Automotive Ac Certification

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Automotive Ac Certification – “Did you get the ASE book?” – Why this is an important question to ask your car dealer.

Most of you know to look for the bright blue logo on auto repair websites or look for the words ASE certified in their bios, but do you know what that means? ASE stands for National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence and is the industry standard for automotive service certification. Let us show you 7 reasons why it is important to choose a licensed ASE specialist to manage your car’s service and repairs.

Automotive Ac Certification

Automotive Ac Certification

To become ASE Certified, technicians must pass a rigorous certification exam and only 2 out of 3 test takers pass on their first try. The test, which covers repairs to engines, automatic transmissions, transaxles, drive trains, axles, brakes and suspension, electrical systems, and heating and air conditioning systems, is challenging. After passing the test, technicians must demonstrate that they have two years of on-the-job training, or one year of on-the-job training and two years of auto repair certification to obtain their certification.

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Reason #2: You do NOT need to be ASE certified to work on a professional car.

Unlike many professions that require a license before you can legally work in the public such as hairdressers or doctors, the automotive industry does not legally require an ASE certification. before a mechanic can work on your car. Great grief! It is up to individual car shops, dealers and repair centers to hire certified technicians. Yes, even dealers don’t always have a team of ASE-certified technicians.

For reason #2, the fact that an operator has invested time and money in continuing their education and obtaining ASE certification shows that they take their business seriously. Not all repair shops require their technicians to be certified. Therefore, those who go above and beyond what is asked of them for one reason: they want to become experts in car repair and maintenance.

Technicians must be tested every 5 years to become certified and aware of the ever-changing automotive technology. This is not a one-time test. In order to pass the recertification exam, your professional must know his skills, knowledge, expertise and advanced education.

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Founded in 1972 in an effort to promote the automotive industry with better and more ethical workforce. This is not only beneficial for the automotive industry, but also for consumers.

Reason #6: ASE certification is an easy way to prove whether a car mechanic or car association is qualified to do the job.

Everyone has heard the horror story of an untrustworthy mechanic or mechanic who isn’t qualified to complete the work on your car. Finding a new mechanic if you don’t have a regular mechanic can be tricky, and the ASE Certification is one of the easiest ways to show if a mechanic or auto mechanic is qualified to get one. the work.

Automotive Ac Certification

Reason #7: Some certified ASE service professionals may test to become certified as an ASE-level professional, the highest level in ASE.

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Jeff Buck Owner of Buck Family Automotive is proud of his Master ASE certification. ASE Master certification is when you pass eight ASE certification exams. You only need to pass one, to get ASE certification. Eight mandatory tests in a major professional body covering repairs to engines, automatic transmissions, drive trains, suspension and steering systems, brakes, electrical systems, and heating and air conditioning. Successfully passing all eight exams earns the individual the ASE Master Automobile Technician designation. Although there are over 180,000 ASE certified professionals, there are only 67,000 Masters level ASE.

When you come to Buck Family Automotive, you know your vehicle will be in the best hands with Master-ASE certified owner, Jeff Buck. We hope these tips will help you narrow down who you choose to work on your car. A note of additional information: if an auto repair shop is “ASE certified,” that does not automatically mean that all of their technicians are certified. This means that most of their employees are certified, so be sure to have ASE tech work on your car. The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence continues to be the industry standard for certification and quality control, and you should always look for the blue seal when looking for an auto repair shop. The demand for HVAC professionals is on the rise worldwide. In fact, the expected job growth and local opportunities are the two biggest factors in those who decide to pursue a career as an HVAC technician. But like any company dealing with new technology, competing in this field means maintaining industry-specific training and certification. Here is a brief overview of the best certifications for any skilled HVAC and refrigeration technician to have:

The North American Technical Certification (NATE) is the gold standard for technicians. This is a nationally recognized and respected certification that, although not legally required, is highly recommended for any professional working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning industry. , and refrigeration (HVAC/R). In order to obtain this certification, the operator must pass a test based on the knowledge of the company’s experts who prove that they are well prepared for the workers and have the skills to handle difficult situations. strength. Technicians with NATE certification earn more, stay in the industry longer, and have better relationships with clients.

The HVAC Professional certification is another industry-leading certification that relies more on practical experience than book smarts. Two of the most popular certifications are known as ‘Specialist Level’ and ‘Master Specialist Level’.

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To obtain professional status and HVAC Technician Certification, technicians must demonstrate that they have a minimum of two years of field experience and a successful score on a comprehensive exam that covers specific HVAC/R topics such as residential heat pumps and air conditioning services. . In order to advance to the next level and obtain the Professional Level HVAC Excellence Certification, the technician must demonstrate a minimum of three years of field experience in addition to obtaining the Professional Level Certification.

As an HVAC/R technician, you will be working with equipment that contains refrigerants that are hazardous compounds that require exposure control. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires any technician or contractor to obtain a system or container that holds the refrigerant to obtain a special EPA 608 certificate. There are four different types or levels of EPA 608, each associated with different equipment types and refrigerant exposures. One technician may only get one, depending on the job, while another may want to pass the required test and get the highest certification for greater job growth. The following is a brief breakdown of the four types of EPA 608 certification:

State licensing provides employers and clients with proof that the technician has been properly trained and qualified according to state board requirements. If you were trained in one state, but are moving to another state, it is important to contact your new state’s professional licensing department to learn about licensing requirements and how to proceed.

Automotive Ac Certification

Obtaining higher certifications and state licenses gives you more opportunities and greater opportunities, such as promotion to a supervisory or management position. At the ATI HVAC Technology Program, we understand that getting a basic education is the start, so we are also a NATE accredited lab and offer all EPA 608 Certifications for Refrigeration Controls. When you study with us, you will have a great experience through training and the opportunity to obtain the certificates mentioned above during your studies. So, after you complete your degree in HVAC/Refrigeration, you’ll be well equipped to meet employers with confidence from real-life experience and back it up with the certification you need.

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To learn more, contact us today at 800-468-1093 or view a complete overview of ATI’s HVAC Technologies with Service Management (AOS).

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