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Best Insurance For Students – International students studying abroad need health insurance that covers unexpected illness or accident costs quickly and easily. This is true for international students in Germany as well as German students abroad.

Proof of valid health insurance must be presented upon arrival in the country of study. Student is the right choice as a flexible health insurance that offers quality coverage. The tariff is valid for five years, can be canceled at any month and offers many additional benefits. Based on its excellent price-performance ratio, the student is our recommendation for international academics.

Best Insurance For Students

Best Insurance For Students

Applying for studentships online is easy. Valid insurance documents are sent via email within 24 hours of order verification.

Tk Is The Best German Health Insurance Company For Students

Students offers five years of reliable insurance coverage for international students. Health insurance coverage is recognized by higher education institutions and government authorities in Germany and worldwide.

International students receive quality health insurance from 25 euros per month. For a few more euros, there are also a number of additional services on offer such as vaccinations, key loss cover and accident and liability insurance which covers accidental damage/injury to third party property/persons.

Allianz Partners’ emergency hotline is available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. Bills from doctors and hospitals can be sent online at any time of the day. The insurer then verifies the invoices and reimburses the services to the insured within two weeks.

Insurance cards make your life easier as a student in Germany. You can present it only to your doctor.

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It provides reliable insurance coverage at a good price-performance ratio for a period of five years.

Thanks to our fast and competent service, you will receive your insurance documents within 24 hours of checking your application. We know students need flexibility, that’s why you pay your premium every month and you can cancel your policy at the end of any month if you need to.

International language school students, university students and training course students: Those attending higher education institutions can opt for student health insurance. Student rates have an excellent price-performance ratio and meet the requirements of immigration authorities.

Best Insurance For Students

You must be exempt from state health insurance to register to study at a German university. In that case, private health insurance must be submitted to any statutory health insurance. That provider then issues an exemption certificate or sends it electronically to the university. Statutory health insurance companies have offices in universities with representatives who can help with this.

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The decision to choose private or statutory health insurance should be carefully considered, as this choice is binding for the duration of your studies.

Liability insurance covers the cost of incidental losses in everyday life. This includes property damage (loss or destruction of property) and personal injury (damage to health, third party injury or death). For property and personal damage, the sum insured is up to 1,000,000 euros per person and up to 250,000 euros for damage to rental property (eg water damage caused by you).

Student residences and educational institutions are increasingly requiring proof of liability insurance or key loss insurance coverage. Student Classic Plus and Comfort rates include liability insurance at an affordable price. The student comfort rate also covers the loss of keys.

All student rates are valid for short stays (eg holidays) in Germany and all EU countries and in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK.

University Of Mannheim

For German citizens abroad, insurance coverage is valid worldwide (including the USA and Canada), except in Germany. The Student Comfort Policy also covers home visits for six weeks per year.

If you already have student insurance, we recommend that your family also take out a student policy. The maximum duration of a student contract is five years.

If your family is staying for less than six months, a German International Visitor Visa is a better option.

Best Insurance For Students

Each family member should purchase insurance separately. We do not offer family insurance that covers multiple people.

Health Insurance For A Student

Policy extension request can be easily submitted through email. It is important to indicate the insurance number and the month in which the policy should be extended. After receipt the information will be verified and the reply will be sent in writing.

Student policy can be canceled at the end of any month without giving any reason for cancellation. Notice of termination must be submitted in writing. Upon receipt of the notice of termination it will be verified and a written response sent. More information about cancellations and online forms can be found here.

If the illness is minor (for example, you have the flu, a headache or you have had a minor accident), we recommend that you go to your local general practitioner. If necessary, the treating physician may refer to a specialist. If you have a toothache, you should go straight to the dentist.

If you are in a lot of pain, have had a serious accident, or need to see someone outside of regular hours (for example, on the weekend), you should go to a hospital or see an on-call doctor who offers emergency services. . If you need to stay in a hospital (for example for an operation), you should contact your insurer immediately. In this case, the emergency center team will clarify how the costs will be covered directly with the hospital. The advantage of this is that there is no upfront payment of hospital bills, as in this case the insurer will pay your expenses directly.

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Treatment of an acute illness (no pre-existing condition), which is medically necessary and cannot be delayed, is required for admissibility of expenditure allowance.

Invoices are sent via claim form. Please answer all questions to ensure that the claim is processed quickly. Once the form is submitted, you will automatically receive an email confirming receipt. The insurer will check if the invoice is refundable and deal with the rest.

In the event of a loss, we recommend that you immediately record the name and address of witnesses. Do not accept responsibility for damages at the scene of the accident. This can lead to loss of insurance claims, as the insurer is the responsible party for investigating the circumstances.

Best Insurance For Students

For further processing, a damage report is required, which includes all the information you have and additional documents:

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If you take the Student Classic Plus or Student Comfort Rate for Germany you are entitled to an insurance card. German people who take a rate for their stay abroad do not get an insurance card, as it is only valid in Germany.

The cost of drugs is usually covered if they are prescribed by a doctor and are necessary for the medical treatment of an acute illness.

Immunizations recommended by STIKO (Standing Immunization Committee) are reimbursed at the student convenience rate, in the amount of 250 euros per insurance period. Vaccinations recommended by STIKO are also covered in the ExpatCare premium rate.

An excess means you have to pay a portion of the bill sent to your insurance company. For student rates, the following surcharges apply for outpatient treatment or dental treatment:

Student Health Insurance For Studying In Germany Guide

The abbreviation “GOÄ” stands for Gebürenordnung für Ärzte (Doctors’ Fee Scale). ‘GOZ’ stands for Gebürenordnung für Zahnärzte (Dental Fee Scale). Doctors and dentists in Germany are obliged to charge for treatment according to the respective fee scale. For each treatment, a specific amount is fixed for each treatment and a different percentage may be charged based on this amount. The insurer pays 1.8-3.5 times the rate depending on the contracted rate.

With a student, the insurer will generally reimburse only those treatments that are medically necessary and have occurred after the commencement of the insurance period. So treatment of pre-existing conditions will not be covered by the insurance company.

“Waiting period” is the period after commencement of insurance during which there is no right to receive insurance benefits.

Best Insurance For Students

With students, there will be a waiting period for treatment for pregnancy (three months from policy inception), childbirth and dental prosthesis (eight months from policy inception). With the Student Comfort Rate, pregnancy is covered without a waiting period.

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Example: An insurance policy is taken on 1st January. The insurance company will pay the cost of the dental prosthesis from August 1 (after eight months) from the start of treatment.

If the pregnancy starts before the commencement of the insurance cover, the pregnancy treatment and childbirth are not covered. If the pregnancy starts after the commencement of the insurance cover, the rate covers the expenses as follows:

Irrespective of when the pregnancy started and the waiting period, the insurer will reimburse the cost of medical treatment in case of acute pregnancy complications including miscarriage and premature birth.

To switch from another insurance to a student

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