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Day Soft Contact Lenses – The switch to could not be easier. Select your current brand from the drop down menu on the order page and you will be presented with SILK.

When shopping for contact lenses, it’s important to get great value and take care of your eye health. We provide you with the perfect balance of comfort, health and convenience at a low price.

Day Soft Contact Lenses

Day Soft Contact Lenses

Try it for a great price or because the higher spec lenses have UV inhibitors and a rounded edge for extra comfort.

Zeiss Contact Day 30 Toric 6 Pack

Switch because you want all the comfort, convenience, and eye care benefits that only daily disposables can provide, but at a similar price point to what you’re already paying.

Avoid the mechanical complications associated with silicone materials and enjoy all the proven benefits of daily disposables.

Are you wondering if you can replace your current brand? Select your lens brand from the drop-down menu on the “Order Now” page and SILK will be recommended to you.

I have been using my daily soft lenses for a few weeks now and I can say that they are very comfortable and easy to use, much more so than the clear monthly lenses that I used in the past. I wore contact lenses for most of my adult life and switching to daily disposables instead of monthly was no big deal.

Sofmed Contact Lenses By America’s Best Contacts

Below you’ll see just a few of the brands that users have switched to. A complete list of over 200 brands will appear in a drop-down list during the “Order Process”.

SILK contains hyaluronan, a natural eye lubricant that can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, keeping your eyes hydrated all day long.

Both of our lenses are available for the same price, and every purchase is backed by our money-back promise. This means you can try the ® lenses and get your money back if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Day Soft Contact Lenses

All orders are processed the same or next working day and sent from Scotland via Royal Mail. Please allow 10-14 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) for delivery to Australia.

Proclear 1 Day 90er Pack Bei Abele Optik

For faster, trackable service, we offer express shipping via DHL. Orders are shipped the same or next business day. You will receive your tracking number via email, which will also confirm your shipment. Please allow 3 business days for contact lenses to arrive. Most ODs can list all the missing items in their contact lens supply line. They can create a wish list of products they would like to see available in the future. In the days of searching for a contact lens trial room, ODs may think that technology moves too slowly. Maybe it’s time for some much-needed perspective.

Considering that it took more than 400 years for Leonardo da Vinci’s contact lens concept to come to fruition, it’s easy to see how quickly the ophthalmology industry can incorporate new technology and expand the category.

There are many advanced ODs in our profession who are not afraid to be early adapters, but the early adopter phase is over. It’s time to welcome an approach that will benefit our patients, our practice, and our industry more.

It took 16 years (from 1971 to 1987) to transition from the first soft contact lens to the disposable soft contact lens in the US market. In 1996, the first disposable soft (DD) contact lenses (Acuvue, Johnson & Johnson Vison Care) were introduced.

Choosing Between Types Of Contact Lenses. Doctor Ophthalmologist Holding In Hands One Day Soft Contact Lenses And Reusable Contact Lenses. Myopia And Stock Photo

It took 31 years to make major advances in the oxygen permeability of the soft lens. In 2002, Alcon released the first silicone hydrogel contact lens – Focus Night & Day.

Eight years later, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has expanded sihi technology into everyday use with Acuvue TruEie. In 2017, we now have eight disposable contact lenses on the market.

Looking ahead, the pace of development of DD contact lenses is encouraging. Using the new generation of lenses available to us today, the possibilities for future technology are endless.

Day Soft Contact Lenses

By equipping our patients with the latest technologies, we create demand for such technology in the market. This acquisition provides contact lens companies with the financial resources they need to reinvest in research and new product development. It also sets an encouraging precedent for OD to advance, and we are not afraid to incorporate them into our practice.

Infuse One Day 90 Contact Lenses

I remember when the first dry lens came out and the price tag associated with it. The same sticker shock was repeated with the first sihi DD. ODs have a reputation for being cost-effective for their patients. I’ve heard doctors say, “Patients won’t pay for this!” I often hear it said that, in fact, patients pay for the latest technology and benefits — which allows us to expand our arsenal.

My experience is that over 90 percent are daily disposables, and the majority of patients have dry lenses. Clean, fresh, moist lenses with high oxygen permeability every day are essential for health and comfort. It’s not just our job to bring this to patients, it’s our job to help move the field forward.

There are a few early adopter ODs who confidently suggest to patients what they want to wear and why. Then there are many ODs that are released – when the product is proven and stays there.

Any market analysis shows that customization and consumption trends have changed over the past decade. The DD market is growing and has the highest growth trajectory of any other method.

Bausch And Lomb Soflens Daily Disposable Toric Day Lenses, Toric Contact Lenses, Soft, 30 Pieces Bc 8.6 Mm / Dia 14.2 / Cyl 0.75 / Axis 160 / 5.25 Dioptres

Let’s take a look at some of the new DD lenses and how they compare to the historical giants.

There are many ways to order instant DD, but the best value is probably Dk. There are currently three DD SiHi lenses with a Dx of at least 100.

The highest Dk lens is Alcon’s Dailies Total 1 (delfilcon A), with a Dk value of 140. Alcon Dailies Total 1 boasts the world’s only water gradient lens.

Day Soft Contact Lenses

The core consists of 33 percent water, but there is no silicon on the surface, the amount of water is more than 80 percent. Its spherical powers are available between -12.00 D and +6.00 D. Although it does not have a toric design, the Dailies Total 1 is available in a near-centered multifocal design from -10.00 D to +6.00 D with low, medium, or high blends. Available base curves are 8.5mm or 9.0mm.

Bausch Und Lomb Ultra One Day Spherical Day Lenses, Premium Soft Contact Lenses, Pack Of 90

Acuvue’s latest sihi DD release wholesale prices Oasis 1-Dai (delfilcon A; Dk 103) Dailies Total 1. The water content of Oasis 1-Dai is 38 percent. Power ranges from +0.50 D to +8.00 D, and base curves are 8.5 mm or 9.0 mm.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care’s original dry release TruEye (narafilcon A) has similar values, a Dk of 100, a water content of 46 percent, and a spherical power of -12.00 D to +6.00 D.

As ODs, we know there is more to comfort and vision than just materials and statistics.

When Johnson & Johnson Vision Care launched TruEye in 2010 as the first Sihi DD, its claim to fame was clear. Five years later, the company created the improved sihi DD lens by increasing the optics and diameter (increasing from 0.1 mm to 14.3 mm) to provide better scotopic vision. The Oasis 1-Dai has HydraLuke technology built in to create a more comfortable ‘tear lens’.

Soflens Daily Disposable < Contact Lenses

CooperVision’s Dk 100 MiDai is a stenfilcon A lens with 54 percent water and available from -12.00 D to +8.00 D. The material uses smart silicone – which, according to the company, maximizes the permeability of the lens. With only 4.4 percent silicon, MiDai can hold more water, which is known to improve patient comfort.

Clarity 1 day DD is the last sihi. Although the Dk/t is quite low at 60, CooperVision says the material (somophilcon A) allows for “100 percent corneal oxygen consumption.” It is offered at a price that matches or exceeds some traditional HEMA DD lenses.

Clarity 1 dai DD lenses are also available in toric and near-center multifocal designs. This makes clariti the only dry DD lenses that you can prescribe without combining OD marks or removing them entirely.

Day Soft Contact Lenses

There are also several non-silicone hydrogel DD lenses that have proven their worth. Despite the low permeability of oxygen, these lenses have some advantages. They often have a better price and availability of options (toric and multifocal) because they have been on the market for a long time.

Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Daily/1 Day Color Contact Lenses (30pcs)

If you don’t currently have a DD, contactless disposable lenses are an easy way to get started. Each of the big four contact lens companies has a traditional DD lens. Fortunately, all four brands now have multifocal versions, and three of the four brands have toric designs.

Bausch + Lomb’s Biotrue, Biotrue ONEdai for presbyopia, and Biotrue ONEdai for astigmatism have the highest Dk (42) and highest water content (78%) of the non-SiHi lenses. Alcon’s

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