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Cara Daftar Go Car – GoFleet is a new program hosted by Gojek and Astra. GoFleet is a private vehicle rental software that provides Go Car partners with high-quality door-to-door vehicle management solutions.

The advantage of joining Gofleet is the availability of quality Astra vehicles. In addition, you will receive a free subscription service and vehicle registration renewal.

Cara Daftar Go Car

Cara Daftar Go Car

Signing up as a GoFleet member is easy, and there are free insurance premiums to protect your vehicle. Go Car partners will also get a life insurance premium of up to Rs 1 billion.

Cara Daftar Go Car Lewat Online

After officially joining GoFleet, Go Car drivers participate in an approved safe driving program. Another support of Astra is the emergency assistance in 24 hours.

Since Gofleet is new in 2019, there will still be orders to run. Go Fleet lists can be created by active GoCar drivers or potential drivers.

From documents to interviews, there are many requirements that must be met. However, active Go Car drivers are more likely to be accepted as it only takes one business day.

On the other hand, new GoCar drivers must first register with Gojek. To join the Go Fleet program, you must come to the official Go Fleet office. For more information on how to sign up for Go Fleet, see:

Cara Daftar Gojek Terbaru Sebagai Driver Agar Cepat Diterima

For car drivers who do not have a personal vehicle, owning a goflet is actually very easy. For more information, visit You can also contact us at +6281110610333 or via social networks @gofleetidgjk. gocar id/list. The role of a taxi driver in the network cannot be underestimated. We can say that this job is very promising, if you look at the income, which can reach hundreds of thousands a day.

Go-car is one of the services of PT Karya Anak Bangsa Go-Jek, this service provides a four-wheeled passenger shuttle service.

To use Gocar, customers only need to order their services through the Gojek passenger app, which can be installed from Playstore and App Store.

Cara Daftar Go Car

To serve all its customers, Go-Jek provides many Go-Car drivers located in almost all major cities in Indonesia.

Kapan Gojek Buka Pendaftaran Kembali? Simak Di Sini Terbaru 2022

All drivers are recruited by going through testing and training phases to be able to drive well for everyone’s safety and comfort.

So, if you are interested in joining and becoming one of the gocar drivers, see below how to register, everyone can join the registration if they meet the applicable conditions.

First, make sure you have all the requirements for the gocar list above prepared as the registration will be done online, so there are a few documents that need to be uploaded.

If you have already registered through the GJK. id/gocar registration, then you just have to wait until the information passes the check or not. Usually, the notification is sent via SMS to the number that was previously used to register Gocar. Hello, for those of you who want to become an R4 Gocar driver, this time we will share a tutorial on how to register to become an R4 driver. . You already know how to earn a Gocar driver, right?

Gojek Buka Pendaftaran, Silahkan Daftar Sekarang

You must have heard that your friend who once worked as a Gocar driver could borrow a car as long as he paid only to do this profession. Well, it’s simple again, there is a way to register gocar online. Of course, it is very easy for those of us who want to join.

The development of GoCar will continue to increase demand. In addition to safety (security), GoCar services can serve consumers who cannot be served by Goride services, such as groups of guests, take consumers from the same family, even elite people who do not they don’t want to use Goride (motorcycles) because of their. prestige with their customers or long trips that allow consumers to rest on the road.

The Self-Help program is a special program for Gocar users in the form of discounts for car service, rates for mobile communications and insurance premiums.

Cara Daftar Go Car

As with the Goride R2 driver registration, registration with Gocar can be done in two ways, i.e. by going directly to the Gojek operation office in your home or online with the GoPartner app.

Cara Daftar Go Car (online/offline) Yang Paling Benar

Since the Decacorn company is valued at $1 billion, the need for partner drivers continues to grow. Therefore, it is very important that you fulfill the requirements required for registration.

GO-RIDE, you must also complete the GO-CAR registration requirements file. In fact, it is recommended that you first fill out some of the necessary documents to make the registration process easier, either online or later at your nearest GO-JEK office. What are the conditions? Here is an overview:

In addition to meeting the requirements for prospective drivers, online registration with Gocar also requires meeting the vehicle requirements. What are the conditions? Here is the explanation!

Well, if all the requirements for the future driver and the registered vehicle are met, then the next thing you need to know is the GO-CAR registration procedure.

Cara Daftar Menjadi Mitra Gocar (taksi Online) Gojek

To be able to join as a GO-CAR partner driver, it is not difficult. As mentioned before, you can register directly at the nearest GO-JEK office or register with Gocar online. To avoid confusion, here are the steps you can try:

If you want to register directly as a potential GO-CAR driver, you should visit the nearest GO-JEK office. Fortunately, now GO-JEK is distributed in more than 50 cities in Indonesia. You can choose a branch that is close to where you live to make it more efficient. To make everything go smoothly, first prepare all the necessary documents and additional requirements.

Although it seems more satisfying, this way of registering GO-CAR directly in the office requires more energy and time. You also need to be patient in line if there are other potential drivers who arrive first. The GO-JEK employee will not receive your registration file immediately because the verification process is in progress.

Cara Daftar Go Car

If it is complete, you will be contacted again. For a complete list of GO car office addresses in Indonesia, you can read: List of Gocar Office Addresses in Indonesia

Daftar Go Car Bandung

As an online delivery company, GO-JEK clearly makes good use of Internet technology, even in terms of check-in. If you feel that registering for GO-CAR at the nearest GO-JEK office seems inconvenient, you can register for Gocar online instead. Here are the steps:

If the process is correct, the Gocar online registration page will take you to the verification step. GO-JEK will send an SMS to the mobile number you registered in the form of a four-digit code to be filled in the confirmation code column. You only have 60 seconds to enter the code in the app. If so, click the confirmation button.

Some of the fields that must be completed are first name, last name, Gmail email address (Google account), primary phone number, city of work, and reference code if available. For Gmail and the main mobile phone number will be required to access the GO-JEK app.

If all the data in the form have been filled in correctly, then you can check the box I ACCEPT THE TERMS before clicking the Next button.

Daftar Pelanggaran Tata Tertib Gojek

After completing the prospective GO-CAR driver profile page, you will be asked to upload all the necessary documents. Starting from a photo of yourself, SKSK, SIM, KTP to STNK. Upload the existing document files one by one and click the Submit Registration File button. Because there are many documents, so you have to prepare first.

Just like when registering for GO-CAR at the nearest GO-JEK office, this online registration file will also take time to be verified before being contacted by GO-JEK.

Whether you register online or not, you need to be patient and wait for the Gojek call/notification to be sent to you by phone, sms or email, and of course the recruitment of drivers depends on how much quota is taken. at your place.

Cara Daftar Go Car

Only then, if the registration file is declared passed and meets the requirements, you will be asked to come to the office as confirmation of your existence that your status is really active and you are in the area or zone specified according to your domain. all Gocar online registration steps are successful, so congratulations, you are now

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