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Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc – Excellent products and excellent processes – over the years the automotive industry has been a model for many other sectors. But changing customer patterns, new competitors, changing commodity prices and tight CO

Regulations are creating more and more external pressure. And customer expectations are changing faster than ever since the invention of the automobile. Buyers were primarily looking for high power and sophisticated mechanics. Today, they are looking for solutions that reduce fuel consumption and CO2

Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc

Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc

Excellence is also interested in thinking about strategies related to driverless cars, digitization and e-mobility. This has implications for product and product strategy, innovation management and supplier collaboration. At the same time, the social importance of cars as status symbols is changing. Successful automakers and suppliers are meeting changing needs with new business models, greater capacity for innovation, and greater overall efficiency gains.

Marketing & Sales Consulting & Strategy

Around 100 specialists in the Porsche Consulting Expert Group work in the automotive industry. In addition to having consulting experience, they also have deep knowledge in the field. They also have many ideas and a strong focus on performance.

When automotive companies align their operations with their strategic directions, this gives them a strong incentive to rise above the competition. Critical factors for strategic success are company-wide implementation and the active participation of all management personnel. To achieve this, classroom strategies e.g. Sales, production, development and procurement are derived from the overall strategy. Each of these strategies is filled with action areas, initiatives and actions. Ensures consistent and ongoing follow-ups are implemented.

Successful automakers not only integrate suppliers tightly into the supply chain, but also integrate customers throughout the entire process. To do this, they analyze all the touch points of the entire “customer life cycle”. The valuable knowledge obtained as a result is used for the development and production of products and services with a higher level of individuality. The intelligent integration of modern information technologies is playing a more important role here than ever before.

Car manufacturers and suppliers invest more than 30,000 billion euros a year in research and development. Thus, they are responding to customer demand for new products and services related to driverless cars, digitalization and electric mobility. Porsche Consulting helps manufacturers and suppliers develop a comprehensive innovation management system to increase their innovation capacity. Our multi-stage model covers everything from initial idea to market entry. It creates free space and appropriate structures, while at the same time paying attention to the creativity of the development staff. Porsche Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to effectively plan, monitor and control the product development process. This reduces costs and evolution times from the initial concept phase to high levels of final product release and construction.

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Automakers rely on a perfectly functioning organization for long-term success. All areas are characterized by smooth processes, well-connected departmental interfaces and flat hierarchies. In order to recruit and retain talented young employees for the company, attractive career paths have been developed. Porsche Consulting Group helps car manufacturers establish and develop a high-performance organization. Its experts have shown their unique approach to be particularly effective in many projects. It is possible to increase efficiency by more than 20 percent. This also applies to cross-cutting areas, especially development and quality.

In collaboration with clients, Porsche Consulting experts develop programs to increase efficiency in direct and indirect areas, and then distribute these programs to all areas of the company. The goal is to create free space for future investments and to be able to react to market changes with the greatest possible flexibility. Responsibility is spending and investment. It is important that the actions taken have a visible impact on the company’s results. Furthermore, the experts at Porsche Consulting have many years of experience not only in operational implementation, but also in ensuring that financial goals are met.

For years, car manufacturers have focused on optimizing their production processes and reducing waste. Porsche Consulting experts help them design their products to be more efficient and effective. Their expertise is based on extensive experience in Porsche manufacturing and a deep understanding of Industry 4.0. New technologies can increase productivity by 20 to 30 percent even in the most efficient automotive processes. An example is the use of smart glasses in sophisticated order collection processes.

Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc

Strong and effective partners are a prerequisite for the success of all car manufacturers. Planning, monitoring, measuring and improving the supplier network is strategically important. Porsche Consulting experts know the needs and problems of both suppliers and manufacturers. They help customers by defining and implementing the best network architecture and control system, before and after production (SOP). They apply their measurements to all business processes: from development, quality management and planning, production and logistics, purchasing and control. The automotive market representation is pleased to have recently hired Jared Holodi as an e-commerce business analyst. Holodic technology is included in the group.

Automotive Industry Solutions Research, Analysis, & Forecasts

Holodi’s interest in the industry began at an early age, frequenting local dealerships with his grandfather to collect brochures of all the latest models. Jared began working in the automotive industry in the early 2000s installing engines, suspensions and safety equipment at RedShift Motorsports in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Since then, Jared has worked in the technical and business sectors of the industry. Holodic’s experience includes installing navigation and remote start systems at Circuit City, to writing and editing automotive articles for a content marketing company, and most recently, serving on the e-commerce data team at Jack Williams Tires & Auto Accessories.

“We are delighted to welcome Jared to the R&R Marketing Consultants team,” said Steve Prechall, Director of E-Commerce. “Jared’s experience in e-commerce merchandising as well as content creation and copywriting will help take the R&R Data team to the next level.”

“It’s a great opportunity to join the team,” said Holodi. I am excited to apply my experience and play my part in their continued success.

Holodic joins a roster of more than 15 employees, including directors, consultants, sales and marketing representatives and specialists. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, the company provides sales and marketing services to the following automotive brands with a North American service area. The team has received numerous industry awards for its work, including six SEMA Representative of the Year awards.

Services For The Automotive Industry From Bosch

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 21, 2022) – Advanced Accessory Concepts (AAC), a manufacturer of premium motorsports brands, today announced that R&R Marketing Consultants Inc. () has announced a new partnership. In the automotive aftermarket, he works on multiple marketing and sales initiatives with AAC and its affiliates under the Wireless Accessory Control Systems, AFN 4×4, Allied Expedition and Allied Powersports brands.

Chuck Lenhart, COO, said, “AAC is constantly bringing innovative and cutting-edge products to the automotive and motorsports segments and R&R is excited to be a part of that process.” “Together, we have developed a strategic business plan to grow sales of AAC brands throughout the North American region. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the AAC team!”.

With over 50 years of experience in design, development and cost-effective manufacturing, AAC strives to enhance and enhance your personal experience and the overall performance of vehicles across all brands. AAC’s focus is on customer service, a commitment to exceed consumer expectations in both fit and finish, resulting in high quality accessories for all enthusiasts. AAC brands are designed with American ingenuity and brand integrity in mind. The privately held company offers products such as starters, bumpers, side steps and skid plates from AFN 4×4, ground rigs and body armor from Allied Expedition and rock skids from Allied Powersports.

Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc

“Advanced Accessory Concepts is excited about the future of R&R marketing,” said Rory Connell, AAC vice president of sales and marketing. “With the ever-changing sales landscape, we’ve seen how they’ve adapted and adapted to the landscape we face today as a manufacturer. I’m confident that our trigger handler, AFN 4×4 and Allied products are in good hands.”

Automotive Management Consultants

With this new partnership, AAC and their brands join the list of leading automotive aftermarket manufacturers represented by R&R Marketing Consultants Inc. The Kansas City-based company offers a wide range of business services, including prospecting, market strategy and planning, sales calls and pipeline inventory. management

KANSAS CITY, MO (July 12, 2022)–R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc., a leader in professional sales and marketing representation in the automotive aftermarket, is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Jeremy Gordon as a sales and marketing representative. Gordon will join the North East sales team.

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