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Chris Leith Automotive – We’re sure you love a good car show, as much as we do. How about a car show with tricks? Still better, right? The fine folks at Chris Leith Dodge RAM in Wake Forest had a great mid-September Saturday for us. Customers and the public are invited to cruise behind the dealership in their favorite late model or classic car, car friendly; Good food and £10,000; 2000 and 2000 horsepower and 2000 horsepower and 10,000 horsepower Raminator!”

However, you won’t find this RAM truck in any showrooms. You can see it at Chris Leith Automotive in September.

Chris Leith Automotive

Chris Leith Automotive

But before we get to the monster in the room, let’s talk about the cool classics and amazing automotive gadgets featured in the first episode of Chris Leith’s Cruise-In. Most of the cars in attendance were Mopar heritage, as you’d expect at a Mopar-related car dealership car show. Chevys on display; There was a fair selection of Volkswagens and Fiats. (Yes, the Fiat is technically a Mopar, but more like a “brother from another mother,” if you will.)

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Chris Leith Cruise-In Challengers; Chargers and a Viper or two were seen displayed by their owners.

Dodge Charger; Challengers An extremely rare Dodge Magnum HEMI Wagon; A pair of Vipers and a hot-rodded Avenger were on hand for the show. The Wake Forest Police Department displayed some of their special vehicles to honor Chris Leith for his community service, and the entire event was emceed by Chris Leith Dodge RAM Service Manager, Brad Smith. As it turns out, Brad is a good DJ on the other hand. Raminator entertains guests behind the microphone to get everyone pumped up for the compact car smash Raminator’s fascinating array of cars.

The RDU Mopars club took part in the cruise, taking a brief photo next to the Raminator tour trailer.

Kurt Kraehmer is one of the many drivers of the 10,000-pound beast known as the Raminator, who tours this mighty monster truck around the country year-round. This Saturday morning, the crowd saw Kurt and the team throw 2000 horsepower and 2000 horsepower of the truck behind Chris Leith until it hit the car. Kurt is a member of the Monster Truck Racing Association and Hall Brothers Racing, Inc. , has been a Monster Trucks fan since childhood after his father brought home a video of one of the early Monster Truck pioneers. Crushing everything in its path.

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It’s one thing to see monster trucks on TV, it’s another to see them up close with a Chris Leith Dodge Ram, and this late Saturday morning most people won’t be happy about it. Kurt climbed aboard the 10-foot Raminator, checked the gauges, and after getting the okay from his crew chief, fired up the Raminator’s 2,000-plus-horsepower HEMI engine, fueled with racing-alcohol. Shifting gears and throwing a clutch. The Raminator breathed a sigh of relief and let out a puff of smoke as Kurt pointed the truck at the three helpless compact cars destined to be “rescue vehicles”.

All it really takes to defeat all three of the smallest quadrupeds is a spin from the Raminator; But what’s the fun in that? So Kurt launches the Raminator into the air and, using the heavy-duty Chevy Cavalier as a ramp, slams the Raminator’s 66-inch tall tractor tire into the roof of the car until it destroys all three cars. The proverbial pancake flat. Now it’s fun.

Learn more about Raminator at and never miss an upcoming event by bookmarking in your web browser at Chris Leith Automotive.Kia Dealer, New car dealer car dealer store auto repair Auto parts store, auto service store, car dealer. Wake Forest; Raleigh, Serving Louisburg and Hernderson, NC.

Chris Leith Automotive

Are you interested in renewing your lease early? The salesman called from their foreclosure department to say that his rent was too high and he didn’t have to pay the last rent. I said I’ll think about it. I went back and worked with Zac because he wasn’t strong. The existing 2015 lease was exchanged for a new 2018 lease. In other words, they lie. I made the last 2 payments in 2015 just to save my credit rating. After they called corporate they sent me a check for payment but still gave me an extra fee they said I didn’t have to pay.

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This is my third rental with them. They lost a loyal customer for two hundred dollars.

Finally, A car buying experience. We (me, my wife and daughter) went to Chris Leith Kia looking for a special Kia Optima for our daughter. Danny Via is a salesman I know. I have had many bad/terrible car buying experiences; Not a good experience. At first we were nice, but Danny was friendly and professional with us. He was very honest and did not need Fri to recognize and understand his product. We looked at some new Optimas, asked about used ones. Danny didn’t try to push us into a new one, he took us to a used car and really impressed us after finding exactly what he wanted. He went over every square inch of the car with us and focused on my daughter to make sure she understood everything. He went for a test drive and even calculated the price. My feet are cold. You just have to think. He tells Danny he’ll look elsewhere and he says he understands. No pressure. After we went to the next one, Hannah said she wanted to go back to her car. The driver has 2 injuries each. I called Danny and told him to get back in the car. I told him to go first because I was worried about getting scratched. Back in the garage, his car sits and the scratches are gone. After doing the paperwork, he asked if I had any questions and even showed me how to sync his phone to his car. We could not have had a better experience. Sorry about the “ugly” I think he had some bad experiences. He is right. Danny Via is the “bad” car buyer.

Buy a new car? I had a wonderful salesman (John Martin) who gave me a lot of information about deciding whether to buy a used car. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to get the new 2017 Kia Sportage. John is truly an amazing salesman and I appreciate all the knowledge he explains. A very honest and sincere young man. Thanks John for helping me get my new car. Great service at this dealership. John Martin asked.

It turned out to be the best dealership I’ve ever been to. When you’re shopping for a car, everyone wants to sell you crap. But when I arrived at Chris Leith Kia, salesman Gary Irvin assured me that I had a new car with a lower interest rate than the monthly price I wanted. If you want an easy time car shopping, go to Chris Leith at Gary Irvin, save time and control your expectations. What you need to do is that his work is very fast and he covers all the details thoroughly. I love my 2015 Kia Forte and thank God I’m here.

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I did my research…made a reasonable offer…David Lee was a great pressure…whether you want more than what they offer or pressure…simple and easy.. .highly recommended… Drive to Wake Forest and visit Chris Leith Kia :DChris Leith came to Wake Forest in January 1990 to open the doors. He built a team of professionals to serve the people of Raleigh and Wake Forest and the surrounding communities. All of their transportation needs are 3 most important: 1) treat people with respect; 2) Always be fair. 3) Live by your word. Chris prides himself on stocking a large selection of new and used cars and trucks to suit everyone’s needs.

Starting Sunday and running through December 20, the Dodge brand will bring two of its most popular muscle cars to car enthusiasts and Dodge fans in 13 U.S. states. throughout the country. Starting Sunday, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Mich. new2011 Dodge Charger R/Tand new2011 Dodge Challenger

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