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Any business, large or small, can benefit from efficient, streamlined processes, educational business intelligence and systems that are flexible enough to evolve with changing business needs. However, solutions that provide these benefits can strain the budgets of even large companies.

Automotive Industry Consultants

Automotive Industry Consultants

Automotive software covers business scenarios covering the most important requirements of the automotive supplier industry. These requirements include:

Case Study: Cost Reduction At The Main Plant Of An Automotive Supplier

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – These business process scenarios focus on automating processes across the organization.

• Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) – These business process scenarios focus on automating procurement processes across the entire supply base.

• Business Intelligence (BI) – business process scenarios in this area provide the flexible reporting and analysis tools needed to support decision making.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) business process scenarios that allow you to quickly set up web-based procurement processes for direct, indirect and material procurement.

Pdf) The Java Automotive Industry: Between Keiretsu And Learning Region

The Business Intelligence business process allows you to analyze data from operational ERP applications, as well as all other business applications and external data sources such as databases, online services and the Internet. Within Business Intelligence, the administrator oversees, controls and supports all data collection processes.

Business Intelligence provides online analytical processing (OLAP) that processes information from large amounts of operational and historical data. This enables multidimensional analysis from different business perspectives.

Some usage scenarios include accounts receivable analysis, payables analysis, ledger analysis, purchasing analysis, production plan/actual analysis, period/specific production analysis, capacity utilization, cost center accounting analysis, product cost control analysis, and sales analysis.

Automotive Industry Consultants

Automotive software covers business scenarios covering the most important requirements of the automotive supplier industry. These requirements include enterprise resource planning (ERP), supplier relationship management (SRM), and business intelligence (BI). We are supply chain and logistics consultants who have been in the industry for over 30 years. We have a very successful track record and high repeatability.

Pgub Management Consultants Gmbh (2) At Iaa Mobility 2021

As an experienced automotive consulting company, we have been involved in supply chain and logistics for over 30 years. We are successful and receive a high level of repeat transactions from customers all over the world.

Driverless cars, electric cars and the end of the internal combustion engine? Well, they say, there are three. In the next few years, electric powertrains will grow beyond recognition to meet the demands of new emission standards. The price is already falling, and the increase in buyer demand will only lead to further price reductions.

The mobile phone means that cars are connected to the internet as a result. This technology will be incorporated into the design of the new car, ensuring complete connectivity for consumers at all times. The increased connectivity will give drivers and passengers a whole new experience that they are used to today.

The net effect of these changes in production will affect the entire industry and the industries that support it. It’s fair to say that customer loyalty can no longer be guaranteed. Electric powertrains, autonomous vehicles and vehicle connectivity now offer huge opportunities for everyone in this exciting sector.

Oem & Automotive Consulting

Bisham Consultants has many years of experience in automotive consulting for many leading brands. Our comprehensive consulting services for the automotive industry include experience working closely with:

Our expertise in the automotive industry also extends to inbound logistics and the all important aftermarket. This experience has been accumulated over 30 years in operational management, solution development and supply chain consulting.

Having a trusted advisor can really make a difference in your results. The automotive industry is now facing its biggest challenges in decades. Electric vehicles and autonomous driving are literally turning the industry upside down.

Automotive Industry Consultants

So very soon new market leaders will appear. The traditional brands we all grew up with face an uncertain future if they don’t change soon.

Automotive Research And Consulting Firm

The automotive sector has always been a complex combination of global supply chains and high maintenance requirements. Therefore, all car companies will always have the task of synchronizing the fluctuations and fluctuations of demand with supply.

The material and technical problem has certainly grown significantly in recent years. The automotive industry is constantly driven by the need to introduce new models faster. It must remain flexible in production and adapt quickly to changes in the market.

In many ways, automotive consulting remains a very difficult task. This applies to both commercial transport and the private sector.

We believe our consulting services can truly transform this industry. This applies both to the quality of services and to the profit received.

Cru Automotive Showcase

To discuss a project, no matter how big or small, contact us by phone to speak to one of our team today.

Bisham has worked with many major car manufacturers so you know you are in good hands. We also actively cooperate with first-class suppliers. This was done both directly and through external logistics partners.

Bisham consultants have completed many optimization projects for the automotive industry in the UK, Europe, USA and worldwide. This applies to different market sectors. These projects had the following advantages.

Automotive Industry Consultants

“Bisham used his experience and knowledge to ensure we acquired the right partner and took a safe path through our supply chain transformation, ultimately enabling us to achieve our strategic supply chain goals.”

Mastering Automotive Software

“Brammer has worked with Bisham Consulting on many projects over the years. I have always been impressed with their approach and the quality of their work. Bisham Consulting supported Brammer in the design and delivery of the new warehouse, implementation of warehouse systems and assistance in defining the supply chain strategy. All members of the Bisham Consulting team, with whom we have worked and continue to work, are experienced and pragmatic. They are intellectually rigorous but have a real-world approach to solving sometimes very complex problems.”

“Bisham Consulting carried out a Europe-wide network to review spare parts stocks, transport strategy and operations. Bisham advised us on streamlining and performance improvements, including implementation. We were so pleased with their approach and results that we asked them to conduct a similar exercise across the United States. Good commercial, practical people – highly recommend.”

To discuss a project large or small, please call us or click to arrange a call back.

To discuss a project, no matter how big or small, please contact us by phone, email or fill out the form below. Successfully navigating the future of the automotive industry requires new thinking, new products and new ways of working. Automotive consulting experts have the expertise and global presence to transform today’s automotive industry leaders and empower future change.

Global Electric 4wd Market Expected To Flourish

This is one of the most disruptive times the automotive industry has ever experienced, and one of the most exciting. Breakthroughs in electric and autonomous vehicles, car sharing and more are affecting more than just the industry. They are ready to change the world.

Vehicle mobility has been a life-changing force for the past hundred years, but car companies still have a long way to go.

Is committed to helping each of our clients develop an automotive strategy that is based on the ability to reinvent and transform the industry. We help companies from all over the automotive industry:

Automotive Industry Consultants

To help our automotive customers realize their bold ambitions, we draw on deep knowledge and experience and a global team of dedicated automotive consultants.

The Automotive Development Process: A Real Options Analysis

Our automotive strategy specialists have extensive industry experience and use problem-specific diagnostics and tests to help clients develop strategies and prioritize. We then help them determine how and when to adopt new approaches and products, working with them to turn those ideas into concrete actions.

Our work spans the entire automotive value chain, from corporate strategy and shareholder value creation to functional improvement programs and comprehensive organizational redesign.

Many AI efforts in the automotive industry never get beyond proof of concept. Our advanced analytics solution leverages business and technology knowledge to help clients achieve sustainable, end-to-end implementations that change the course of the industry, disrupting operations, sales, marketing and more.

Automotive companies must be realistic about the current environment and be prepared to take the necessary steps to remain competitive in the future.

Automation In The Automotive Industry

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Automotive Industry Consultants

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