. May and June

Rekomendasi Asuransi Mobil Terbaik Di Indonesia

In the current age of digitization, Juanri said digital insurance marketing still has huge potential. Cermati Protect has partnered with to always use technology to make purchasing insurance hassle-free. The entire insurance experience can be done digitally, from product comparison, claim processing, payments, e-policy acceptance to claims that can be submitted from

Tomy Ferdiansah, Marketing Director of Mega Insurance, explained that the distribution of insurance products has changed somewhat with the advancement of technology and digitization. With this in mind, Mega Insurance will continue to develop its digital marketing distribution channels.

“Developing this digital insurance marketing distribution channel is a serious issue for us. Access to insurance products that can be accessed simply, quickly, easily will greatly help customers,” Tomy said.

Asuransi Mobil Mega Insurance

Tomy said this partnership and collaboration is in line with Mega Insurance’s (digital transformation) motto, which prioritizes multi-faceted development, especially digital. In the spirit of “Be Adaptable”, we use technological innovation to understand customer protection so that we can provide the right insurance according to market needs.

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“As one of the digital platforms that provide a wide range of insurance products in Indonesia, Mega Insurance is a good step to expand the penetration of the insurance market in the digital domain.” Add Tommy.

Fully digital, easy and fast Mega Insurance claims can be submitted via MIA (Mega Insurance Assistant) app or ready-made call center

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