Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

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Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business – Are you looking for a multi-line phone system for your small business? Read on to learn about the best of them.

Home and work phone technology has evolved significantly over the past few years. Innovations in the telecommunications industry mean that the way we communicate at work and at home is vastly different than it was just two decades ago.

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

Learn more about these tiered systems below and what options are best for your small business.

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Every small business works differently. However, most small businesses benefit from installing a multi-line phone system. Ask yourself the following questions:

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a multi-line phone system may be right for you.

A multiline telephone system allows two or more telephones to be connected through the same extension, splitting one incoming line into multiple lines. This means companies can set up a single internal phone system without having to install additional phone lines. A multi-line phone system minimizes interruptions and any additional costs.

A multi-level phone system gives each employee their own extension number. It also allows him to answer internal calls when their colleagues can’t reach their phones.

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Most have special features like voicemail. They are also equipped with a call control protocol that answers calls and routes them to the appropriate office phone.

Two-line phone systems are best for small businesses and home business owners. They offer many features like call forwarding and auto attendant. The system has two lines, a completely separate phone number and voicemail box for separate home and work phone lines.

A four-line phone system works the same as a two-line phone system, but offers four completely separate lines instead of two. A four-line system allows four of your employees to talk on different phones at the same time. You can also connect up to 16 lines in a 4-line system, depending on how many lines your employees need to access at the same time.

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

Most multi-line phone systems are now cloud-based, also known as virtual, hosted systems based on VoIP. Cloud systems eliminate traditional settings. Instead, they replaced it with a cheaper virtual network with less hardware.

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Employees can access this system from anywhere. You can even integrate it into your current computer and smartphone.

Cloud systems offer fewer physical constraints with greater scalability and versatility. You can increase the number of users from two to four to over 100 when you add all the rows virtually. This provides more flexibility and simplifies the installation process.

Now that you understand how a multi-line phone system works, you need to narrow down your options. Check out detailed reviews of top companies that offer multi-line systems for small businesses below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, compare other popular business phone systems in our easy and complete price list.

The best multi-line phone systems belong to America’s 8×8 VoIP providers. You might think that their track record for excellent connections means they are expensive. However, small business owners can find plans starting as low as $25/month per user.

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The 8×8 multiline system includes all the essential features you need to be successful. You get unlimited calls and faxes, business SMS, instant messaging and a reasonable amount of media storage.

8×8 has an incredible reputation for being easy to use and affordable. Their phone systems come with their own online portal and do not require PBX-style hardware. Your IT team doesn’t need to know everything about VoIP either.

8×8 offers free online training and face-to-face training for an additional fee. They also let you buy your own phone instead of forcing you to buy the phone they provide.

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

The 8×8 mobile app works on both Android and iOS. This allows your employees to access their business channels on their smartphones.

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The app also offers all the same features as their work phones. It comes with instant messaging, voicemail access and the ability to view online faxes and the status of your colleagues.

Grasshopper is a cloud-based VoIP provider founded in the US by entrepreneurs for other entrepreneurs. Simple and inexpensive, the Grasshopper multiline phone system is great for small offices.

Their basic plan starts at just $29 per month for one room with three connections. You have the option to expand up to five rooms with unlimited connections for $89 per month.

Grasshopper offers a variety of features, from custom greetings and call forwarding to incoming faxes and call screening. The system converts all incoming faxes and voicemail messages to email messages, so you don’t need to convert any documents. It will also read your voice messages for you.

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business By Cosmictech

You can give each employee a connection using Grasshopper to make your small business look bigger and more professional. It also includes routing for connections, custom greetings, music hold, name directory and access to voice actors through their voice studios.

RingCentral, another US-based provider, offers many useful features at a low price of only $24/month per user. This standard basic plan includes 1,000 free minutes, unlimited calls and conferences, call control and unlimited video conferencing up to four lines. It also provides mobile apps for Android and iOS, multi-level auto attendant and log reports in the basic plan.

Ring Central’s Premium plan offers even more: 2,500 free minutes and video conferencing up to 50 lines. Plus, you get automatic call recording, caller ID, custom app deployment, and smart integration with Zendesk and Salesforce CRM.

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

Ring Central guarantees service to its customers even during outages by switching your phone line to an unbroken data center. They also give you access to phone experts to help you set up and use their phone service for an easier transition.

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Your small business will have no problem finding a great tiered phone system with so many great options. But what about all the other products you need to run a profitable business?

Lucky for you, our business experts have compiled hundreds of price comparison lists that have everything you need to thrive. Find HR outsourcing, antivirus software, office copiers, POS systems and more. Don’t keep your customers and stakeholders waiting – answer more calls than ever before with a multi-line phone system.

A single line phone system will not give you the opportunity to grow your business. It’s like in a busy bar where only one person serves – customers get tired of waiting and go elsewhere. A multi-line phone system eliminates congestion, allowing you to receive more calls and serve more customers.

“Multiple Line Telephone System” is a very broad term covering traditional telephone systems, KSU (Main System Unit) and IP (Internet Access) telephone systems. Figuring out which one is best for your business can sometimes feel like choosing a restaurant but not knowing what kind of food you need.

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If you want an overview of the various multi-line options, just go to the FAQ section. Plus, find out everything you need to know in our breakdown of the best multi-line phone systems below.

Traditional telephones, KSU and IP telephones fall under the umbrella of multi-line telephone systems. Our selection of the best multi-line phone systems includes one of each.

The Vtech 4 line phone system is a smart kit. It supports up to four incoming lines – that’s four separate numbers – and also offers advanced digital features. All calls go through the main console and are then handled by an automated attendant, which allows the caller to select the correct extension. VTech’s 4-line phone system with voicemail capability, customizable music on hold and 4-way conferencing is ideal for growing businesses.

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

The KSU NEC Keyphone SL1000 is very similar to a PBX – the only real difference is that it doesn’t have the same expansion or customization options. The system can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. A simple setup might be one KSU connected to a traditional phone line, while a complex setup might be four KSUs. This will give you the ability to receive a large number of calls and connect to a large number of devices connected to the Internet.

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The Poly (formerly Polycom) VVX 601 with 16 line keys and 4 programmable keys (for features like call forwarding, conferencing and call park) is at the top of its game. It offers HD voice, seamless integration of third-party apps, video playback and conferencing – and that doesn’t make it terribly expensive either. VoIP systems, including hosted and stand-alone PBXs, are often more cost-effective because they only require you to purchase a handset and software package – you should already have an Internet connection!

VTech’s 4-Line Small Business System is in the “small business multi-line phone system” category, and the NEC Keyphone SL1000 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Nevertheless, it is the Poly VVX 601 that is suitable for any size of business.

While some businesses may struggle to justify such a sophisticated phone, VoIP phone systems are suitable for both small and large scale installations and usually involve a monthly payment (like a phone contract) rather than a large initial investment.


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