Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

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Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working – Here is the truth. 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy. They come to your site, wander around a bit, then leave. The worst part. Most people forget about your site as soon as they close the tab. So how do you remind your website visitors about your eCommerce store and keep them engaged until they’re ready to become customers? Are you using Facebook Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting is a type of online advertising that brings back website visitors who did not convert on their first visit to your online store. When you visit our online store, a cookie is placed on your browser. Cookies allow us to recognize and track store visitors when they visit other websites and serve ads to those people.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

Facebook is a great channel for retargeting. It’s easy to set up, and your website visitors will likely be among the 2 billion people who actively use Facebook, giving you the opportunity to walk where your potential customers already are.

How You Can Use Retargeting On Google And Paid Social Media

Many brands use retargeting. Some brands take full advantage of this. So today I’m going to show you one of the basic retargeting strategies that is incredibly effective and that anyone can copy and paste into their business.

This 3-step strategy outlines the process by which each visitor is retargeted within 14 days of their visit, with constantly changing messages over time.

Before you begin, you must have a Facebook Ads account up and running for this article to be useful. This means that you must install a Facebook pixel to track website traffic and main website events (such as purchases).

Once your Facebook account is ready and the tracking code is installed, you can start retargeting your visitors.

Facebook Ads Retargeting: How To Do Retargeting On Facebook

Many visitors come to your site and may be interested in making a purchase, but leave empty-handed. Sometimes it’s confusing, sometimes it’s bad timing, but mostly because I prefer desktop shopping to mobile.

Let me explain. For many websites, mobile users generate nearly half of the traffic, but on average, only 1 in 5 online shoppers actually complete a transaction on their smartphone.

So while mobile shopping is on the rise, the percentage of users who buy something on their mobile phones is still much lower than on their computers.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

In other words, I often find something interesting while browsing my phone and come back to my computer later. If you don’t have any motivation, you won’t actually go back.

Of The Most Common Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering & How To Fix Them

If people tend to visit your website on mobile rather than shop on mobile devices, consider running desktop-only retargeting ads.

Go to Google Analytics and check Audience → Mobile → Overview. Pay attention to your mobile conversion rate and percentage of total revenue from mobile users. If desktop users significantly outnumber mobile users, consider turning off ads on mobile devices.

Mobile users generate more than half of this online store’s monthly traffic, but less than 18% of conversions come from smartphone users. Meanwhile, desktop users generate 41% of traffic, while these visitors account for 64% of revenue.

Note: Not sure how to make your Facebook post look like the one above? Try using a Facebook post generator like Placeit.

How To Create Retargeting Ads On Facebook

One study found that people interact more often with something familiar than with something completely new. That means that in a crowd of unknown ads and other types of content, people’s attention is drawn and automatically drawn to what they already know.

However, you are more likely to get their attention by showing your visitors products they were previously interested in through your ad. A type of ad that is automatically displayed, making these ads particularly relevant and effective.

To run Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads, you must first upload your product catalog. Here’s how to do it step by step.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

Some people abandon their carts simply because they change their mind or want to see if there is a better offer.

Rules For Writing Effective Retargeting Facebook Ads

In fact, according to research by Statista, more than a quarter of online shoppers admit to abandoning their cart because they changed their mind. Meanwhile, 36% stopped checking out because they found a better deal elsewhere.

To win these customers back, offer cart abandoners something to make their purchases worthwhile. Some online stores offer discount codes for a limited time. Statistics show that this tactic works. 54% of people would buy abandoned products again if they were offered a discount.

Discounts work like magic, but there are other ways to bring back buyers without lowering your prices. For example, you can highlight free shipping, offer giveaways, or offer free product samples with every purchase. People love free stuff. Especially if it’s a brand you’re interested in.

Create an audience of visitors from the last 7 days by choosing ☰ → Audience → Create Audience → Custom Audiences → Website Traffic → All website visitors in the last 7 days.

How To Create A Retargeting Campaign

Additionally, create an audience of recent buyers by selecting the event whose purchases you want to track ☰ → Audiences → Create Audience → Custom Audiences → Website Traffic → [From Your Events].

Note: A different recommended return window is offered for each product. It depends on whether you’re selling products (such as clothing) or more durable goods (such as annual subscriptions).

Go to Ads Manager → Create Campaign → Select “Product Catalog Sales” as your marketing objective (if you’ve previously created a product catalog on Facebook, select “Conversions” as your marketing objective).

Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

Once you’ve defined the rest of your targeting parameters, such as location, gender, and age, it’s time to create your ad.

Ecommerce Facebook Strategy: How Effective Are Facebook

In some cases, there are factors that turn potential buyers away from the time and type of device they are purchasing. Statistics show that 83% of online shoppers need help completing a purchase, but less than half actually try to answer their questions.

One way to do this is through Facebook Messenger Ads, or more precisely, Facebook Messenger Destination Ads. These ads encourage people to connect with brands and direct them to Facebook Messenger. This makes this type of customer service more proactive than email or phone support.

In other words, Facebook Messenger advertising is your chance to become more personal by starting a one-on-one conversation with your customer, answering their questions and concerns, and ultimately selling your product.

That said, two days after a retargeting campaign that targeted all visitors in the last 7 days, we should add a campaign that targets visitors who are hesitant to make a purchase. Scroll through your feed and catch people providing services to customers.

How To Retarget On Facebook In A Post Ios14.5 World

The tricky thing about Facebook is that you can only operate within predefined targeting options. For example, you can target users who have visited your site within a specified time period (last 7 days, 30 days, etc.), but you still don’t have the ability to target repeat visitors who have visited your site multiple times. . I haven’t finished my purchase yet.

To find visitors who need help with their purchases, you should look for other signs of hesitation. For example, you can specifically target visitors who have spent the most time browsing your site. Additionally, you can add people who have visited specific pages on your site, such as FAQs, terms and conditions, or pricing pages.

By targeting users who spend a lot of time on your site or have activities that directly indicate they need help, they may be very interested in your product but gain an audience of users who need your help.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

In addition to the audience created in step 1 of this article, create an audience of visitors and homepages who have visited a specific support webpage (FAQ, Terms of Service, Pricing page, etc.) in the last 7 days. Visitors by time spent on your site.

Facebook Extends Dynamic Ad Retargeting To Real Estate Listings

Go to ☰ → Audience → Create Audience → Custom Audience → Website Traffic and follow the steps in the following video.

Go to Ads Manager → click on “Create Campaign” → Select “Traffic” as your marketing objective and select “Messenger” as your destination in the next step.

In the Audience section, choose to include the top visitors by time in addition to the predefined audience that visited a specific web page. Then click Exclude to select recent buyers.

How to implement Facebook Retargeting Ads. Step 3 Engage with visitors who aren’t (yet) ready to buy

Best Facebook Ad Examples You Should Swipe For Your Campaign

Some marketers say that visitors who haven’t bought anything in seven days don’t buy at all.

Note that “not buying” does not automatically mean “not interested”. Some visitors may not be ready to convert yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in buying something in the future.

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Facebook Retargeting Ads Not Working

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