Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

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Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds – If there’s one thing you hear a lot, it’s that using good driving skills is important. You know you need to help your kids strengthen their little hands using the right exercises.

I love creating great activities for toddlers and preschoolers. You will learn how fine motor skills are important for improvement, and 50+ ways to improve fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

Good physical activity is used to build children’s small muscles. It is important to use fine motor skills with early learners to prepare their hands for different jobs. For example, write, zip, tie shoes and so on.

Basic Beginnings: Fine Motor Skills Ages 3+ Book

IMPORTANT: Sensory play is as important as fine motor performance. See how to get started with hearing aids here.

I’ll let you in on a secret – how to teach kids to write (spoiler alert! you don’t, you do these things instead).

Having strong hands helps eliminate the need for proper letter formation and allows the child the opportunity to gain the confidence they need.

After years of fine motor work, early learners will hit the ground running with the preparation you’ve given them.

Gross Motor Skills Activities For Little Kids

If you take away one thing, I want you to remember that the best driving skills are built through play, not pencil and paper. Three, four, and five year olds (and me) encourage us to slow down and let the skills drive through play, not pencil and paper.

I know it can be scary to give a preschooler a pair of scissors. However, the more preschoolers get involved and practice with scissors, the less afraid they are. Over time, children learn to hold their hands and make their wrists cut a straight line. And good news! We don’t have to go through the night.

I also have a trick to help with hand placement. This is a classic idea that many teachers use with children.

Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

Draw a smiley face on the thumbnail. This will encourage your child to keep their thumbs up and see when cutting. Effective hand placement does not happen overnight.

The 10 Best Fine Motor Skills Toys For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Before we ask our children to write numbers and letters, we must first strengthen the small muscles of the hand. We can do this by adding fine motor activities to our daily routine.

We can improve pencil grip with a risk-free invitation to draw lines and curves through activities such as:

Squeezing can build small muscles for typing too! These simple activities will invite your child to play and practice holding.

These fine motor skills will make your child more effective in writing when they are ready. He will prepare the small muscles of both hands to hold a pen and make notes. Give the kids great activities to go to and watch them have fun!

Fine Motor Skills Activities

Next, read why boredom is appropriate for children. Planting small lessons from the seeds of play will lead to creativity and build confidence during the down time. All activities and play ideas offered by Little Lifelong Learners® require direct supervision by a parent or adult. Little Lifelong Learners® disclaims all responsibility for not providing direct supervision of games and strategies.

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One of the easiest things we can do to prepare our children for school is to give them plenty of time to develop their motor skills! A child with poor intelligence or weak fingers and muscles will have a hard time when it comes time to learn to write.

Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing 8 easy fine motor activities that you can do with your toddler or preschooler. These activities focus on strengthening the small muscles in their fingers and hands!

Bees & Me Jumbo Lacing Beads

When we use fine motor skills, we use the small muscles of our hands and fingers. These fine motor skills allow us to use scissors correctly, hold a pen correctly and manipulate objects such as buttons and zippers, open lunch boxes and create with objects such as magnetic tiles. , LEGOs, and even doing things like puzzles or eating food with little fingers like. peas and sultanas. .

There are many ways to strengthen our fingers and hand muscles in our daily experiences, but today I want to share some simple invitations that you can make to playfully create skills here!

Simple household items can be used for many great projects! Cut some straws into short pieces and invite your student to tie them to an old shoe.

An older child can make simple AB patterns using different beads and practice counting as they slide the beads onto their beads.

Ways To Strengthen Fine Motor Skills At Home

Grab some golf tees from the dollar store and a bag of marbles! We used play dough for the base and then Lily (age 3) carefully put the t-shirts into the dough and then balanced the rocks on top!

This proved to be very difficult at first. When he realized that the t-shirts should be placed in the dough well and straight, he was able to control the marbles so that they were balanced on top without falling.

We love using cookie dough for a great job! It is amazing on its own, but we like to add some loose ends or props to expand the invitation. Get my no-cook recipe here.

Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

These little treats can be found at Amazon*, Kmart and Officeworks and are a great addition to our cookie dough game! Not only do they encourage our little students to handle cookies and small toys, they are also fun for imagination! Grabbing some tools like rolling pins* or cookie dough will provide more ways to get little fingers active!

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We love using pipettes* to improve our fine motor skills! By adding a few bowls or cups of colored water (just dyed with food coloring), our students can also start exploring color combinations! You can also get a bigger one for little fingers like this twisted dropper* which has a bigger flash.

It takes some practice to fill the water pipe* and then put it in another container, so this is one of my favorite ways to encourage physical development strong in preschool children.

By adding a small ball to the bowl, you can encourage your student to improve their fine motor skills as they write and pass! For the bowl below, we added a few different pantry staples (pork, rice and corn kernels) and invited Lily to fill them in the ice bowl.

He loved tinkering carefully and eventually learned that he could pour small containers into the ice bowl too! This allows him to develop hand-eye coordination while he plays too!

Pre Writing Strokes Kids Activities

Add a ball of toys to the bowl and insert a few skewers into the toys – remember to remove the sharp ends of the skewers! Next, cut some straws and put them in a bowl.

Invite your student to carefully thread the straws onto the skewer! This is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. You can extend this activity by cutting shorter straws for a larger child!

Tweezers are excellent tools for developing fine motor skills. We love the jumbo tweezers from Creative Toy Shop* and use them for all kinds of fun games. The tray below contains some small plastic strips from the dollar store and Kmart that we invited Lily to “grab” with tweezers! You can even use the balls from this great motor kit* to fill them!

Fine Motor Skill Activities For 3 5 Year Olds

Barbells are a great way to strengthen the muscles of the fingers and hands! I invited Lily to hang them on the lip of the bucket and take them all out again. It was very difficult for him at the age of 2, but he was very determined!

Montessori Activities For 3+ Years

Using stickers is a great way to get little fingers active too! Add a list of stickers* to your craft box – there are so many activities you can do with them! I’ve put together an easy car color matching game here – just draw some different colored cars on a piece of paper, then have your student add some wheels! For older students, you can write letters/words on stickers and have them match them.

If you’re looking for a way to get started with a complete set of fitness equipment and activities, be sure to check out Play Like Coco and their great fitness equipment! Paula, the creator, is a parent and teacher just like me and she decided to customize two amazing machines to help with the development.

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