Automotive Technology Programs Near Me

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Automotive Technology Programs Near Me – The purpose of the Automotive Technology Program accredited by ASE is to prepare students for employment in the automotive service industry. Graduates are employed in sales, spare parts and technician positions.

This program combines university-level general education courses designed to prepare graduates for entry-level careers as technicians, service consultants, parts specialists and managers, with comprehensive courses in automotive theory and laboratory classes.

Automotive Technology Programs Near Me

Automotive Technology Programs Near Me

Earn a certificate and start working within a year. Follow your passion and tackle more complex diagnostics and repairs in our associate courses. Are you ready to manage? Earn a Missouri Baptist University degree from Jefferson College! Browse the full route and embark on an exciting career in automotive technology!

The Automotive Technology Program Moves To Grayling

Recently, the Jefferson College Automotive Technology Program passed a comprehensive program audit this spring by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a national accreditation body, to determine if the program meets national standards. As a result of the review, the Automotive Technology Program received a full five-year re-accreditation. Professor Uhls said, “The reaccreditation of our automotive technology program demonstrates that we provide a very high level of education, which is important to Jefferson County employers and students seeking a nationally taught faculty.”

Accepting the plaque from left to right are Assistant Professor Bradley Berrey, Professor Gerard Uhls, and Maryanne Angliongto, Associate Dean of Mathematics, Physics and Technology.

First-year automotive technology student Katherine “Gus” Henley was recently named the 2022 High School District Winner at the Missouri Breaking Traditions Awards.

The Breaking Tradition Awards, sponsored by the Department of Primary and Secondary Education (DESE), provide students, career-technical programs, teachers, and schools the opportunity to receive statewide recognition and awards for achievements related to nontraditional careers. Awards are awarded to students in non-traditional career/technical education occupations where individuals of one gender make up less than 25 percent of the workforce in this field.

Mbit Automotive Technology Students Pass Certification

Jefferson College is proud that Katherine has won this award, which will help open doors to scholarships and other opportunities. Great job Katherine “Gus” Henley!

Toyota Corporation recently sent representatives and dealer service managers from Twin City Toyota and Weiss Toyota to Jefferson College to discuss training opportunities at Toyota for students in the ASE-approved Automotive Technology program. Students would receive Toyota training online in addition to the courses offered at Jefferson College. After receiving the lesson package from Toyota, the student will be better prepared to enter the Toyota showroom. Toyota introduced the latest Supra and Tundra models to students. Thank you Toyota for supporting Jefferson College.

On November 13, over 25 Jefferson College Automotive Technology students performed a free oil change for veterans. Students donated their time to greet veterans, change oil, search for parts, be the boss, dispatcher or store manager. Jefferson College students performed over 40 timely oil changes on district veterans. Corporate sponsors included AutoZone, NAPA, Dobbs Auto Centers and Dominoes Pizza and helped make this event a success. Jefferson College staff were available to answer veterans’ questions about veteran education opportunities and assist with enrollment. The nursing department took blood pressure measurements for all veterans. Bradley Berrey, currently an active-duty military member and a second-year assistant professor in the program, said, “That’s it.

Automotive Technology Programs Near Me

It’s a great event that we hope to expand next year.” “Students and sponsors have made this event a great success that we hope will continue into the future,” said Gerard Uhls, professor of automotive technology.

Automotive Technology (2 Yr)

Shelbie Mobley of Jefferson College was the last person to receive a $1,000,000 automotive scholarship from MWACA (Midwest Auto Care Alliance). MWACA is made up of professional auto body shop owners and technicians who support quality work and professional standards across the Midwest. Shelbie is in the second year of our two-year accredited Automotive Technology program. Congratulations Shelbie! If you’ve always enjoyed working on cars, our Automotive Technology program is for you! You will receive hands-on training on the latest gadgets and technology, including hybrid vehicles. Leverage the potential for advancement in the automotive industry with a combination of basic and advanced skills under your belt. You may qualify to apply for highly sought-after positions in this field. Our educators impart their knowledge to help prepare students for a new career.

DEGREE PROGRAM: At our Bristol campus, automotive technology students can earn an associate degree. Contact us for more information.

Because today’s cars have extensive electronics and computerized circuits, automotive technicians must be highly skilled at using modern test equipment to diagnose and repair these vehicles. As part of this comprehensive course, we will provide students with specialist training in both mechanical work and computerized vehicle components. With hands-on experience and a well-rounded curriculum at Pennco Tech, students will learn about automotive theory and hands-on laboratory training. Upon completion of our program, participants are well equipped to perform the necessary duties of a professional automotive technician, such as:

Want to learn more about how an automotive technology program can prepare you for a career in the automotive industry? Call us today to discuss the program and whether it’s right for you!

Automotive Service Technology

Contact us to learn more about the programs available today at our Bucks County location in Bristol, PA and our Camden County location in Blackwood, NJ!

Graduates are encouraged to take the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exam to become certified as Automotive Service Excellence Technicians.

As a bonus, the Pennco Tech Bristol campus is one of the few auto mechanic trade schools in the country to offer the Mazda Automotive Program, which offers students a number of additional benefits, including:

Automotive Technology Programs Near Me

At Pennco Tech, we are proud of our history of student achievement and high placement rates. When you complete our program and are ready to showcase your skills to a potential employer, our Career Services Department is ready to assist you every step of the way. They can help you build a resume, prepare for interviews, and connect you with our local and national employers for employment opportunities.

Automotive Technology Degree

The flexibility of day and evening classes makes it easy to fit learning into your schedule, while affordable tuition with financial aid options for those who qualify helps you invest in your future at Pennco Tech. To learn more about enrolling in the program and to schedule a tour at our Bristol, Pennsylvania campus or our Blackwood, New Jersey campus, contact us today.

“I absolutely enjoyed every second here. I highly recommend checking this out if you want to advance your career. Everyone is wonderful and very helpful, from financial aid counselors to people in career services. All the instructors who taught me were very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to be in their classes.”

Ever since I got my first car, I knew I was interested; When I started working, I realized there was a love I didn’t know I had. I decided to search the online store and saw exactly where I could get this. My dad graduated from Pennco Tech and he and I decided to call to find out more. I liked what I heard when I called and signed up for the Auto Body Program. I graduated with honors and started my career! I told Miss Teresa that I would be back to share my experiences with the students who are still studying.

I graduated from high school and knew it was time to get a job! I loved working on cars, so I decided to give Pennco Tech a try. I worked part time at school, it wasn’t easy to finish school… I continued and glad I did. I am now a used car service technician at Chapman, the true beginning of my career!

Automotive Technology Program In Nj & Pa

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman in the automotive program, everyone is always treated equally. It’s been an incredible experience!”

We Are Open: COVID 19 * Day or Evening * Full or Part Time – Classes Available Automotive Technician Training in Las Vegas Click here to view our information and guidelines on ATI Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Mopar Career Automotive Program (CAP) Certification Affiliate

If you love cars and want to make a career working on them, then you’re in luck: automotive technicians are in high demand! There are more cars on the roads today than ever before, and all of these vehicles require regular maintenance as well as occasional repairs. Experienced, qualified automotive technicians have an important responsibility to keep vehicles in good working order.

Automotive Technology Programs Near Me

Inspection, maintenance and repair of cars and light trucks. Automotive technicians are responsible for diagnosing problems with vehicles and making necessary repairs. Automotive technicians may be general automotive technicians or have further instruction and training in specific areas such as air conditioning or transmission.

Girl Power Meets Horsepower At Duncanville High School Automotive Class

Automotive technicians work in auto shops and garages in every town and city across the country. As an automotive technician, you can work wherever there are cars – which means you can work wherever you want to live!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 749,900 automotive technicians were employed in 2016.

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