Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal

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Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal – Cancun Airport (CUN) attracts over 22 million passengers annually, making it the second busiest airport in Mexico and the third busiest in Latin America.

As you would expect at such a busy airport, there are a wide range of car rental companies, most of which are located in the Car Rental Center, next to the baggage claim area of ​​the airport terminal. Other businesses located off-site can be accessed via the shuttle operating in the passenger pick-up area.

Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal

Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal

To determine which car rental companies offer the best vehicles in our three categories (cheapest, best for luxury, best for minivans), focus on pricing, availability, policies and customer reviews from 15 companies. Here are our results:

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For cheap car rentals, Budget had the lowest rates at the start of peak season on the days we searched, with a selection of five vehicles under $30 a day. This selection included economy and family cars like Volkswagen Polo, Renault Logan and Nissan March. As is often the case, car rental companies that can offer cheap rates have to cut corners, and in Budget’s case, users have to wait a while to choose their vehicles from other companies. However, in other areas, it receives very well from users, especially with regard to the cleanliness of the car and the service of the employees.

The choice of luxury vehicles may not be as wide at CUN Airport as it is at other major tourist destinations, but Sixt has a number of premium sports cars and attractive SUVs in its portfolio. The most interesting vehicles are the Chevrolet Cruze and the Ford Escape. Avis comes in second, offering the Chevrolet Malibu at a price similar to Sixt. Also, an indicator of Cancun’s upscale car rental market is the Mex, which offers convertibles and many premium options. While all three of these companies are rated equally on the popular car rental website,, you may just want to go with the company with the best prices on your vacation dates.

Avis offers high-quality vehicles for small and large groups, making it a great choice for families. Plus, it’s easy to find with its counter located in the middle of the airport terminal. While not the least expensive of family options, Avis has a solid international reputation and offers one of the largest minivans on the market in the form of the 12-seat Toyota Hiace. It also rents out smaller vehicles like the 7-seat Chevrolet Suburban and the 5-seat Kia Sorrento, both of which are available for around $200 a day in high season.

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What You Need To Know To Rent A Car In Cancun, Mexico

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Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal

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Car Rental At Cancun Airport From $6/day

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Renting A Car In Cancun Mexico

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Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal

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An Insider’s Guide To Cancun Airport

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Car Rental At Cancun Airport Terminal

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Best Cancun Car Rental: How To Find It & What To Expect 2023

Other uncategorized cookies are those that are under review and have not yet been classified into a category. As one of the most popular airports in Latin America, Cancun International Airport offers many services, including several car rental companies. All these companies offer different facilities to their customers. If you haven’t unlocked your car at the Cancun airport before your arrival, don’t worry, they will be able to help you, but we recommend that you book your service in advance.

Renting a car offers great benefits like private transportation, you save money, you can move around the city freely, you can make your own trip and you can go all over the state if you want and much more.

By renting your car, there are places you can visit that would otherwise be a little more expensive when you take a tour. Archeological ruins like Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza, La Ruta de Los Cenotes in Riviera Maya, next to the city called Puerto Morelos. It would also be very beneficial to rent a car to visit the cities at your own pace.

The company is very well known in the Yucatan Peninsula. The company works with competitive prices, in addition to offering comfortable and safe units. Among their affordable cars, they have the Chevrolet Beat and the Chevrolet Aveo, but they also have luxury units like the Mercedes-Benz E200, so whatever your budget, there are options for you. Renting a car will be the right decision for you. An excellent car rental option at Cancun Airport.

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My Car Rental Cancun offers one of the best ways to rent a car in Cancun, offering fantastic rates and cars in exceptional condition to ensure you have an enjoyable trip. This local company is available at Cancun Airport at very affordable prices, the units you can choose from are Mini, Compact, Economy, Medium, Full Size, SUV and many more.

Europcar is a world-renowned brand with a fleet of over 1.2 million cars, over 13,000 points of sale and a brand present in 150 countries. At Europcar you can find the latest models from the best brands: Volkswagen, Chrysler, Renault, Toyota, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz and much more. Its fleet ranges from economy, compact and mid-size cars to luxury cars, including SUVs and 4×4 off-roaders.

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