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Free Mac Cleaner App – To keep your Mac running like the day you took it apart, you need to maintain it properly by deleting unnecessary files, uninstalling unnecessary apps, and scanning for all kinds of vulnerabilities, among other things.

All these maintenance tasks can take a lot of time, especially if performed regularly, which is why you should do your own Mac cleaning.

Free Mac Cleaner App

Free Mac Cleaner App

To help you choose the best Mac cleaner, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 best free Mac cleaners to clean your Mac in 2022. All you have to do is choose your favorite app and start cleaning.

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Our list includes not only completely free Mac cleaners that cost nothing to download and use, but also Mac cleaners that are free to try.

Without further ado, take a close look at the top 17 free cleaning software for Mac and tips. Discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages of each.

Real Time Tracking: Yes | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: Yes | System requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher

CleanMyMac X by MacPaw is an award-winning Mac cleaner with a user interface so well-designed that you’ll look forward to using it. With just one click, the app can find all the junk and unnecessary files scattered across your system drives, detect potential malware threats, and improve your Mac’s performance by freeing up RAM, running maintenance scripts, and more.

Best Mac Cleaner Apps In 2022

Whether you use CleanMyMac X as a simple memory cleaner or explore some of its more advanced features, you can always rest assured knowing that the app won’t accidentally delete important files or make your Mac unbootable as it was designed to be. Maximum safety and reliability.

Real Time Tracking: Yes | System Optimizer: No | Malware Remover: No | System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.14 Mojave Official Support

CCleaner is a popular memory cleaner that can delete Internet cache, history and cookies, junk folders, mentions of recently opened documents, and unnecessary files left over from all kinds of third-party applications.

Free Mac Cleaner App

Although CCleaner hasn’t been updated in a while and doesn’t officially support the latest version of macOS, it still works well and does what it promises, all while being completely free. That said, a paid version of CCleaner is available, and it adds real-time monitoring, automatic updates, and premium support.

Best Mac Cleaner ( The Best Free And Paid Mac Cleaners )

Real Time Monitoring: Yes (S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring) | System Optimizer: No | Malware Remover: No | System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11.6+ (use Disk Drill 1/2.x/3.x for OS X 10.5+)

If you want to recover accidentally deleted or otherwise lost files from your Mac or external storage devices, then you might want to check out this Mac file cleanup. That’s because Disk Drill is best known as a powerful data recovery program that can erase more than 400 different file formats, including common document, image, video, and audio formats.

However, Disk Drill is also a great Mac file cleaner, and you can use it to find duplicates, safely delete sensitive files, and clean up disk space so that even deleted files can’t be recovered (even with Disk Drill). Best of all, you can try everything Disk Drill has to offer for free on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later (including macOS 11 Big Sur).

Real Time Tracking: No | System Optimizer: No | Malware Remover: No | System Requirements: All latest versions of macOS

Best (truly Free) Mac Cleaner Software & Apps In 2022

Clean Me is an excellent open source disk cleaner that is both effective and simple. The app offers a list of secret buttons, each of which will allow you to clean a specific folder, such as your Trash folder or user cache. You just need to make your selection and click analyze to determine the number of areas that can be freed up. Then, you can click clear to delete everything at once. The only downside is that you can’t install Clean Me from the Mac App Store. Instead, you have to use Homebrew, an open source package manager for macOS, or compile the software yourself, which takes some time and skill.

Real Time Tracking: No | System Optimizer: No | Malware Remover: No | System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

DaisyDisk is a simple disk cleaner that allows you to imagine your files and folders as an interactive map, allowing you to quickly find all junk. You can also preview files directly from the app and delete them with a simple click—no need to switch to the Finder.

Free Mac Cleaner App

Unlike many of the other Mac cleanup software solutions listed in this article, DaisyDisk is a one-trick pony that does one thing and one thing only. While there are definitely drawbacks, if your goal is to perform an in-depth Mac cleanup for best performance, the lack of features and options make DaisyDisk easy to use.

Best Mac Cleaners To Clean & Optimize Macs In 2022

Real Time Tracking: No | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: No | System Requirements: Mac Intel and M1 computers running macOS Big Sur 11 (other versions available for older Macs)

OnyX is a toolkit full of system optimization and cleaning tools. It’s been around for a long time, and there are many Mac users who swear by its reliability and clean interface, which makes it very easy to perform optimization tasks that would otherwise require complex commands to enter into the terminal.

Interestingly, there is a specific version of OnyX for each major operating system version. In other words, you can’t use, for example, OnyX 3.8.7 on macOS Big Sur, because that version only works on macOS Catalina. The good news is that the Big Sur version is now available and all older versions can be downloaded directly from the official website.

Real-time monitoring: None (Pro version only) | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: No | System requirements: MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher

Best Mac Cleaner Apps To Clean & Optimize Mac In 2022

Cleaner One Lite is a well-rated Mac cleaner that you can use for free without any restrictions. Well, we should say almost all restrictions, because some features like real-time monitoring are available in Cleaner One Pro, which costs $19.99 per year.

Users praise this free Mac cleaner for quickly and reliably finding and deleting all kinds of junk files, including files that eat up a lot of precious storage space. Several users have left negative reviews, mostly complaining about the app suddenly crashing or not responding.

Real Time Tracking: Yes | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: Yes | System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Free Mac Cleaner App

Smart Mac Care is a Mac cleaning utility that combines junk removal with system optimization capabilities and, most importantly, malware protection. That’s right, Smart Mac Care can scan and remove all known malware infections and unwanted apps from your Mac to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your personal information.

Free Mac Cleaner] Wecleanse

Although the app has combined the functionality of three different apps into one sleek package, it’s still easy enough to use even for inexperienced users. On the other hand, Mac power users may find it too automatic as it doesn’t have many customization options.

Real Time Tracking: No | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: Yes | System requirements: macOS Big Sur with Mac OS X 10.9

MacClean is an easy-to-use Mac cleaning software that includes all the necessary cleaning features as well as a powerful malware scanner that can find and remove malicious software from your Mac. All functions are available with a simple click and require only one additional action.

The Internet Cleaning plugin excels in its ability to protect your privacy by deleting cookies, cache, sessions, history, saved passwords and other website data in all major browsers. Other useful tools included in MacClean include an app uninstaller, duplicate finder, file extractor, and language file cleaner, among others.

Best Mac Cleaner Software In 2022

Real Time Tracking: No | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: No | System requirements: macOS 10.12 or later

Omni Remover 3 is one of the best Mac uninstallers you can download today. It can reliably remove even stubborn and malicious apps without leaving any traces behind. Junk files. All you have to do is select the app you want to uninstall, click the scan button and wait for a while until the app finds all the files related to the app. Then, you can click delete and say goodbye to them.

In addition to uninstalling unwanted applications, Omni Remover 3 can help you control your Mac’s expansion and free up valuable memory space by removing accumulated cache, duplicate language files, broken logins, and junk web browsing.

Free Mac Cleaner App

Real Time Tracking: Yes | System Optimizer: Yes | Malware Remover: No | System requirements: macOS 10.15 Catalina or later

How To Remove Mac Cleanup Pro (virus Removal Guide)

Sensei describes itself as the next-generation Mac cleanup tool, and it sure looks it. When you launch it, it greets you with a beautiful performance dashboard that shows you everything from CPU and RAM usage to battery life and how much free space you have left on your hard drive.

In addition to being beautiful, Sensei is also a pleasure to use, as the Mac cleaner can do a lot to maintain

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