Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

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Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – Want to bring more sparkle to your eyes? Wearing colored contact lenses is like trying a new hairstyle, it can totally change your look. Although unlike hair, you can take it off whenever you want…

Colored lenses can be a way to change your usual eye color or they can be your signature statement. You don’t need to wear a lot of flashy jewelry or makeup if you make your eyes your signature accessory.

Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

Want to try it but haven’t decided yet? Let’s try to clarify the matter! We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about colored contact lenses.

Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe For Your Eyes?

The health and safety of your eyes is important. Colored contact lenses are medical devices. For this reason, ophthalmologists recommend a contact lens fitting to help you find an option that fits your eyes and preserves eye health, whether you are wearing contact lenses for correction or for an aesthetic look, it is necessary an adjustment

Just like regular contacts, you need to maintain safe habits to protect your eyes. If you maintain proper lens care and follow your eye doctor’s instructions, it is safe to wear colored contact lenses. Consult your eye doctor to find out if colored contact lenses are right for you.

If you are not familiar with contact lenses, make sure you learn how to insert them properly. Also note that colored contact lenses are generally made of materials that do not allow as much oxygen to the cornea. For this reason, it is important to select a colored contact lens that suits your wearing schedule.

However, some colored contacts such as Air Optix Colors offer much higher oxygen penetration than most consumer brands. Discuss with your eye doctor to decide which brand will ensure maximum comfort and safety for your eyes.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Ophthalmologists suggest a prescription to wear colored contact lenses. It’s important to remember that even if you have perfect eyesight and just want to add some color to your eyes, it’s still a medical device. And it still goes directly onto your cornea, which needs oxygen.

When a contact lens is placed on the cornea, its oxygen supply decreases. A contact lens prescription not only indicates the corrective power of the lens, but also specifies the correct contact lens size needed for your eye, lens brand, and material.

Although many people think of their “prescription” as the POWER of their lenses and this is true for the most part of lenses, your contact lens prescription also indicates that your contact lenses fit well and will not put your eyes at risk. his eyes

Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

You can easily buy colored contacts online according to your prescription. And if you’ve received a prescription for a brand of colored lenses, you can buy any of the available colors and know for sure that the lenses will fit well. Your optician takes care of the brand and you take care of the color. Feel free to experiment!

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Colored contact lenses are designed with a clear area in the center that perfectly aligns with your pupil. This is what allows light to travel and lets you see.

A fitting for a colored contact lens will ensure that your pupil is properly centered with that hole in the lens. Otherwise, your vision may be affected, especially at night, when the pupil becomes larger and may extend into the colored area of ​​the lens.

Me It is not corrective if you do not need vision correction and want to use colored contact lenses for cosmetic purposes only.

Me Enhancement Tints: Contact lenses that enhance your natural eye color for a more subtle change. For natural-looking contacts, check out Air Optix Colors, FreshLook Colorblends, or Acuvue Define Vivid.

Are Non Prescription Contacts Safe To Wear?.

Ii. Vibrant Tints: Brighter colors that will draw all eyes to you. Available in a wide range of colors. Some examples: FreshLook Colors, Splash of Color 2 or Air Optix Colors (available with fine and vibrant lines within the color range).

Iii. “Circle” lenses (also called “doll eyes” or “limbo rings”): New varieties of colored lenses designed to increase the appearance of your pupil size. They only have color in a ring around the outer edge of the lens. You can find them in Acuvue Define Accent Style, Natural Shine or Vivid Style and Splash Illusion Brown or Black.

Halloween or costume glasses are special contact lenses with patterns, wild colors or even completely black! They are almost never prescribed by eye care professionals, as many of the materials used to make them are very outdated. Therefore, wearing cheap glasses for Halloween is not recommended as it can cause eye infections.

Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

Special effects glasses are large, customized glasses used for television and film productions. These custom lenses can only be worn for short periods of time and require the supervision of a licensed ophthalmologist for use.

I Tried Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses So You Don’t Have To ⋆

It’s important to find a color you like in your eyes that can be seen and admired. Having a colored contact lens frame with your eye doctor usually includes the opportunity to try different lens colors to find the one that suits you best. There are many different shades for colored lenses:

Enhancement shades generally work best with lighter natural eye colors and feature areas in the lens that allow your natural color to blend in with a hint of something else. A mix of blue colors won’t be as noticeable on a dark brown iris, while someone with green eyes can put that blue lens on and you can see the difference ten feet away.

In general, the darker your eyes are, the darker and/or more muted you’ll want to select a tinted lens. A contact lens made for lighter eye colors (blue or green) won’t show up as much on a darker eye.

They completely cover the natural eye color and can work for light or dark eyes, depending on individual eye types. If you want to try opaque colored contact lenses, try brown lenses and their 3-in-1 blended colors for an electric frosting.

Can You Get Colored Contacts With Astigmatism?

Colored contact lenses will expand your exploration of style. Once you find the right colors for you, have fun organizing your clothes, makeup, and jewelry. Your perfect match will combine the optimal comfort of the glasses and the fashionable style that will make you feel beautiful and different.

Remember, if you plan to wear colored contact lenses every day, it’s essential to get your eyes checked regularly to ensure your eyes are healthy.

A, our selection of colored contact lens brands are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and provide optimal comfort and vision. But above all, a wide selection of colors and contact types for all styles and preferences! And because we care about the safety of your eyes, they can only be delivered with a prescription.

Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

Buy colored contact lenses online and enjoy a wide selection of colored contact lenses at affordable prices.

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Best Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

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