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Automotive Technical Trainer – With a wide range of technical training and advanced system-related training, 31 Bosch Training Centers worldwide support automotive workshops in line with technical developments related to vehicle servicing and repair. The training center in Plochingen near Stuttgart (Germany) holds courses and trains more than 3,500 workshop workers every year. For the first time ever, Bosch will use innovative augmented reality technology for its technical service training, thus increasing the transparency of the training content for participants.

At the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt, Bosch offers daily certified training for high-voltage motors. Automotive mechatronics can be introduced to the new training technology for free after pre-registration. Through augmented reality technology, the differences between hybrid and fully electric vehicles, the functions and characteristics of various high-voltage components as well as problem-solving strategies – among others – are explained to the com -partners A transparent AR-assisted description provides a detailed mechatronics view of the structure and operation of high-voltage components. In addition to information about electric vehicle components, attendees are also provided with interesting insights for future learning. With the support of on-site experts, they will be able to familiarize themselves with the new augmented reality training method. In addition, AR experts will demonstrate and explain this new technology at the Bosch exhibition center in Hall 9.

Automotive Technical Trainer

Automotive Technical Trainer

Starting in autumn/winter 2018, Bosch will offer the first in-service training supported by Augmented Reality, a two-day practical for “high-voltage technicians – working on intrinsically safe vehicles” held at the Bosch Service Training Centers in Plochingen (Germany) and Ballerup (Denmark). After passing the final test, trainees are authorized to operate the HV systems of hybrid, electric and cellular vehicles fuel shut-off and work on HV components.Service training is also planned as well as “calibration of driver assistance systems” supported by Augmented Reality.

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Bosch developed a special augmented reality platform (CAP) specifically for AR applications. It allows the publication of new content and applications – also for the training sector in particular – in a device-independent manner. Fed by locally and centrally stored content, the platform gathers the data necessary for each specific AR application. This even allows for different training scenarios to be implemented. In Training Mode, the trainer controls the participants’ devices and decides which issue will appear on their devices. And yet each partner has an individual view – for example in the engine department. The whole group of participants and each of them can actively follow and get to know the explanations given by the trainer for each training situation. In Training Mode, the trainer will have access to each participant’s device. Therefore, he can give helpful hints and tips and clearly explain the next steps.

Augmented Reality (AR) augments reality by overlaying additional useful information. If the workshop worker points his smartphone or tablet camera – or even his smart glasses – at a location in the vehicle’s engine compartment AR information, interpretations, 3D objects or video are added the real image. In this way, the AR technology shows the structures hidden behind the panels, for example, such as the wiring harness behind the dashboard.

The Automotive Aftermarket (AA) division provides passenger and repair shops with modern inspection and repair equipment and a wide range of spare parts – from replacement and exchange parts to repair solutions – for passenger cars and commercial vehicles . Its product portfolio includes products manufactured as Bosch original equipment, products developed in-house and tailor-made for the aftermarket, as well as services. Around 13,000 partners in more than 150 countries, as well as a global logistics network, ensure that spare parts reach customers quickly and on time. AA provides test and repair technology, diagnostic software, service training and information services. In addition, the division is responsible for the Bosch Service repair shop franchise, one of the largest independent repair shop chains in the world, with approximately 15,000 workshops and more than 1,000 AutoCrew partners.

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs approximately 402,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2017). The company generated sales of 78.1 billion euros in 2017. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Business Technology, Consumer Products and Energy and Construction Technology. As a leading IoT company, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility and connected manufacturing. It uses its expertise in sensor technology, software and services, as well as its own IoT cloud, to provide its customers with connected cross-sector solutions from a single source. The Bosch Group’s strategic goal is to provide innovation for connected life. Bosch improves the quality of life around the world with innovative and inspiring products and services. In short, Bosch creates technology that is “created for life”. The Bosch Group includes Robert Bosch GmbH and approximately 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing, engineering and sales network covers almost every country in the world. The foundation for the company’s future growth is its innovative strength. In 125 locations worldwide, Bosch employs approximately 64,500 associates in research and development. The split car chassis consists of all original car parts that are mounted on a specially designed machine that resembles the original vehicle. These vehicle parts are great for showing students the relationship between the parts of a car itself. The power train consists of the car’s engine, transmission, rear axle and rear wheels (including brakes).

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Regional motorcycles are manufactured by Japanese full-size motorcycles, such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Vespa, etc. These units are great for showing students the relationship between the functional parts of a complete motorcycle. The entire motorcycle has been expertly cut out to reveal the main internal components and operational parts.

These coaches are fully refurbished vehicles specially modified so that all parts, components and wiring are readily available for student work. These vehicles are ideal for training and performing practical exercises such as steering and steering alignment, alignment, lubrication servicing, brake adjustment, electrical troubleshooting and general system feature checks.

These are original farm tractors as used on small and medium farms for general agricultural purposes. These units are great for demonstrating tractor construction and the relationship between components. The power train is driven by an electric motor that rotates the engine, transmission, axle and wheels at slow speeds for observation.

Automotive Technical Trainer

These trainers are completely refurbished or new motorcycles ideal for training and performing practical exercises such as steering and suspension work, tuning, lubrication servicing, brake changes, electrical troubleshooting and checking the general characteristics of the bike.

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This series of trainers is based on cutting car bodies that have been completely renovated and modified specifically for training. These units facilitate the training of participants to understand key principles related to vehicle operation and service. The student will understand both the integration and operation of the car engine with the electrical, braking, steering, suspension and air conditioning systems. plans to bring dozens of electronic models to the market by 2025. This requires knowledge – which employees can acquire through specially designated training and development programs. Statement

Trainer Rupert Kaindl explains to employees Felix Fornoff and Leon Meka (from right) how the e-tron is disconnected from the battery.

E-tron: Energy consumption (combined*) in kWh/100 km: 24.3–22.0 (NEDC) | 26.1–21.7 (WLTP) CO2 emissions (combined*) in g/km: 0

The E-tron is built on the hydraulic lift with the hood open. But the car is not defective; it is for explanatory purposes only. And for once, there are no apprentices or trainees gathering around the car at one of the academy’s training workshops in Ingolstadt. Today, trainers Rupert Kaindl and Siegmund Singer are teaching their colleagues from Logistics Process Digitization how to block an electric vehicle – and have decided to turn the training content into a VR training session.

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Later on, trainees and participants in professional development courses will be able to practice the necessary steps in an electric car in reality. β€œThe digital world allows us to save real resources. Not only can we share more knowledge with our employees, we can do so in a very individual way. Digital learning opens up new methods and new content both in training the next generation of workers and in providing professional development opportunities for experienced workers,” explained trainer Rupert Kaindl.

Trains young people around the world and advances employees at all stages of life by providing relevant development and qualification opportunities. But e-mobility is not the only area in which employees have been trained for many years.

The full range of the Group’s development and qualification programs are brought together in the Academy, where all trainees, employees and managers can benefit from them. “With a focus on electric mobility, we have also had a new era at the Academy,” said Erich Schott, who is in charge of the work.

Automotive Technical Trainer

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