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Automotive Certification Online – The Automotive Cybersecurity Professional (ACP) Framework enables organizations and those responsible for cybersecurity in automotive development to prepare cybersecurity skills that match the specific needs within the organization, in the program, for individual activities and activities. It is supported by the independent certification service of TÜV Rheinland.

The automotive industry is facing a major challenge: continuous technological change on the one hand, and effective cyber security standards and regulations on the other. Must

Automotive Certification Online

Automotive Certification Online

It is not only the creation and development of the necessary skills and relevant knowledge (for example, through training) that can be a challenge, but there is a real evidence of this.

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ISO/SAE 21434 specifies (see also The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434) that the disclosure of effective operating procedures is equivalent to the disclosure of the establishment of cyber security practices. In order to ensure proper compliance here, documentation of the work done must be ordered.

To do so, a strong multi-disciplinary organization established in the industry, such as the ACP Framework of the CYRES Academy, is needed.

The automotive cybersecurity certification and ACP status are recognized by CYRES Consulting and TÜV Rheinland as certification partners. Participating in ACP training, participants will always receive an error

In order to obtain a valid certificate as proof of acquired skills and certifications and test instructions of the ACP Framework, the relevant tests must also be successfully passed.

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The joint audit is conducted by TÜV Rheinland in collaboration with CYRES Consulting. This exam is a written exam where participants must demonstrate their knowledge gained from the previous training course.

Within the allotted time, a certain percentage of the test questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the test and receive the ACP certificate.

The certificate is officially issued by TÜV Rheinland and is valid for three years. The official certificate can be found online in TÜV Rheinland’s official certificate repository. This will protect against counterfeiting of credentials and certificates.

Automotive Certification Online

Participation in relevant training (eg ACP Level 1 “Fundamentals” online / on-site) is a prerequisite for passing the exam.

Automotive Technology Program

The security and management of the entrance to the exam is done through the CYRES Academy Online Learn Platform.

At the level of individual jobs, it is necessary that people involved in cyber security issues in the organization have the necessary skills and knowledge about cyber security in order to carry out their work effectively.

At the program level, it is ensured that the knowledge and skills necessary for cyber security are imparted according to the needs of the program. This includes not only providing resources and expertise, but also creating knowledge.

The organization is not only responsible for defining and applying the cybersecurity policy and the organization-specific rules introduced: it must also ensure that it promotes and maintains the cyber culture, and provides the documentary evidence for this.

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The process of managing the power of cyber power, in addition to the new technical knowledge that has been established, must also be included in the required scope (such as policies, laws, regulations, etc.) . Therefore, it is easy to simplify and expand the learning material in online engineering training. The ACP Framework also offers the opportunity for customer-specific customization for all certification levels.

From the OEM to the Tier-N supplier, every player involved in the automotive value chain has a connection to cybersecurity. Every step in the product life cycle has strong cybersecurity and intelligence requirements to meet. The organization has an obligation to develop this (eg through training), but also to provide the necessary evidence.

– created by more than 70 experts from the engineering industry. Whether on-site training or online live training (1 day / 3 days): In 2021, 200 participants have participated in training programs.

Automotive Certification Online

In addition to providing training, CYRES Academy (with TÜV Rheinland) recognizes as well as the ACP test and certification related to the acquisition of the test and the delivery process. With some security measures, all tests can be done online.

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He also offers his own online engineering training, as well as public and private training. Find these public dates at

Depending on the certification level and the ACP Framework (Basic, Advanced and Expert), certain requirements must be met, such as participation in appropriate training, passing an exam or technical knowledge (Expert level) .

The Automotive Safety Professional Framework establishes an industry standard to meet (along with ISO/SAE 21434, UN R155 and beyond) the certification requirements for automotive safety management.

At the training and certification level, you will find all the information you need on these pages. Are you interested in actively supporting the development and implementation of the ACP Framework? Participating in the ACP Framework Initiative. For more information, see below.

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The CYRES Academy Automotive Cybersecurity Training is a solid foundation for continuing the learning process up to the Automotive Cybersecurity Professional Level.

A comprehensive, organization-wide framework for building cybersecurity capabilities and culture: Learn more about the ACP Framework now. Get in touch.

In the ACP Framework Initiative, relevant players in the automotive industry (from OEMs to Tier-N suppliers and other suppliers along the value chain) are committed to establishing a professional management system and certification in the field of online engineering.

Automotive Certification Online

The role of the ACP Framework Initiative is to promote continuous improvement and long-term implementation of the Automotive Cybersecurity Professional Framework (ACP) in the automotive industry.

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Acceptance as a program partner, continuous communication, access to the advisory board and special benefits for partners of the ACP Framework Initiative: Request your information about the partnership agreement now. We are happy for your interest.

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Designs are important in the engineering industry, whether you want to take on additional roles in your company or simply expand your knowledge and skills.

With a comprehensive list of courses designed for professionals in the engineering sector, we offer support that will enable you to achieve your goals. The seminars are designed for current and future technologists and professionals in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, body building and two-wheeled machinery as well as technical officers, analysts and decision makers. .

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You can count on us to bring you the highest quality and most unique learning experience in courses led by experts with practical experience in the field. Our events and our reputation among industry leaders stand for excellence and integrity.

Job security and job prospects in the engineering industry require high quality training and qualifications. Completing the necessary courses to improve your position and increase the benefits to your company is not only an opportunity for your employer, but an investment in you and your future . As automotive technology continues to evolve, staying informed and maintaining your skills will put you at a competitive edge.

Our courses and certifications carry our reputation and demonstrate our reputation as an expert in the engineering field, with a strong track record that enables companies to succeed and maintain quality standards. high. With a wide range of training opportunities available, we are designed to improve your skills, increase your knowledge and help with your job security and prospects now and in the future. % Support Work )

Automotive Certification Online

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