Automotive Certification Programs

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Automotive Certification Programs

Automotive Certification Programs

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Enrolment Open For Pre Apprenticeship Training Program

If you have a knack for working with cars, you might consider starting your career as an auto mechanic. As with any other job, you can prepare for this type of job by gaining the relevant knowledge and experience. Get your education, develop your skills, and get your license and certification to become an auto mechanic. Sooner or later you will start working with enthusiasm.

This article was co-written by the staff. A team of trained editors and researchers verifies the accuracy and content of articles. Our content management team carefully monitors the work of our editorial staff to ensure that each article is supported by credible research and meets high-quality standards. This post has been viewed 522,872 times.

To become a mechanic, you must earn a high school diploma and complete a vocational or certification program. You can then start gaining experience as an assistant in a car dealership or dealership, becoming proficient at finding and solving a variety of problems. Remember: this job will hold you all day, so take this into account when applying for a job in this field. Scroll down to learn more about required experience and certifications! Train Automotive Technicians in Las Vegas in ATI’s Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification Alliance Program Mopar Automotive Career Program (CAP)

If you love cars and want to pursue a career in automotive related work, you are in luck. Auto mechanics are in high demand! There are more cars on the road today than ever before, all of which require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Experienced and qualified automotive technicians have an important responsibility to keep vehicles in good working condition.

What Are The Top Diesel Mechanic Certifications To Have?

, inspection, maintenance and repair of automobiles and light trucks. Automotive technicians diagnose problems with your vehicle and make any necessary repairs. Automotive technicians can be general automotive technicians or receive additional education and training in specialized areas such as air conditioning or transmission.

Auto mechanics work in auto shops and garages in every city and city across the country. Automotive technicians can work wherever there is a car. This means you can work wherever you want to live!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 749,900 automotive technicians working in the U.S. in 2016. BLS predicts that this industry will grow steadily at 6% by 2026. This growth is equivalent to nearly 46,000 new jobs at Automobile Techs over the next decade.

Automotive Certification Programs

ATI’s Automotive Tech program provides comprehensive and intensive training in an accredited school. ATI’s Auto Tech program teaches the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to start an entry-level career in the automotive service industry, including:

Advanced Automotive Technology (aat)

ATI programs provide practical, hands-on training that can provide students with hands-on experience and graduates can work in all types of vehicles and light trucks. Graduates of the ATI Automotive Technician program can prepare for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exam.

ATI’s Automotive Tech program is affiliated with Fiat Chrysler’s Mopar CAP Local program. Designed to develop the automotive industry’s most well-trained workforce to work on the most popular and most technologically advanced vehicles on and off the road, Mopar’s CAP programs are recognized leaders in the industry.

If your goal is to become an automotive engineer, ATI’s Auto Tech program is the first step to making it happen!

The fun online quiz takes 3 minutes to complete and you will receive a personalized report. Identify your strengths and social style, along with the training and occupation that is best for you.

Automotive Certification & Testing • Cetecom™

Thank you for your interest in the exciting career opportunities offered by the Advanced Training Institute (ATI). A representative from the Admissions Department will contact you shortly with additional information.

* * By clicking the submit button below, I agree to provide my signature and to receive calls and text messages to the above numbers via autodialers or prerecorded voice on behalf of the Institute of Advanced Training. I understand that I am not required to grant this permission to purchase at a higher education institution. Cars are becoming more and more complex and as you start adding different parts, make and models, it can be difficult to find similarities. The complex interaction of mechanical and electronic devices requires expertise that goes beyond changing oil pans or changing tires. Customers rely on the knowledge and skills of trained mechanics. A certificate from a reputable institution can give drivers peace of mind to manage their vehicle, improve pay, and even increase their employability.

The SE (Service Excellence Incentive) certification line is the industry standard for determining mechanic skills. To be certified, you must pay for a computer-based exam and take it at a monitored exam location.

Automotive Certification Programs

MEPs are divided into vehicle types (cars, trucks, buses) and auxiliary systems. This test covers the widest range of comprehensive mobile care for modern technicians. For each vehicle type, there are eight core certifications that meet a minimum knowledge of maintenance and repair. Let’s take a look at A1-A8 for the basic synchronous service that most technicians start with.

Electric Vehicle Engineering Certification Course

These same eight topics are covered in section T for trucks and section H for transport buses. Section S includes school buses without air conditioning.

After you have achieved all eight core certifications in Section A, you can take the ASE Master Certificate Test for Synchronous Technicians. Each type of vehicle has different requirements for prerequisites for taking the test. School buses only require S1-S6 approvals and there is some flexibility for medium truck and transport bus routes. Earning a master’s degree will prove to you the breadth of knowledge required to become a valuable mechanic in any owner’s shop.

After taking 8 cores and earning master certification, the next step in the ASE pipeline is to collect dozens of secondary certifications and recertifications. It can be used to renew certifications for core classes you already have, which are required every five years. Others are becoming increasingly specific to service types or vehicle manufacturers.

There is no definitive list of additional MEP certifications that must be obtained. Instead, use them to enhance your versatility and strengthen your specialization to improve your technical skills and present your resume more attractive to potential employers. For example, applying to truck-maintaining companies and other heavy-duty diesel vehicles would be easier with certifications like E1-E3. On the other hand, when applying to an AC repair shop, if you have a license for various vehicles, your chances of getting a job increase. The more qualifications you have, the more attractive you will be to your future boss.

Penndot Certification Programs

As with any piece of technology, the more familiar you are with a particular version, the easier it will be to repair and maintain. Manufacturers provide training and certification to technicians who want to improve their technical skills. The requirements for obtaining these certifications can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, but often require additional courses and experience with the manufacturer’s vehicle.

Secondary phone training and hands-on experience are required to complete one of the listed certifications. Advanced Technical Institute’s Comprehensive Technology with Service Management (AOS) Incentives will guide you through your studies and time spent in real automotive work, earning your first ASE Master’s Certificate and sending you to the workplace with the tools you need to succeed. . Once you have the training and motivation, your certifications will start to build naturally and your work will reflect your hard work.

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Automotive Certification Programs

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