Contact Lenses With Prescription

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Contact Lenses With Prescription – Can you convert an eyeglass prescription to a contact lens prescription? The answer is not straightforward, but can be approximated by the peak transformation formula.

Read on to learn the key differences between the two types of glasses and learn how to get the right contact lens prescription for different refractive errors.

Contact Lenses With Prescription

Contact Lenses With Prescription

Although glasses and contact lens prescriptions are similar, there are many differences between the two that can cause changes in visual acuity depending on your refractive error.

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The glasses are placed about 1 cm away from your eyes, and the contacts are placed directly over your eyes. This distinction is important because the perceived power of a lens depends on how close or far the lens is to the eye.

When testing glasses, the lenses are placed about 12-13 mm away from the eye to simulate the distance between the glasses and the eye. Increase the peak distance

Adding more positive power to the lens, while reducing the peak distance adds more negative power to the lens. Because contact lenses are placed directly over the eye, they do not have a crown gap that adds negative power to the lens.

That said, contact lens prescriptions need to be adjusted accordingly, otherwise nearsighted people can end up with too strong contacts and farsighted people can get inadequate lenses. This can cause discomfort, blurred vision and eye strain, which we want to avoid at all costs.

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When you look at an eyeglass prescription and a contact lens prescription side by side, one very obvious difference you’ll notice is the cylinder and axis values ​​in the eyeglass prescription, which you typically won’t find in a contact lens prescription (unless you’re getting a toric or multifocal lens).

Similarly, because contact lenses must be custom-fitted to your eyes, they require specific measurements that are not available in your eyeglass prescription. One of these characteristics can be the base curvature or curvature of the lens based on the shape of the eye. Another would be the diameter or size of the lens, which should also adapt to your eyes.

A handy tool that optometrists use to save time on calculations and eye exams is the peak conversion chart, which contains several numbers for different lens powers. If you are nearsighted, you will see a minus or minus (-) sign on your prescription, but if you are nearsighted, your prescription will have a plus or plus (+) sign.

Contact Lenses With Prescription

Vertex transformation diagrams are very easy to use. You just need to understand where to look and what the columns mean. The “Eyeglass Lens Power” column shows your current prescription power. If this figure is negative, you will convert to the figure on the left side of this column. If the image is positive, your transformed image will be on the right.

Guide To Coloured Contact Lenses

An important thing to know about ceiling conversion charts is that most of them start with an eyeglass prescription of +/-4.00D. The reason they often reject lower lens powers is because the transformed power is not too far from the origin. If the maximum distance conversion formula gives a difference of less than 0.25, it does not make a significant difference in visual acuity. In other words, if your prescription falls within this range, you can get away with using the same strength as your eyeglass prescription. The only exception to this rule is if you have nearsightedness, as differences in corneal shape will require additional measurements.

Now that you know how to get your contact lens prescription using the ceiling conversion chart, you can easily shop a wide selection of contact lenses here. We have clear lenses for those who want to brighten their natural eye color, as well as prescription colored contacts for those who want to change their appearance. Browse our amazing range and find your new favorite pair today. Aqua Black Blue Brown Gold Green Gray Walnut Pink Pink Purple Red Silver White Purple Yellow Solution Box View All

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Contact Lens Prescription

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Contact Lenses With Prescription

These lenses are very unique compared to other products. Please see below and view the images provided before purchasing.

How To Convert A Glasses Prescription To Contact Lenses: Astigmatism

These lenses are not recommended for dark eyes. Because the pigment is transparent (the block is opaque), the color is not visible. Do not buy if the eye color is black.

To best showcase the lens, the product image shows the lens on a light colored eye. If you have dark eyes, don’t expect this change.

The lens design covers both the pupil and the iris for continuous color rendering. It may affect your vision slightly. See diagram for how lens pigmentation works.

We cannot stress this enough. The need to precisely match your prescription is critical with the Enhance Tint range. If we do not stock the prescription strength, base curve, or diameter, do not purchase.

Prescription Solid White Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

The shade enhancement effect works to enhance your existing light eye color by adding a new shade to your eyes. Painted shadows cover the iris and pupil.

With no overpowering natural iris effect, these full-color lenses simply rely on adding a new color to your eyes.

If you are a regular contact lens wearer looking for a new look, they make a great alternative to new colored lenses.

Contact Lenses With Prescription

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Lumeye Yearly Disposable Clear Contact Lenses (2 Pcs)

If you’re a daily contact lens wearer and want to add some color to your look, be sure to check out:

. Aqua Bluecoloration provides a subtle color shift for people with light or similar blue eye color. Try these enhancers to discover your new natural eye color.

These Aqua Blue prescription lenses are available from -0.50 to -5.50 so you can meet your exact prescription needs. If aqua blue isn’t your thing, there are other colors in the Enhance Full Tint range. With a high water content, they offer everyday comfort as a great alternative to regular contact lenses. With aqua tinted contact lenses, you’re sure to enhance your natural style.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend watching our full tint enhancement video to get a real feel for what these contact lenses are all about! In the video you can see how the lenses look when worn on medium brown eyes.

Why Does A Contact Lens Prescription Expire?

Please note: The “tone” aspect of these contact lenses refers only to the color of the lens. This lens does not offer UV protection.

Please note: Enhance full tint contact lenses have a colored pupil that tints your vision. If you want a lens that won’t block your pupil, why not check out our natural contact lens collection?

Resistant lenses have a longer wear life, meaning the lens gets slightly thicker as it wears. The extra thickness maintains the structure of the lens during repeated removal and insertion.

Contact Lenses With Prescription

The lightweight material of regular contact lenses provides the perfect balance between durability and softness. Water content and thin profile provide comfort and hydration during wear.

Reading Your Contact Lens Prescription

Ultra Soft lenses are our thinnest colored contact lenses and have a very high water content. Disposable in nature, these contacts are made of lightweight materials, making them easy to wear.

Corrective lenses are designed to blend in with the natural color of your eyes, not cover them up. The larger clear area of ​​the lens is visible with lens tint that adds shade to your glasses, making your natural color more visible.

Tinted lenses do not show block pigmentation and instead have a clear tint to enhance natural color. Not recommended for dark eyes as your natural color will greatly affect the finished look.

Bright colored contacts offer a true and natural style, but with increased coverage. Layering shades and colors can give greater natural color variation.

I Tried Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses So You Don’t Have To ⋆

Full color contact lenses are opaque and feature a solid, block color design. It is a block color in opaque style

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