Financial Aid For Catholic Schools

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Financial Aid For Catholic Schools – Scholarships for MACS students are determined by grade level and Catholic membership. Families who are active members of our Catholic Church receive lower tuition due to the financial support of these street schools.

All other revenues help fund the school system, including alumni and private donations, fundraisers, club income, business sponsorships, food service, the Wisconsin Parents’ Choice program, child care and manuscript gift card programs. Third-party support accounts for 44% of our current budgeted revenue, which includes the Chippewa Falls 4K program.

Financial Aid For Catholic Schools

Financial Aid For Catholic Schools

We make every effort to ensure that families receive a Catholic education regardless of parish affiliation. All income-based families can apply for financial aid by completing a confidential application. Each family completes an application directly to FACTS Assistance and Assistance Assessment Services. There is a small fee to complete this application. FACTS will evaluate the application and forward the evaluation to the MACS Central Office, who will then review the results and notify the family by letter if eligible. The applicant family may request to meet with the MACS Chair to discuss the results of the FACTS assessment and review all financial options. This process is confidential and private.

Tuition Transfer Credit

Provides assistance to families who apply for financial assistance. We have set aside $130,000 for scholarships for the next academic year. About 23% of our families receive financial assistance from this fund.

Families purchase Scrip gift cards at participating retailers from the school system’s central office. Half of the proceeds go to current or future homeschooling, parish education, or our MACS scholarship fund. The other half goes to our school.

Late applications and required documents will not be accepted for any reason. Contact the MACS Central Office at 715.723.0538 x3323 to complete an application.

Families can set up monthly payment plans for tuition, meals and fees. To set up your account, please contact Teresa Dachel, our Head Office Business Manager.

Tuition & Financial Aid — St. Lucy Catholic School

When filing their state tax returns, individuals can deduct $4,000 for each dependent child in grades K-8 and $10,000 for each dependent child in grades 9-12 for tuition paid between January 1 and December 31.

The Wisconsin government website explains what scholarships are and examples of scholarships. You must submit this form with your state tax return. This website stores cookies on your computer. By using this website, you consent to the placement and use of these cookies. Read our privacy policy to learn more. ok

There is nothing more tragic than when a child loses the opportunity to study because of family financial constraints. For parents considering a Catholic school for their children, the future role of education is financial opportunity, providing tuition assistance to help make that opportunity a reality.

Financial Aid For Catholic Schools

Each application received is reviewed by the third-party organization FACTS to provide an objective analysis of financial need. Based on this data, future scholarships in education are awarded and cover a portion of the tuition for that academic year. Scholarships are renewable for subsequent years if financial need continues.

Who You Will Help

With awards ranging from $500 to $3,200, the support you receive can help your child attend a Catholic school. Our schools and academies offer monthly payment plans. Many people start local scholarship programs to meet their family’s needs. Some are getting help from affiliated street agencies.

We are extremely proud and grateful for the hard work our teachers and staff have done to keep our school open during the pandemic so our students can safely receive private education. Parents know the importance of sacrifice for their children. One of the scholarship recipients shared, “I am an educator, so I have very high standards when it comes to my children’s education. The academic rigor, ethical and moral standards, and Catholic education my children have received are unparalleled.

Give your child a chance for a Catholic education next school year. To find out what programs we offer, visit our website: www.. See the information in this insert to help you choose the right school or schools for your child or visit

View All News › Help a Student Our Programs Apply for a Scholarship Contact Us Angel Malden Catholic is pleased to offer scholarships to young men and women who have demonstrated outstanding promise through academics, leadership, and service to others. These scholarships are awarded based on criteria set forth by Malden Catholic High School. There is no application process.

Financial Assistance Information

Academic Archdiocese Scholarships are awarded to new archdiocese students based on their performance on the official Archdiocesan Entrance Examination, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation and entrance interview. This scholarship is renewable annually if the student maintains high academic performance and good citizenship as determined by Malden Catholic.

Malden Catholic is committed to providing tuition assistance in the form of need-based scholarships to qualified families. Need-based scholarship decisions are made by the school’s financial aid committee based on demonstrated need. Families and parents should complete and return financial aid applications promptly. Families must reapply and qualify each year. Need-based scholarships are provided through the generosity of Malden Catholic and its donors.

To be considered for financial aid for incoming students, a family must submit a complete application through FACTS Aid and Assistance at by December 19.

Financial Aid For Catholic Schools

Tuition for international students for 2022-2023 has been set by our governing board at $23,500. In addition to tuition, there is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $1,500. Malden Catholic, Codivision High School, is an educational model that gives your child the best of both worlds: rigorous, single-sex academics and after-school social and extracurricular opportunities. We do not provide accommodation facilities. International students at Malden Catholic use agency services for host family placement and guardianship in the United States. Students must apply through an approved institution (see list of institutions here) or have a family member who resides in the Boston area. Available: FACTS App | Schedule | Urgent appeal Discounts for Catholic Primary employees New Scholarship | Soph-Jr-Sr Scholarship | Summer Job Program | Question |

Family Services — St. Louis Catholic School

At Providence Catholic, we strive to provide a quality Catholic education for your tuition. Tuition covers only a portion of the actual costs of educating a student at Providence Catholic. Catholic Education Investments At Providence Catholic, we are grateful for the sacrifices our families make to send their students to our schools.

Initial payment is on a monthly payment plan (10 months) through the Discount Business Office. Rental of classrooms and purchase of personal laptops and dress code materials are the responsibility of each PCHS family.

Providence Catholic High School is committed to providing students with a high-quality Catholic education at an affordable cost by funding need-based financial aid. The financial aid application at Providence Catholic provides a comprehensive assessment to determine financial need beyond family income levels. We understand that family budgets are complex, which is why every family applying for financial aid is thoroughly vetted.

Financial aid refers to funds set aside to make a Providence Catholic education more accessible to families. Financial aid is generated from the PCHS Endowment Fund and through contributions to the Annual Fund from generous alumni, parents and other donors. All grants are based on a family’s financial need and the availability of program funds. Each family must contribute to the education costs of their children.

The Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Program Is A Yearly Commitment That The Archdiocese Makes To Keep Catholic Schools Accessible, Affordable And Available To All Families

Families are encouraged to apply if necessary. Several factors determine whether a family is eligible for financial aid, including family assistance, private school tuition, unexpected and essential medical expenses, and more.

All Providence Catholic families are invited to apply for financial aid through the FACTS Aid and Assistance Assessment, which guides PCHS’s determination of financial need. Please allow at least two weeks for your application to be processed. There is a $40 fee to apply online:

Yes. Financial aid is renewable annually, provided that the student remains academically and disciplined and that the family completes the annual financial aid application and demonstrates continued financial need.

Financial Aid For Catholic Schools

Providence Veritas Award – The Providence Veritas Award is given to an incoming freshman who exemplifies the mission of Providence Catholic High School while facilitating and improving the school’s culture. This award is a reflection of their contributions to their communities and their continued success at Providence. Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to continuing a tradition of service while highlighting leadership, talent and service. Finally, the award is given to a scholar who has lived and led independently and who has made a positive contribution to the Providence Catholic community.

Bkhs Financial Aid Info By Bishop Kenny High School

Job Scholarship – Scholarship will be awarded to the top performer in the placement test conducted on December 3, 2022. (No application is required.)

Legacy Scholarship – Awarded to students whose parents or grandparents graduated from Providence

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