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Expat Insurance Indonesia – The world’s largest island nation, we take a closer look at life as an expat in Indonesia.

The Republic of Indonesia consists of more than 13,000 islands, with the islands located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Expat Insurance Indonesia

Expat Insurance Indonesia

Indonesia offers many cultural and natural highlights for expats, with its diverse ethnic and linguistic groups – approximately 700 languages ​​and dialects spoken by 255 million people – and its world-famous beaches and volcanoes.

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Most expats choose to live in the vibrant capital Jakarta, a fast-growing megalopolis at the economic, cultural and political heart of Indonesia.

The Mercer Quality of Life Survey 2016 ranked Indonesia 142 out of 221 cities evaluated in terms of quality of life factors including political, economic, environmental, personal safety, health, education, transportation and other public service factors.

With the island spread over an area of ​​5200 km, access to services will vary depending on your location.

Regardless of location in Indonesia, most expats find that it takes some time to adapt to countries with tropical climates. There are two monsoon seasons, the eastern season from June to September, which is usually very hot and humid, and the western season from December to March, which sees heavy rains.

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Food is an important part of Indonesian culture, from the many food stalls that serve delicious but cheap street food to the fine restaurants of Jakarta, Indonesia offers a rich and varied dining experience.

Outdoor living and sports are well-provided in Jakarta, with public parks providing sports facilities. Indonesia’s abundant coastline and sunny climate make participation in outdoor sports and water activities possible during the dry season.

In general, the dynamic cultural and ethnic mix makes Indonesia an attractive destination for expats to work and live.

Expat Insurance Indonesia

The standard of education for expatriate children in Indonesia is high, providing a good choice of international schools according to the international curriculum.

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There are nine years of compulsory education in Indonesia, six years of Sekolah Dasar (primary school) and three years of Sekolah Menengah Pertama (secondary school).

With a significant expatriate population, Jakarta has many international schools that provide primary and secondary education. Outside of Jakarta, international schools have spread. It is important for expat families to research school options before settling in a location.

Embassy schools – offer home country curriculum. Essentially, embassy schools are what we often know as international schools, but schools in Indonesia cannot use “international” in their name.

SPK School (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama) – This school offers the International Baccalaureate but also includes some of Indonesia’s national curriculum. SPK schools must have a direct relationship with overseas schools or educational authorities. SPK schools are often a cheaper alternative to embassy schools.

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Overall, the cost of living in Indonesia is quite low, mainly because expats tend to have higher salaries than many locals.

The cost of living in Jakarta is higher than in other parts of the archipelago, especially for accommodation in central Jakarta.

Medical care facilities in Indonesia are ranked lower than developed countries and the health care system is considered one of the poorest in ASEAN countries. Usually specialized health care is not available outside the major cities.

Expat Insurance Indonesia

While expats living in larger urban areas or developed islands in Indonesia will find health care services readily available, those in rural areas have limited access to health care.

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All medical facilities in Indonesia are available to expatriates. However, expats are not covered under any of the government’s health programs, and require private medical insurance or pay for any treatment.

For expats living in Indonesia, a good international health insurance plan is essential to ensure continued access to quality healthcare and avoid expensive medical expenses. When considering health insurance options, expats living in Indonesia should consider including repatriation plans, the country’s geography makes it difficult to reach people in remote locations.

For expats considering moving to Indonesia for work or study, the latest advice and information on visa requirements and regulations can be obtained by visiting the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs here. Retirement in Indonesia

Indonesia’s warm climate attracts retirees from colder climates. While many come to stay for one month on a tourist visa, there are now ways to stay longer on a pensioner visa. Other important issues related to retirement are property purchase, Indonesian income tax and medical treatment.

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A retirement visa allows you to live in Indonesia, make multiple trips out of Indonesia during the year, open a local bank account, and get a driving license, etc. You are legally allowed to work remotely with companies in other countries with this Visa.

“How to Retire in Bali” – as the title says is a comprehensive guide to retirement in Bali. This guidebook covers all the important information you need to know before considering moving to Bali, such as visas, health care, insurance, buying property, finding accommodation and adapting to life in Bali. The book includes interviews with retirees who have moved to Bali. You can learn from the experience and gain a better understanding of what life in Bali is really like, rather than just visiting the island for a vacation.

The Department of Immigration has issued long-awaited revisions to regulations that allow temporary residence permits to be granted to people over 55 years of age. The facility to provide a residence permit that can be renewed for one year was initially announced and regulated in February 1998 and the law has undergone subsequent revisions and clarifications in the regulations.

Expat Insurance Indonesia

In the first few years after the regulations were issued, few true pensioners were able to obtain visas due to strict records. Subsequent revisions brought the requirements closer to the financial capabilities of more retirees.

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Short-term second home visa – Update May 2022: The government plans to replace the previous pensioner visa with a “second home” / KITAS visa. Our understanding is that even if we do not need a sponsor, the applicant must have a certain amount. Valid as a warranty.

The government’s intention is that pensioners can live in Indonesia for only 3-4 months a year (during the winter season in their country) and it can be applied for 5 years and can be renewed for 5 years. Applicants must show evidence of Rp 2 billion for individuals or Rp 2.5 billion for families.

This has not been finalized and we will post more information as we get it. We are not sure if the second home and past retirement visa will be offered.

The retirement visa facility is intended to help those who wish to spend their retirement in Indonesia and meet the following requirements:

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If only one spouse is eligible for a retirement visa, that person can be a sponsor for the eITAS (semi-permanent residency index – dependent visa index 317) for the dependent spouse who does not qualify. For example, if he is not 55 years old. In other words, both spouse applicants do not have to be 55, only one.

You can enter first on a visitor visa and after a month apply for a limited stay permit (ITAS). But you need to leave the country, most commonly to Singapore, to complete the new visa process.

Retirement agencies are appointed by the Department of Tourism and the Directorate General of Immigration for the purpose of sponsoring and processing retirement visas for foreigners.

Expat Insurance Indonesia

Your application must be done by a licensed agency that can advise you on gathering all the necessary documents. The agency is your “sponsor” and the agency must submit the application. You cannot submit your pension visa application yourself. Although there are many stories floating around the community/internet about the shortcut process with incomplete documentation, this can damage your status or future updates, so it is not recommended!

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Various companies offer services to act as coordinators for seniors and must sponsor all those who apply for this visa facility. One of them is Formality Cannabis. In the price negotiation, just explain what documents you will get. Sometimes the rate is higher, but it helps you get the additional documents you need beyond ITAS, such as SKTT, STM / Resort Police Report.

Please note that Ministerial Decree No. M.04-IZ.01.02 YEAR 1998 and subsequent regulations M.07-IZ.01.02 YEAR 2006, effective on August 31, 2006, limit the right to a pension visa for the following citizens:

That’s from the US

492-UM.01.10, April 18, 2002 will receive a scientific visa and a chemical immigration visa for scientific relations with us.

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Edit RI No. June 31, 2013 Edit Center Edit June 6, 2011 Middle Migration – Indonesian – English translation.

After you receive written communication that your visa has been approved, you must take it to the nearest Indonesian consular office (at the consulate)

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