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Automotive Technical Data Software – The value of vehicle data could reach $750 billion per year by 2030. The expected proliferation of new features and services makes it a crucial topic in the automotive industry. In this context, both traditional automotive players and new players (eg, tech giants, startups, service providers) want to take advantage of this opportunity (Mc Kinsey). With CES’ deep experience and expertise from both startups and dominant OEMs, we are your perfect partner to succeed in monetizing automotive data.

The creation, processing and use of vehicle data can be divided into three stages; collection and transmission functions on cargo ships, intelligent algorithms, useful information about the vehicle and its environment. This data is then combined with data from other vehicles and the data infrastructure is extended in the cloud. Finally, this information is received by all registered vehicles to improve safety, convenience and reliability. In addition, cloud data can be used for weather forecasting, which will be very useful for road maintenance providers and road users.

Automotive Technical Data Software

Automotive Technical Data Software

The programming function is now highly integrated with the main ECUs. In the future, as the automotive electronics architecture moves from a heterogeneous distributed architecture to a server-based and centralized architecture, the software will become more scalable and extensible.

How Software Is Eating The Car

As CES has over 20 years of experience in automotive software as a product, we are the ideal software development partner.

We specialize in developing and testing future-proof automotive displays. We have a library of extensible software functions that manage vehicle data through filtering, aggregation, enrichment and reliable transmission. Our software products can also be delivered as over-the-air updates to any supported electronic media unit in the vehicle.

The Deflation Detection System Plus (DDS+) is an indirect tire pressure monitoring system (iTPMS) that detects loss of tire pressure in moving vehicles based on rotational data. It does not require a hard pressure sensor and is therefore the first example of a CES Software-as-a-product. It can be included in any BCH that supports the appropriate interfaces.

DDS+ detects the pressure drop in each tire independently using the available wheel speed sensors of the braking system. DDS+ detects pressure loss through changes in dynamic rotation and resulting changes in rotational speed of worn tires compared to the remaining tires. In addition, the characteristic harmonic changes of torsional vibrations in response to tire pressure cause additional causes of deflation. DDS+ continuously monitors these two effects and if any findings are noted, the driver is notified audibly and/or visually.

Software: The New Battleground Of The Automotive Industry

The large power transfer from the motor to the drive helps optimize the ddS+ learning process. As with all iTPMS, the driver must confirm the correct tire pressure after adjusting the tire pressure or by performing a manual override. This operation restores at least the calibration period, where the current characteristics of the tire are recorded for reference.

DDS+ is able to adapt to FMVSS138, ECE R141 and China’s current approval system GB26149-2017.

An onboard friction evaluation software solution optimizes costs using existing hardware components. It predicts road friction under normal driving conditions where no active functions are required. The main values ‚Äč‚Äčanalyzed are road hardness and road structure (smooth gravel, rough, gravel, flint, etc.) determined using complex algorithms.

Automotive Technical Data Software

By supplementing this with information such as activity control function (such as ABS and TCS), wiper usage and ambient temperature, friction value can be estimated more accurately and consistently.

Five Automotive Megatrends

Optionally, this cloud value can be moved in addition to the position and timestamp. Once in the cloud, the accumulated friction score can be collected and enriched from other vehicles; weather data, infrastructure data and friction models. This information could then be presented to other road users using a specific friction map.

A UK study found that up to 11,000 wheels are incorrectly attached to vehicles in the UK each year. Up to 1.2% of under-attached wheels result in an injurious incident, and 4% of these accidents are fatal. Especially in the focus of highly automated driving, functions are required to collect data that the driver can intuitively recognize. Thus, loose wheel detection is essential for automated driving.

The software’s “Loose Wheel Detection” (LWD) function detects characteristic signals from the wheel speed sensors and detects loose wheels as short as 0.5 mm between the rim and the wheel center. takes

Assisted and automated driving is a major megatrend in the Off-Road industry. With Continental Engineering Services, you get access to mature and robust vehicle sensors and functions that can adapt to every off-road application.

Unece Csms And Sums

Virtual A-Column technology has been under development at Continental for nearly ten years. To improve the safety of cyclists, pedestrians, children and vehicle owners, Continental has integrated A-Pillar technology.

The CES IoT Gateway provides future enhancements to your product with predictive maintenance, performance tuning and condition monitoring, remote configuration, geofencing, and more. With updates…

Our 4.5G / 5G telematics control unit provides the latest connectivity to your vehicle. The 5G development kit is intended for use by OEMs and third parties.

Automotive Technical Data Software

Cybersecurity technology protects systems and secure components in vehicles from hacking attacks. Together with local partners, we can provide a comprehensive cyber security solution for your system.

Eb Assist Adtf Development Environment

Our configuration team has the ability to design, manufacture, test and execute high voltage cable assemblies to individual customer specifications and requirements. Continental Engineering Services (CES) can provide individual prototypes for small series production.

The introduction of the EU’s General Safety Regulations (GSR) for vehicle homologation marks a new era for automotive engineering across the industry. From now on, all new cars for the EU market will be equipped with many advanced safety features such as emergency brake assist, lane assist and driver monitoring.

The Radar Chamber presentation summarizes our knowledge of how we provide customers with measurements, tests and trials against industry benchmarks for high-end radar deployments.

In the future, mobility will take many forms. The CES Digital Services platform is one of the key elements in the development of safe, convenient and environmentally friendly mobility. Discover the possibilities of the future form of mobility as a service with us now.

Mastering Automotive Software

The CES Sunroof System consists of an adaptation of already tested and pre-commissioned composite parts for a live and reliable implementation in the target vehicle.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) provides state-of-the-art technology to accurately detect driver drowsiness and distraction. Additional features include facial recognition, age and gender estimation.

The Cockpit Controller development kit lets you get started using our high-performance platform. It is effective for your user interface (UX) design and HMI concept, which is the key to your success in digital transformation.

Automotive Technical Data Software

This 48 V drive system is ideal for rapid deployment in light prototype vehicles, including proof-of-concept vehicles.

Automotive Vivid Workshop Data 2018.01 (atris Technik) Europe Repair Software Link 32gb Usb Cd Dvd Car Electrical Diagram Repair

Continental Engineering Services (CES) has developed a portable electronic tester (PET) with extensive measurement capabilities for module evaluation and verification.

Developing technological solutions for acoustic and infotainment systems in vehicles requires in-depth knowledge of not only the systems in question, but the vehicle as a whole, as well as extensive experience and a keen musical ear.

On this web page, we narrow down the list of technology tools that help our customers with identity verification and identification systems.

Additive manufacturing for a series of products: As a series of independent suppliers, we can define parts with complex shapes and bionic structures. Automate, simulate, manufacture and validate parts based on the highest automotive quality standards.

Effective Hardware Software Co Design For Automotive Systems

By continuing to use this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy. The CANdelaStudio specification tool is the centerpiece of the CANdela solution, helping users create and purchase an official vehicle ECU diagnostic specification.

Once a diagnostic specification is created, it is used as a next-step process, thereby increasing consistency throughout the diagnostic development process;

CANdelaStudio supports Document Models (CDDT) to resolve specific differences in a single OEM tool. The content of the document templates corresponds to the diagnostic specification defined by the OEM. It contains a formal description of all the legal main functions of the ECU and the mandatory content that must be fulfilled for each ECU. Document templates are provided by many car manufacturers. For projects without an OEM-specific template document, add a generic template document for UDS.

Automotive Technical Data Software

Based on the OEM specifications, a diagnostic specification is created for each BCH in one document. It contains all diagnostic elements.

Let’s Practice Testing!

CANdelaStudio helps the supplier to adapt the ECU software developed in the previous design to another OEM diagnostic specification.

CANdelaStudio Latin offers all the great features to describe ECU diagnostics more conveniently (eg identification, fault, memory, session, security, …).

Like CANdelaStudio Latin, with the addition of manual and semi-automatic translation of the diagnostic specification

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