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Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You – SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – JULY 15: Yeesung of South Korean boy group Super Junior attends the press conference for SM Entertainment Super Junior’s 10th Anniversary Special Album ‘Devil’ at SMtown Theater on July 15, 2015 in Seoul, South … [+] Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-gu/WireImage)

South Korean musician Yesung has enjoyed a career longer than most artists dream of, and despite it all, things only seem to be getting better with time for the superstar.

Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You

Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You

This week, Yesung scored his first single with his latest EP, No. 1 on the Village Albums Chart.

Super Junior’s Yesung Shares An Adorable Throwback Snap

The Gaon Albums Chart ranks the best-selling full-length albums, EPs, and singles albums in South Korea each week by looking at how many copies have been shipped to stores.

This is Yeesung’s fifth single release, and all five of his projects have now cracked the top 10 on the Village Albums chart. His only independent feature, 2019

Of course, while Yesung’s solo career has been prolific and vibrant with multiple performances, working with more than one group has sent him into the stratosphere. Aside from his mandatory military service, the musician has now been a part of Super Junior since its formation in 2006, during which time the group has recorded an incredible amount of material. With the group, Yesung has now entered the top 10 on the Village Albums chart with 14 different projects. Of that amount, eight have reached No. 1, including their recent comeback.

More Than Shiny’s Taimin, Super Junior’s Yeseung & Ellie: Biggest K-Pop Solo Release Coming in May by Hugh McIntyre

Super Junior K.r.y.

As if that wasn’t enough music to sustain a full career, YESUNG is also involved in two sub-units of Super Junior and another group that was also involved in the larger act. The only EP released as part of Super Junior-H

In 2008. Super Junior-KRY (featuring the three main group members), he and his fellow musicians reached #1 on the Village Albums chart last year with their first EP.

As one of the members of SM The Ballad, a ballad project put together by SM Entertainment

Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You

Looking at his entire musical repertoire, Yesung has reached number one on the album chart with 12 different titles.

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The song’s title track, which serves as the lead single, did not make much of a commercial impact in South Korea, completely missing the Gaon Digital Chart and only charting at #26 on the Gaon Downloads Chart.

More From BTS, NCT Dream, Highlight, Ones and TXT: Biggest K-Pop Boy Band Release Coming in May Hugh McIntyre Super Jr. (Korean: ; RR: Syupeo Junieo; stylized with capital letters), also known as SJ or K. Also known as. SuJu is a South Korean boy group formed in 2005 by SM tertainmt founder Lee Soo-man. He is also called the “King of Heli Wave” by the media because of his great contribution to Korean Wave.

Super Junior Curtly consists of 10 members including leaders Leeteuk, Hechul, Yeesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghe, Siwon, Ryowook and Kyuhyun. Originally a 12-member group, Han Jiji, Kibum, and Kangin left the group in 2011, 2015, and 2019, respectively, before Kyuhyun joined in 2006.

Super Junior gained international recognition in 2009 after the release of their best-selling single “Sorry, Sorry”, the title track from their critically acclaimed album Sorry, Sorry.

Super Junior Discography

Over the years, they have split into smaller groups and targeted different music industries and listeners. Members have also established their own affiliates in hosting, print and individual operations. Their success and popularity as a versatile tertainmt led to other Korean tertainmt managements also starting to train their bands in other aspects of the tertainmt industry.

Super Junior was the best-selling K-pop artist for four consecutive years. The group has earned thirty music awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, nineteen at the Gold Disc Awards, and is the second vocal group after JTL in 2003 to win Favorite Artist Korea at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards.

In March 2020, Super Junior broke their own record on Taiwan’s KKBOX’s Korean Album Chart for 122 consecutive weeks since 2017 with their 8th album Play, 2018’s 8th album Repackage REPLAY, 2019’s 9th album Time_Slip, and 9th album Time_Slip. Timeless. ,

Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You

In 2000, SM tertainmt held its first overseas audition in Beijing 101, China and recruited Han Jiji who auditioned against three thousand applicants.

Make Photos With Yesung (super Junior) Apk For Android Download

That same year, Leeteuk, Yeesung, and Eunhyuk were recruited after auditioning for the annual play system in Seoul. Sungmin and Donghe became apprentices after winning first place together in a competition sponsored by SM in 2001. In 2002, Heichul and Kangin were recruited along with Kibam, who were discovered by AGT casting in Los Angeles, California. Sivon became an apprentice in 2003 after being a scout. Shindong became an apprentice in 2004. Ryowook won the Chin Chin Youth Festival singing competition in 2004 and became an apprentice just two months before debuting in 2005.

Kyuhyun W joined the group in 2006 after placing third in the 2005 Chin Chin Youth Festival.

In early 2005, Lee Soo-man announced that he was preparing an all-boy project group of twelve members that would begin at the end of the year. He called this singing group “Gateway to Asia’s Stardom”.

Because most of the members of this group were chosen because of their experience as actors, MCs, models and radio hosts before their debut. Hechul and Kiboom were already established actors at the time, and most of the other members had already made various appearances on television and in the media.

Super Junior’s Yesung Scores His First Solo No. 1 Album In Korea

Inspired by Japanese girl group Morning Musume’s rotating concept, Lee stated that her new group will also undergo lineup changes, with new members replacing selected members every year to keep the group young and versatile. The concept was recently introduced to the K-pop market. They are also inspired by the Japanese boy band SMAP, which is active as an actress and traveler in addition to singing.

For a while it was rumored that the group would be called O.V.E.R, which is an acronym for “follow the voice to each beat”.

But before the group settled on their name Kurt, the company referred to them simply as Juniors, a re-evaluation of the members’ youth when they first became SM apprentices.

Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You

After the members showed off their various talents to the company at the picnic, the company finalized their group name for Super Junior, and the first generation of Super Juniors officially became Super Junior 05.

Brave Girls And Highlight Dominate Two Gaon Charts Each + Super Junior Yesung Tops Gaon Album Chart

She showcased a variety of hip-hop dance styles at the showcase, where she danced to B2K’s “Take It to the Floor.” Han Jiji, Eunhyuk and Donghe also danced together to Usher’s “Caught Up”. However, the performance was not televised until May 16, 2006, as a segment on Super Junior, the group’s first television documentary.

The group officially debuted on November 6, 2005, performing their debut single “Twins (Knocked Out)” at SBS’s Popular Songs concert. “Twins (Knocked Out)”, a digital single featuring “You’re the One”, and three additional tracks were released online on November 8, followed by their debut album Twins on December 6, 2005. The album sold 28,536 copies in the first month of release and debuted at number three on the monthly charts in December 2005.

In February 2006, Super Junior 05 began performing for “Miracle”, the second promotional single from their debut album. “Miracle” topped the Thai music charts and attracted the interest of international markets.

He was later invited to perform at the Pattaya Music Festival in Thailand in March 2006, his first overseas performance.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Drops A Beautiful Music Video For His New Single Together

As a promotion for “Miracle”, SM Tertenmaet has started recruiting new members for the second generation of Super Junior, Super Junior 06. The company has compiled a list of some of the members who are expected to graduate from the group. However, the company abandoned the rotation concept in 2006 after adding a third member, Kyuhyun. The group became known simply as Super Junior, without the “05” suffix.

After the addition of Kyuhyun, Super Junior released their single “You” on May 25, 2006 for free download on their official website. “U” surpassed 400,000 downloads within five hours of its release and eventually crashed the servers, surpassing 1.7 million downloads.

The three-track physical single “U” was released on June 6 and has sold over 81,000 units in South Korea.

Download Video Yesung It Has To Be You

The single topped two of Korea’s top music shows for five consecutive weeks and became one of Korea’s most popular songs.

Yesung, A Member Of South Korean Boy Band Super Junior, Attends A News Conference Promoting Their New Album ‘mr. Simple’ At A Hotel In Seoul August 4, 2011. Reuters/truth Leem (south Korea

By the end of the year, Super Junior had won Save Awards at five of South Korea’s top music awards and was one of three winners for Best Newcomer at the 21st Golden Disc Awards.

In late 2006, Kyuhyun, Ryowook and Yeesung formed Super Junior’s first sub-unit, Super Junior-KRY. formed a subgroup They introduced their first single, “The One I Love”, the lead song.

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