Christian Colleges With Engineering Programs

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Christian Colleges With Engineering Programs – Educate and develop disciplined engineers and promote disciplinary knowledge and understanding among students, leading to innovation and success.

Our goal is academic success. To produce strong, socially responsible leaders with ethical and humanistic skills to serve our Mother Earth and the world effectively. Teaching and imparting soft skills and communication skills with a positive attitude to make our students work easily.

Christian Colleges With Engineering Programs

Christian Colleges With Engineering Programs

Welcome to Vins Christian College of Engineering & Vins Christian Women’s College of Engineering. With VINS, get ready to put on the anvil for budding professionals. VINS believes in the power of imagination and creativity. Those who dare to dream of reaching the stars VINS is a philosophy of walking. Welcome to the Vince Christian Group of Engineering Colleges.

List Of Colleges

VINS started its first College of Engineering in 2004 – Vins Christian College of Engineering in Chunkankadai, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District – the tip of India. A renowned businessman and political expert, Mr. Nanjil M Vincent, promoted the project. Through the strength of their determination, hard work and creativity VINS has carved a niche for academic excellence, which is recognized by all involved.

In 2009, VINS established a second Engineering College on its campus – Vins Christian Womens College of Engineering. Both the Engineering Universities are accredited by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University of Technology, Chennai.

A devoted industrialist, he is now devoted to the cause of Technical Education. His favorite goal is to grow his idea Vins Christian College of Engineering as a Model Engineering Institution and one of the best Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu to produce professionals with rich practical knowledge and dedication.

On behalf of the Vins Group of Engineering Colleges, I extend my friendship and best wishes to all.

Computer Engineering Program

Vins Christian College of Engineering has made an epoch in the field of Engineering Education, shining its light and guidance to many engineering seekers far and wide.

The establishment of the college in the year 2004 came as a relief and the fulfillment of a long desire of countless parents who at that time wanted to enroll their children in a protected and structured Engineering.

As the founder of the Vins Group of Colleges, I feel very blessed for the rare opportunity to serve the public in the first half of my life as a politician and in the second half to devote myself to health and development for people who want to study in a society that cares a lot about the poor and the oppressed.

Christian Colleges With Engineering Programs

My vision is to provide knowledge and understanding of diversity among students that will lead to innovation and success and ultimately positions as professional Engineers in the international competitive arena.

Christian College Of Engineering And Technology, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

Vins Engineering College is undoubtedly a college with a difference. He gave himself to a unique and independent task to create a new generation of the best Engineers in education with good morals and human qualities. Being a prominent Engineering college in South Tamil Nadu, Vins is moving forward with great determination towards its goal of getting its name printed among the top five colleges in the overall merit list of the country.

Vins is equipped with a band of talented and qualified teachers with experience and expertise. There is no doubt that international education is reserved for winners.

Vins gave publicity to his students by organizing several international seminars, inviting world-renowned scientists and technologists.

From time to time placement courses are held with a focus on technical skills and communication in English with PhD tutors designated just for this purpose.

Community Christian College

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