Automotive Electrician Training Courses

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Automotive Electrician Training Courses – When working on hybrid or electric vehicles, various special high voltage values ​​are recommended according to DGUV Information 200-006. Also included is any non-electrical work carried out on high voltage vehicles, such as changing oil or tires or changing lamps (which requires a Level 1 certificate).

ZF has therefore developed an online training course in cooperation with the trade association. The training qualifies you as a person trained in electrical engineering (Information DGUV 200-006, level 1).

Automotive Electrician Training Courses

Automotive Electrician Training Courses

You will be sensitized and instructed in handling high voltage systems so that you can work on the vehicle safely. The aim of the training is to ensure that you can clearly and immediately identify high voltage components, understand the hazards they present and become familiar with the component markings.

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The training content can be viewed regardless of the time and location of your end device. You can monitor your learning progress as you learn using built-in exercises. E-learning also prepares you specifically for the next online test.

After completing the e-learning, you can test your knowledge in an online test. At the end of the test, you will receive an overview of the results obtained. Successful graduation also means admission to ZF online training with ZF’s expert high voltage trainers.

ZF’s online training will give you first-hand expertise. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of our ZF high-voltage trainers, exchange experiences, participate in detailed technical discussions and deepen your knowledge.

The training courses have been developed in accordance with the specifications of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (DGUV Information 200-006) and in cooperation with the technical and development departments of ZF. The training courses qualify you to safely operate hybrid drives, electric drives and fuel cells in practice.

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Benefit from our knowledge of original equipment for hybrid vehicles and become a competent contact for electric mobility through individually designed and interactive trainings. ZF offers training for R&D and non-HV intrinsically safe vehicles as well as training courses for HV intrinsically safe vehicles.

Non-HV-intrinsically safe means that full protection against contact and spark is not guaranteed. Therefore, vehicles that have been involved in an accident are also considered intrinsically safe vehicles without HV. The advantage for you as a trainee is that you are also qualified to operate intrinsically safe HV vehicles and do not need any additional training.

The training corresponds to an expert person for work in the field of research and development and in intrinsically safe vehicles of the HV series.

Automotive Electrician Training Courses

Target group: All people who carry out work on hybrid or electric vehicles that goes beyond the normal scope of maintenance.

Efi Auto Electrician Training Course In Sargodha Sialkot

Authorization to: Carry out work on high voltage components in the disconnected state, for example, fixing and ensuring that the system is disconnected, troubleshooting the high voltage system, disconnecting and starting the high voltage system, or removing and installing high voltage components.

There are several qualification paths for the ZF HV Expert qualification which take into account your individual pre-qualification. The diagram gives you an overview of the content and scope of the training.

Target group: All people who carry out body work or repair of damaged electric or hybrid vehicles or who want to make a name for themselves as electrical experts.

Authorization for: Replacement of battery cells, measurements according to electrotechnical standards, laying and fixing of cables, assembly and wiring of circuits, connection and operation of peripheral devices, performing fault analysis and locating and removing faults.

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The training course “Working with active high voltage components” requires a satisfactory qualification according to level 2. The participant is required to have a strong theoretical electrical engineering knowledge and practical electrical engineering skills.

This training qualifies you to operate vehicles that are considered intrinsically safe due to their design and condition. HV-intrinsically safe means that full contact and arc protection is guaranteed (eg series vehicles).

Authorization to: Carry out work on high voltage components in the disconnected state, for example disconnection and commissioning or removal and installation of components.

Automotive Electrician Training Courses

ZF has developed a special high-voltage qualification for fire brigades to carefully prepare emergency services for emergency situations with electric vehicles. The training allows emergency services to properly assess this special hazardous situation and derive the correct steps to safely recover electric vehicles and their occupants. .

Certificate Ii In Automotive Electrical Technology

Sorry, apparently there were problems sending your mail. Try again. If the problem does not resolve itself, please contact us by mail. We will immediately review your request. The courses offered in the college are career-oriented to bridge the gap between the workshop and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the study period. Students attending trial training are expected to wear the required protective clothing (hard hat, safety shoes and coveralls) at all times. Competency-based modular training (CBMT) is the first stage of their career path, which will enable the student to achieve tradesman status by successfully completing a trade examination following prescribed (on-site) work experience.

There is still a need for skilled tradespeople to support and grow the South African economy. While trade occupations focus primarily on manual skills and practical abilities, they are supported by a significant amount of general or vocational or foundational knowledge gained at a Vocational Technical Education and Training (TVET College).

Engineering is a very demanding career. You will be expected to work long hours as well as weekends and holidays to meet the demand and targets set by the employer. As a reward, wages for skilled tradesmen are comparable to other careers. There is also an opportunity to start your own business.

What is an automotive electrician? An automotive electrician specializes in the electrical wiring of motor vehicles. They can install new electrical parts or maintain and repair existing electrical parts of cars or commercial vehicles. World Site EN Albania EN Algeria EN Algeria AR Algeria FR Argentina ES Armenia EN Australia EN Austria DE Bahrain EN Bangladesh EN Belgium FR Belgium NL Bolivia ES Bosnia and Herzegovina EN Brazil BR Bulgaria EN Bulgaria BG Cambodia EN Canada EN Chile ES China EN China CN Colombia ES Croatia EN Czech Republic EN Egypt EN Egypt AR France FR Germany DE Hungary EN Hungary HU India EN Indonesia EN Indonesia ID Iraq EN Iraq AR Italy EN Italy IT Japan EN Japan JP Jordan EN Kazakhstan EN Korea KO Kuwait EN Kuwait AR Latvia EN Lebanon EN Luxembourg EN Luxembourg DE Malaysia EN Mexico ES Morocco EN Morocco AR Morocco FR Myanmar EN Netherlands EN Netherlands NL North Macedonia EN Oman EN Oman AR Peru ES Philippines EN Poland PL Portugal EN Portugal PT Qatar EN Qatar AR Romania EN Romania RO Russia EN Russia RU Saudi Arabia EN Saudi Arabia AR Serbia EN Singapore EN Slovakia EN South Africa EN Spain CA Spain ES Sweden EN Switzerland DE Taiwan EN Taiwan TW Thailand EN Tunisia EN Tunisia AR Tunisia FR Tour tion EN Turkey TR Uganda EN United Arab Emirates EN United Arab Emirates AR United Kingdom EN United States EN Vietnam EN Vietnam VI

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The right qualifications are essential in the automotive industry, whether you want to take on more responsibility in your business or simply expand your knowledge and skills.

With a full catalog of courses designed specifically for automotive professionals, we provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals. The workshops are aimed at current and aspiring technicians and specialists in the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical, electrical, bodywork and two-wheeler mechanics, as well as technical officers, executives and strategic decision makers.

You can trust us to provide you with cutting-edge information and an exceptional learning experience in courses led by experts with hands-on experience in the field. Our workshops and our name are recognized among industry leaders as synonymous with excellence and reliability.

Automotive Electrician Training Courses

Job security and career prospects in the automotive industry require quality training and qualifications. Completing the courses necessary to advance your position and improve profits for your company is not only a benefit to your employer, but an investment in you and your future. As automotive technology evolves, staying informed and maintaining your skills puts you in a position to compete in a highly competitive field.

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Our courses and qualifications bear our name and reflect our reputation as valued automotive experts, with a strong history of enabling businesses to prosper while maintaining the highest quality standards. With multiple convenient training locations, we are able to improve your skills, expand your knowledge and contribute to your safety and job prospects now and in the future. Are you interested in a career as an automotive electrical engineer? Technology and electronics in the automotive industry are developing and growing rapidly, which means that qualified automotive electricians are in high demand. If you work in the industry, this program is for you.

If you work in industry or are ready to enter into an employment agreement with an employer, you can improve your understanding of automotive electrical engineering with the New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Electrical Engineering. You will find more information about the safe and effective diagnosis and repair of electrical and electronic faults in a number

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