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Chris Leith Chevrolet – The Kia Stinger wants to go head-to-head with the German luxury giants, with a price that won’t kill your budget and a warranty that will blow your socks off. Read the rest of this post »

We’re sure you love high-performance driving as much as we do here, but for Episode 10 of Zero To 60TV, we decided to take it a little more casual.

Chris Leith Chevrolet

Chris Leith Chevrolet

You see, we wanted to enjoy all the luxury and technical comforts that the new 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has to offer. We quickly discovered that our test car, the new S560, is your favorite executive plane, without wings. Read the rest of this post »

The Greatest Race?

Although I know, I’ll admit it: I don’t know anything about trucks, lorries, trailers or, frankly, being “dirty and down”. I love spa days and room service, so knowing how to pull like a pro didn’t come naturally to me.

My husband and I recently decided to buy a boat and didn’t know how to get it home with a small sedan attached. I needed more power. We decided to rent a 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty® Lariat that will tow up to 21,000 pounds when used for normal towing. Maybe that was overkill because our boat is 17 feet and doesn’t weigh much, but we wanted to be sure.

I was worried about riding in a big truck, but the F-250 felt like speed in my little Buick. Apple CarPlay kept the navigation and songs working and saved my phone from dying on a 110 volt outlet.

We drove from Raleigh to the Outer Banks where we picked up our boat. I didn’t know it was him

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The Ford F-250 Super Duty® was perfect for a zero-tog experience for someone like me. Its driver assistant and smart technology did most of the work for me. Dynamic Hitch Assist helped me better position the truck to properly hitch the trailer, using the rear-view camera to help me behind. The smart trailer plugin was amazing. After hooking up the trailer, I logged into the truck’s electrical system and the smart trailer connector gave me warnings about the trailer’s hookup, lighting, and battery status. There’s also trailer control that helps reduce road traffic. I could see everything while driving, thanks to the skin control.

When we got the boat back out to sea, I worried about backing it up. The crisis appears to be a backlash against the F-250 trailer. It uses three cameras for multi-view and steering wheel graphics help with trailer support and steering.

The 2017 Ford Super Duty® has been named their Truck of the Year. The car was smooth, the cabin was roomy, and towing was so easy I could even figure it out. That’s saying something.

Chris Leith Chevrolet

Like us, we’re sure you love a good car show. How about a car show? It’s even better, right? On a Saturday in mid-September, the good folks at Chris Leith Dodge RAM were in the shop for us. Customers and the general public are invited to “get in” with their favorite model or classic car in the back of the dealership and enjoy in-car cameras, great food and the 10,000-pound, 2,000-plus horsepower monster of strength Raminator! “

Meet The Larry Hudson Chevrolet Buick Gmc Listowel Staff

You won’t find this RAM car in any showrooms, but you can see it at Chris Leith Automotive in September.

Before we get to the beast in the room, let’s talk about the cool classics and incredible automotive technology on display in the first installment of Chris Leith’s cruiser. Most of the cars in attendance were Mopar heritage, as you’d expect at a Mopar-affiliated auto show. A fair selection of Chevys, Volkswagens and Fiats were also on display. (Yes, the Fiat is technically a Mopar, but more like a “brother from another mother,” if you will).

Chris Leith has had many owners of Challengers, Chargers and a Viper or two at Cruise-In.

There were Dodge Chargers, a Challenger, a very rare Dodge Magnum HEMI Wagon, two Vipers, and even an Avenger hot-wired for the show. The Wake Forest Police Department had several special vehicles on display as Chris Leith honored them for their service to the community, and the entire event was hosted by Chris Leith Dodge RAM Service Manager Brad Smith. So, some really good deejaying by Brad. From behind the microphone, he dismissed the attendees with the highlight of the day, the Raminator compact car rally.

Classic & Sports Car

The RDU Mopars Club also participated in the cruise, taking a moment to take a photo next to the Raminator travel trailer.

Kurt Kreichmer is one of the few drivers of the 10,000 pound beast known as the Raminator and travels the country year round in this powerful animal vehicle. This Saturday morning, the crowd saw Curt and the team, a 2000+ horse behemoth of a truck at Chris Leith. Curt is a member of the Monster Truck Racing Association and a member of Hall Brothers Racing, Inc. works at the company He has been a truck enthusiast since childhood, when his father brought home a video of one of the pioneers of monster trucks, smashing and flipping everything in his path.

Watching monster trucks on TV is one thing, seeing and hearing them up close, Chris Leith’s Dodge Ram in person is another, and the Saturday morning crowd just can’t get enough! When Kurt climbed aboard the 10-foot Raminator, he checked his gauges and after getting the OK with the crew chief, fired up the Raminator’s 2,000+ horsepower HEMI engine, causing the alcohol is even stronger. With a tech change and the block tossed, the Raminator came to life and belched smoke as Kurt steered the truck towards three defenseless compact cars whose fate was sealed as ‘rescue vehicles’.

Chris Leith Chevrolet

All it took was one round of Raminator to destroy the four banners that reduced the three, but what’s interesting about that? So Curt started behind the passenger, lifted the Raminator into the air, used the side of the Chevy Cavalier as a ramp, and drove the Raminator’s 66-inch-tall tractor tires onto the cars roof until that all three crashed. flat as the proverbial pancake. Now that was fun!

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Taking delivery of a new BMW is an unforgettable experience, but can you imagine driving the new car out of the factory in Germany and onto the Autobahn? Tour Europe with us now to find out how a local BMW owner did on their trip to Europe as part of their new car purchase.

Pictured with the new 2017 BMW M3 inside BMW Welt are Leith BMW customer Heath Hayes and his wife.

Delivery to Europe is an option offered by many luxury European brands, including BMW, but you’ve probably never heard of it. This is how it works.

Old Police Vehicles Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

After being delivered to the factory in Munich, it stopped finding great driving routes like the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy.

Visit Leith BMW in Raleigh, choose the BMW model of your dreams (plus all the bells and whistles you like) and choose the European Delivery Program. BMW will give you a 5% discount off the basic recommended retail price, which you can use to plan your trip to the famous Welt factory in Munich, Germany.

Upon arrival in Munich, BMW will direct you to the Premium Lounge reception, where you will be introduced and familiarized with your new BMW. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to hit the open road.

Chris Leith Chevrolet

While in Europe, BMW wants you to see as much as possible. Part of the program is two weeks of insurance and registration, so you can drive your new Beamer all over Europe.

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Just think, it could be you. Presentation of the new BMW at BMW Welt in Munich.

Leave your child on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, cruise the Italian Riviera and hit the freeway at full speed. If you crash or damage your car while there, BMW will build you a new one. (We advise you not to do this, so have fun, but let’s be safe.)

What a way to break in your new BMW while enjoying the beauty of Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps.

When you reach the end of your time in Europe, you

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