Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

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Can You Make Money Off Free Apps – Do you have an idea you want to create in 2020? Still wondering if it’s worth the investment? How much money can I make using the app? If you want to build a mobile app but are not sure how to make money from your app, we will discuss it in this article.

But before answering these questions, let me share one thing. Statistics show that in June 2020, 96.4% of all Android applications were free. This means fierce competition in the market to make money with apps for Android and iPhone.

Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

So this article is for business owners who want to make money with their apps by publishing free apps in the mobile app market. So, let’s see how you can make money using free apps.

How Do Free Apps Make Money 7 Proven Strategies In 2021

According to Digital Information World, Apple’s App Store and Google Play generated approximately $83.5 billion in purchases from users worldwide in 2019. That’s why the mobile app market is a huge opportunity not to be missed!

Also, if you think that free mobile apps aren’t as useful as paid apps, you’re not mistaken. In fact, the highest-grossing mobile apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are both free. And 98% of Google Play revenue comes from premium apps.

At the same time, 5-10% of mobile app users are willing to buy paid apps. Revenue from paid apps will decline over the next few years.

If you’re ready to learn how to monetize your app, here are six factors to consider before you start developing your app.

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With over 5 years of experience, we have worked with many entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into monetization apps. How many users will find your free mobile app? How many of them do you download?

That’s why we want to help you increase your app revenue and rank in the App Store.

Here are the first things to consider when thinking about how to make money with an app.

Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

If you have a concise name that reflects your app’s core functionality, you can attract more users. It is especially important to include keywords in the program name.

App Monetization: Make Money From Your App

In particular, take a look at Tinder, one of the world’s most popular new dating apps. As you can see, the full title contains a description of how this program works. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people, expand your social networks and meet locals or live in the moment while traveling.

In general, the first few sentences of the application description should be informative and show the main idea of ​​the application. A lot of people don’t click the “Read More” button. However, this part of the explanation should be meaningful and informative.

The next step is to provide a descriptive body to the application. See Netflix’s explanation. As you can see, it helps users find out what they can do.

Another factor to consider when considering how to monetize your mobile app is a screenshot of your app. Users want to know how your app will look on their device. So, you need to pick the best screenshot.

Free Apps That Give You Money

For example, see screenshots from Uber on the App Store. Therefore, text has been added to explain the main features.

A good mobile app isn’t just about making money, it’s about understanding how technology can improve your app. At the same time, it is important to determine your development approach to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

For example, news apps are better suited for subscription services and gated content, while gaming apps can benefit from in-app purchases.

Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

Whether you’re developing a paid app that makes money or a free app, you need a monetization strategy that will appeal to your audience and that your company is profitable.

Earn Money Doing Nothing Sleeping

Choosing the right monetization model for your audience is important. There are many ways to successfully monetize your application.

Here, users can download the app with basic features for free. But they pay a certain amount to get extra features. So, if you are looking for a way to make extra money using free apps, you need the paid version.

Even if only 0.5-2% of app users buy the premium version of the app, the app can reach more users with the free version. This model works really well in games, cloud services, photo editing applications, and educational platforms.

This means you can purchase the game during the trial period or at any time after that to enjoy the full Minecraft experience, including creative mode and multiplayer.

How Will Your Free App Make Money 7 Proven Strategies To Monetize Your App

In short, the monetization strategy of this app is to sell in-game add-ons or merchandise such as in-game currency, valuables, extra time, health points and tips.

When considering in-app purchases, you first need to know the difference between consumables and non-consumables. Utilities are products that can be used within consumer apps, such as health points, virtual currency, or digital currency.

You can also regularly use non-useful items such as new games, maps, and blocks. This is how free apps make money without ads.

Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

Take the mobile gaming phenomenon Pokémon GO as an example. The main currency is PokéCoins. According to Rakuten Intelligence, 100 PokéCoins are the most purchased coin packs, accounting for nearly 37% of in-app purchases for every dollar spent. Also, while many buyers only buy the first tier Pokémon currency, the mid-tier 1200 PokéCoins is currently the most lucrative coin pack in the game.

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Another strategy that will help you make quick money with your app is the subscription model. However, this model is useful for applications with high user engagement. This type of business is often served by music/video streaming apps like Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Music, or productivity apps like Todoist.

Are you looking for an endless source of income? In-app advertising allows app publishers to monetize their interactions with ads displayed within their apps.

Nowadays, in-app ads are the most popular way to make money using free apps. By the end of 2019, mobile advertising will account for 72% of all digital advertising spend in the United States.

However, to avoid common mistakes, you should be aware of these important questions before running in-app ads: for example:

How To Make Money From Your Free Apps

Sponsorship, also known as influencer marketing, is a really effective way to monetize your mobile app. Let us explain.

If you already have a large user base, your brand may be interested in using mobile apps to connect with their target audience. There are two types of sponsorship agreements.

In fact, choosing a trusted partner and sponsor can be a win-win scenario. Not only are you making money with your app, you’re connecting with brands that users may find useful. For example, if you have on-demand food delivery, you can work with partners who share these values.

Can You Make Money Off Free Apps

For best results, you should develop an overall strategy that includes one or more of the techniques described in this article. However, if it is full of ads or in-app purchases, users will feel uncomfortable and will install similar apps. App publishers need to remember that their apps only generate revenue when people use them.

How Do Free Apps Make Money In 2022? [11 Proven Strategies]

Now you know how to make money using the app. Then you should benefit from learning about the future of mobile app development in 2020. Finally, the possibilities are endless as to how much money you can make with your app.

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How Do Free Apps Make Money: Best Strategies For 2020

Mobile apps have entered the world close to our skin and we have no regrets. We all use different types of mobile apps on different app platforms, some are paid and some are unused, but I wonder how free apps make money.

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