Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

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Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca – Cosmetology students practice facial skills on dummies at KHSD’s Regional Vocational Center. East High’s Isabella Escalante applies her cleansing solution, while Ridgeview senior Jasmine Ramirez rubs her massage oil.

Advanced cosmetology teacher Julie Todahl advises students on applying highlights to hair at the cosmetology school at the KHSD Regional Career Center.

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

Students from all over the Kern High School District come to the Mount Vernon District Career Center for the cosmetics program.

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Advanced cosmetology teacher Julie Todahl helps student Hunter Rodriguez mix hair dye in a cosmetology class at the KHSD Regional Career Center.

Independence High student Alicia Ochoa practices headband removal in her cosmetology class at the KHSD Regional Career Center.

Ridgeview student Angelina Gutierrez cuts South High student Pilar Tizoc’s hair during her cosmetology class at the KHSD Regional Career Center.

Independence High student Alicia Ochoa gets a haircut on a model in cosmetology class at the KHSD Regional Vocational Center.

Kern High School District

Western High School’s Jacob Padilla learns how to apply acrylic nails in a cosmetology class at the KHSD Regional Career Center.

On Tuesday, Kern Learn English teacher Julie Burnett held a meeting with cosmetology students to refill their acrylics. In October, she chose a blood-red nail polish to make it spooky. She said the prices are affordable and she enjoys helping her students improve their skills. At the same time, she loves the experience.

Currently, the service menu in the hall of the PRC Cosmetology School includes facials, waxing, manicure and pedicure services. Haircut is next in the curriculum, but it’s not on the menu yet. However, students provide hair colouring, bun, blow dry and other hair services to their family, friends and fellow students and are therefore now open to the public.

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

Arvin High School senior Diana Carreno was spotted on Tuesday by a classmate. Carreno was confident in their skills, but was still a little nervous about dyeing his hair.

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It’s not the first time the new salon, which is still sparkling, is open to the public. The cosmetology program is in its third year as part of a new building complex at the Regional Career Center on Vernon Street, which opened in the fall of 2019. This includes construction, veterinary technology, automotive technology and culinary arts.

But the hall’s opening to the public in February 2020 was short-lived, a month before the pandemic shut down schools.

“We’re being trained like adults here,” said Centennial senior Eve Coontz. “We are all responsible children.”

According to Kuntz, she’s been wearing special effects makeup since fifth grade and has always felt at home in the salon. She hopes to continue learning how to make special effects so she can break into the entertainment industry.

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Coontz said he appreciates that the program has made him a lot of money. Prices vary by school and department, but studying cosmetology can cost students up to $25,000.

According to advanced cosmetology teacher Julie Todahl, the KHSD cosmetology program is a rigorous program that prepares students to pass the state cosmetology board licensing exam. The program is a serious commitment for students: 14 months, 1,600 hours, summer school and many internships. This is where customers come from.

Todahl said management has been generous in giving the program everything it needs to stay relevant on the ground. In addition to the spacious hall, there is a laundry room, closets, a recreation room, classrooms and an aesthetic room. If a student needs help solving a coloring question, Todahl downloads an interactive whiteboard and writes down a formula to help solve the question.

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

Jessica Arevalo, a cosmetology instructor specializing in skin care, said the program covers everything a student in the field needs to know, including hair growth or facial peeling.

Photos: Cars, Canines, And Cosmetology—all In A Day’s Work

The lounge is open from 08:00 to 13:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For an appointment, visit or call 661-396-4918.BAKERSFIELD, CA. — Hall 33 offers an apprenticeship program that allows cosmetology students to obtain a license after 39 hours of study.

“Education 33 is an apprenticeship program where we are trying to attract individuals interested in hairdressing and cosmetology into the industry faster than going to traditional hairdressing or cosmetology school,” said David Herrera of Hall 33.

As an alternative to beauty school, the program allows you to attend classes for eight hours once a week.

“There are a lot of people doing makeup or hairdressing in their garage or home, they don’t have a lot of money, they don’t have time for school, they have families to take care of. It makes them work faster than going to school one day a week and working in a hall,” said Herrera.

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“I was planning to go to college and then I decided that beauty school was what I really wanted to do, so I wanted to go to Milan, but then I discovered 33 studies and realized that it would be a faster and better opportunity for me. It is,” said McKenna, a Education 33 student. Miller.

The deadline for registration for the program is Monday, October 21. The program limit is 25 students. Foothill High School senior Melissa Beltran practices highlighting at the new cosmetology facility at the Regional Career Center on Thursday.

Regional Vocational Center students Jasmin Gonzalez, Anderson Ortiz and Luis Amezeua work on an assembly line Thursday preparing breakfast burritos for their colleagues.

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

Students learn how to make tape and plasterboard at the building trade center at the Regional Vocational Training Center.

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Regional Vocational Center students Ruth Howell and Guillermo Borges learn how to decorate and display strawberries in the culinary show.

A few months ago, construction crews were working on drywall, lighting fixtures, and plumbing at Kern High School District Regional Career Center’s newest learning centers.

Students now gain hands-on skills “in the classroom” leading to careers in cosmetology, culinary arts, veterinary technician, automotive and construction trades.

Rows of salons, manicure and pedicure stations complete the cosmetology center with three aesthetic beds. Miller said 75 seniors are enrolled in the program and have completed 1,600 hours of training to pass the state exam to become a beautician.

Full List Of Accredited Cosmetology Schools

“They spent the first five to six months of training in the classroom working on each other, on the mannequin heads, and acquiring the skills they need to start working on clients,” she said. “Now the last two-thirds of their training is mostly spent running the hall.”

On Thursday, some students used mannequins to apply foil highlights, while others painted nails. Students also gain customer service experience by managing the front desk.

Alexis McCune said that being the first group of students was a trial and error process, but learning different skills was well worth it.

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

“Very intense,” McCune said of the curriculum, which includes learning about different hairstyles, coloring processes, and facial and nail care. “We’re just going with it, trying to make things work, and if we don’t, we have to find new ways.”

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The hall will be opened to visitors after the ribbon cutting at 10:00 on Wednesday. From Thursday, friends and family members of the students can benefit from the services on the same day with regular meetings. Various salon products are also sold.

Appointments can be made at or by calling 396-4918. The hall is open from 8:00 to 13:00. Tuesday to Friday.

Unlike other new training centers, culinary students have been stepping into their own kitchens for the past month as construction work has been going on. However, they did not waste any time preparing the breakfast and Valentine’s Day special desserts on Thursday.

Students divide their time into three parts: cooking, bakery and restaurant management. At the Culinary Lab led by Chef Justin Casey, students began selling their delicious meals at the student buffet. They were making scrambled eggs, sausage and chips for their Thursday morning breakfast burritos. With the help of baker Saira Ovalles, the young bakers prepared cupcakes and chocolate and vanilla-covered strawberries in a romantic mood.

How To Become A Licensed Cosmetologist

ROC Cafe and Bakery is run by students where they learn customer service skills alongside their culinary training. Miller hopes to go public in April.

Most students in the program are already in love with the culinary arts, but this experience provides a deeper insight into possible careers.

“I wanted to learn how to learn new recipes, learn to make something from scratch, correct mistakes that I would have made if I was cooking at home,” said Senior Arelly Navarro.

Cosmetology Schools In Bakersfield Ca

The Veterinary Technology program was a rebuilding project, and students now manage a fully operational animal hospital that will soon open to basic veterinary and care services.

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Three instructors—veterinarians and a veterinary technician—help students navigate the program. The institution’s reception, three examination rooms, pharmacy, wet and

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