Best File Sharing For Small Business

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The best file sharing apps enable collaboration between hybrid workers in homes and offices. They help make the workflow efficient, secure and simple. Many major providers offer excellent cloud storage and file sharing capabilities, and the combination of services can be a boost for individual or enterprise collaboration.

Best File Sharing For Small Business

Best File Sharing For Small Business

In a world where friends, family and colleagues can spread out, choosing the best cloud storage can mean the difference between easy and secure file transfers and insecure services that risk losing important data or files.

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We’ve extensively tested the most popular file sharing apps on the market. Below, we’ve reviewed and ranked the best file sharing apps available today, with a specific focus on each service’s security tools and the amount of free data storage and transfer available. Read on to find your file sharing provider.

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SpiderOak: 150GB of storage for just $6 per month SpiderOak offers a variety of cloud storage plans that include drag-and-drop file sharing along with data recovery. The Fast Share website allows for temporary and self-destructing file sharing, and its 150GB storage plan starts at $6 per month.

PCloud: Get 500GB of lifetime storage for $175. Offering a set of additional features beyond cloud storage, pCloud offers backup and restore services, video streaming and playlists, and file link sharing. Its individual plans offer lifetime subscriptions, with the cheapest offering offering 500GB of storage for a one-time $175.

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Google Drive offers impressive performance and 15 GB of free storage, making it the best choice for small businesses. With top-notch security capabilities and extensive third-party application support, it provides ease of file sharing and editing.

Dropbox: The Most Trusted File Sharing Tool Dropbox offers a variety of pricing plans, a free trial, and has strengthened its security measures with 256-bit encryption and SSL/TSL tunneling. Dropbox is a reliable and accessible file sharing platform for general use.

With four pricing plans and an extensive free tier, Box offers plenty of space and integration options with popular platforms like Google Workspace and Slack.

Best File Sharing For Small Business

Google Drive offers all the same functionality as Microsoft OneDrive, but its free plan goes further by providing an impressive 15 GB of free storage, which may be enough for small businesses. And like OneDrive, it lets you share, create and edit files with ease.

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Google is a large multinational company with high-level security capabilities, so your data is in safe hands during transfers. However, privacy may be a concern and they will accept some online services for advertising purposes. It’s also an oversight that the service doesn’t offer password protection options when sharing a file.

In general, we like Google Drive’s great support for third-party apps, its affordable price, and its wide set of backup options. Their apps also work well on many platforms.

Dropbox was one of the first file sharing platforms to become a household name and has had time to become your friend. A variety of pricing plans in both individual and business offerings allow you to find the right plan for your needs. If you’re not quite sure, they also offer a 30-day free trial.

In terms of security, there are a couple of concerns. First, Dropbox has a large market share and is therefore, along with its competitors, a natural target for malicious attacks. And secondly, the company has the right to delete any files stored on its servers, as well as to disclose this information to a third party.

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Fortunately, Dropbox has recently strengthened its security measures. At rest, files are protected with 256-bit encryption, and during transfers they are encrypted in an SSL/TSL tunnel. If you’re not looking for a professional option, but one that’s still pretty reliable, Dropbox is a solid way to go.

Box has long been Dropbox’s main rival. In the past, priority went to companies and finally to SMEs and individuals, but not anymore. Both aim to capture all parts of the file sharing market, and Box’s offering is impressive.

It has four pricing plans to choose from, but its free tier has much more space than Dropbox’s. Like its rival, it can integrate with Google Workspace and Slack. It also offers a useful Keysafe feature, which allows administrators to easily manage encryption keys.

Best File Sharing For Small Business

On the usability front – always a concern for Box – the recent promotion has improved things, but the platform can be streamlined as there are a few kinks.

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Box is great for quickly sharing files with friends or colleagues. It takes up a lot of space in the free tier, and there’s two-factor authentication for improved security.

Microsoft OneDrive is feature-packed, incredibly useful, and well-designed. Somehow it exceeded expectations. Desktop users, for example, can access files they didn’t specifically intend to upload, an incredibly useful feature that shows how much time Microsoft has put into getting OneDrive right.

Being a Microsoft product, most of the advanced functionality available for OneDrive is tied to the Windows operating system, but OneDrive apps are also available for iOS, Android, and macOS.

In terms of security, OneDrive is not the focus of any concern or controversy, unlike many of its rivals, which speaks to the reliability of the software. Individual users can also save their files individually locally on a hard drive, adding an extra layer of security.

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Apple also has a cloud file sharing platform in the form of iCloud. iCloud is a good option for file sharing, and it’s probably the best option if you’re already deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem. While the free tier offers limited space, those with an iPhone, Mac or iPad get 5GB free.

Aside from the 2017 hack, which appears to be a one-off, Apple has avoided security issues with iCloud. So it should be a safe option for easy file sharing on iOS and macOS.

In our tests, we were impressed by the 24-hour online chat support and how easy it is to get two-factor authentication working on iCloud. However, iCloud is a bad choice if you primarily use Windows on your desktop computer or the Android OS on your phone, as there are no dedicated iCloud apps for those platforms.

Best File Sharing For Small Business

SpiderOak One is a cloud storage solution with end-to-end encryption, meaning you are in charge of your encryption keys, even SpiderOak employees cannot write files stored on the platform.

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SpiderOak One remains a consumer-oriented product at heart, without many business-focused features to speak of.

We found that SpiderOak One prioritized security, leading to vulnerabilities in other areas. The design, while easily integrated with SpiderOak’s other products, has some additional features that some teams may need, such as synchronous real-time document editing.

It’s also the most expensive way: after a 21-day free trial, the cheapest tier is $69 for 150GB of space per year. One advantage, however, is that each user can have unlimited devices, so SpiderOak One is worth checking out.

WeTransfer is a popular file sharer and for good reason. It is easy to use and does not require registration. Plus, it’s secure: all uploads are encrypted, as is the link you send to recipients. One caveat is its partial encryption, which means third parties can intercept emails and access files, so it’s not ideal for the most sensitive data.

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WeTransfer offers a storage app called Download that works on Android, iOS, and your web browser. With Collection, you can collect related content on boards. These boards can be shared with others and teams can collaborate on boards.

WeTransfer complies with all GDPR rules and everything is encrypted with TLS and AES-256 encryption. We also found WeTransfer’s customer support to be responsive and helpful.

PCloud is relatively unique in that you can pay for cloud storage equally. For one-time payments of $199 or $399, you can get 500GB or 2TB respectively, which is great value if you use the service for a long time.

Best File Sharing For Small Business

When it comes to security, pCloud is impressive. It covers most bases, including 256-bit security and TLS/SSL, but another layer of encryption is available for $5 a month.

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Unfortunately, its editing and collaboration capabilities don’t compare to much of the competition. This may not be important if you’re just looking to share or store files online, but it allows you to work together on documents as a team. harder than some. other solutions.

If you’re looking for a basic file sharing solution to send some files to friends or colleagues, Send Anywhere can help. Send Anywhere is completely free and includes 256-bit encryption as standard, to keep your files safe in transit. In addition, the developer of the application has insisted that they do not see the contents of the application

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