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Gaming on smartphones is gaining more and more followers. To optimize the gaming experience on Galaxy S7 or S8, Samsung ships its Galay series with “Game Launcher” and “Game Tool”. What does this game tool provide? And can you delete the game launcher?

Game Launcher App

Game Launcher App

Samsung Game Launcher has been around since the Samsung Galaxy S7. With a slight workaround, the game feature can also be used on older models like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

How To Enable Or Disable Game Launcher

Game tools are disabled by default. If you want to use the game feature on your Samsung smartphone, you can activate the game launcher as follows:

The launcher lists all installed games for quick access. You can also use other game features. In the lower right corner you can select “Power saving options”. This option allows you to save battery power while playing games while sacrificing performance. On the other hand, the game can also be given full battery power to make it play as smoothly as possible. You can also use the Game Launcher to turn off the game to avoid unpleasant situations in the doctor’s waiting room or on the train.

Next to the game launcher is the game tool. If you launch the game app, you can access the game tools using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Here you can choose different game features. It includes:

As with all pre-installed programs, you cannot delete the game launcher. However, you can deactivate the game feature via the app overview or the game menu in the settings app. Go to “Advanced Features” as above to find the Game Launcher settings.

Game Launcher App

Don’t want to miss a beat in tech, gaming, and pop culture? No current tests and manuals? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter. With the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung introduced a new feature to its phone, the Game Launcher. It’s your one-stop destination for all your gaming needs on Samsung phones. You can track game stats, history, leaderboards, among other things. Game Launcher provides a gateway to amazing settings to enhance your gaming experience on your phone. In this post, we will tell you about the best Samsung game launcher settings that you should use.

Anyone who likes to play games on their phone will definitely love Game Launcher. You can call it a normal steroid launcher, but only for games. While playing games, you can use other apps, record your screen, and even change performance modes to match your phone’s capabilities.

If you don’t see the Game Launcher icon on your phone, it might be disabled. Follow the steps below to enable it.

Game Launcher App

You can find the newly added game launcher icon in your phone’s app drawer. To disable the game launcher, repeat the steps and disable the same switch.

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If the game you’re playing doesn’t have audio controls or is embedded in the settings, you can use the game launcher to mute the game.

To do this, tap the mute icon at the top of the Game Launcher home screen. Tap the same icon to turn on the sound.

By default, all games will automatically appear in the game launcher when you activate it or install a new game. If a game is behaving strangely, you can manually add it to the game launcher.

Tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Add app. Then select the desired app in the game launcher.

Samsung Brings A New Update With Some Changes For The Game Launcher App

Have you added multiple games to the game launcher? Is it trying to find your favorite game? Although Game Launcher doesn’t allow you to add games to your favorites, it does allow you to organize them for easier discovery. To do this, open the game library by swiping up. Tap the three-dot icon and select Sort Games.

The games section of the game launcher is called the library. You can change the size of game icons, change how the library opens when you start the app, and customize where new games are saved in the library. All of these options are included in the library settings.

To do this, open the library by swiping up in the game launcher. Tap the three-dot icon and select Library Settings. Then change each setting to your liking.

Game Launcher App

Are you an app lover? If so, you can clean up your app drawer a bit by not showing games in it. After that, the game will only be visible in the game launcher.

Awesome Game Launcher In Samsung Galaxy C8

To enable this feature, open the Game Launcher and tap the three-bar icon at the top. Tap the settings icon.

Not surprisingly, you can record your screen or take a screenshot with Game Launcher. The great thing is that you can adjust the resolution of screenshots and screen recordings.

There are two ways to change this setting. First, start the game in Game Launcher. At the bottom, tap the Performance icon, then tap the Settings icon.

The program will take you to Game Booster settings. There you will find the screenshot resolution and the recording resolution. Tap to change it.

So Deaktivieren Sie Den Game Launcher Oder Entfernen Apps Davon Auf Samsung Telefonen

You can also use the method below to go to Game Booster settings. This step applies to all settings below.

If you want to speak while recording your screen using Game Launcher, there is a setting for that as well. You can find the “Use microphone while recording” option in the resolution settings of the Game Booster settings. Activate it.

Sometimes you might want to pause the game for a while. Instead of turning off the screen and then going through the whole process of unlocking and restarting the game, you can use Game Launcher’s native lock screen feature.

Game Launcher App

When enabled, the display will not turn off. To continue the game, you need to swipe the key down. To lock the screen, tap the lock screen icon at the bottom.

Samsung I Launcher Mac Download

You might think that locking the screen in the above way will use up a lot of battery power. To save battery, Game Launcher offers a local power saving setting by reducing the frame rate of games. Go to Game Booster settings and turn on the switch next to “Conserve power while locked”.

Some users like to play games in full screen mode. Unfortunately, not all games are designed for this. But with Game Launcher, you can force any game to open in full screen mode.

To use this feature, open the Game Booster settings. Tap Apps in full screen mode. Tap the app you want to use in full-screen mode and select Full-screen mode.

The game launcher also lets you hide the notch on your phone while playing games. A black bar appears, hiding the entire area of ​​the notch.

Samsung Game Launcher Has App Ads That They Install On Your Phone Without Your Permission.

To do this, open the full screen application settings in the Game Booster settings. At the top, tap the three-dot icon and select Advanced. Turn on the Hide camera crop switch.

When you start a game in the game launcher, you’ll see two new hotkey icons in the navigation bar. While the one on the left cannot be changed, you can adjust the one on the right. You can save it to take a screenshot, record your screen, activate the screen lock, and more.

To change the shortcut, tap and hold the shortcut icon. A list of available options opens. Tap the one you want to save.

Game Launcher App

Or go to Game Booster settings and tap on Shortcuts. Select the shortcut you want to use.

Discord Integration Arrives For Samsung’s Game Launcher App

In addition to the two hotkeys, Game Launcher also adds floating shortcuts to the navigation bar. You can keep it anywhere while playing your favorite games. Shortcuts can be used to take screenshots, record videos, open pop-ups, and more.

The Game Launcher pop-up panel allows you to open the apps on top of the game, as shown in the screenshot below.

So you can watch videos while playing your turn in the game. However, only four applications can be added to the panel. To customize the app, you need to open the popup panel settings in Game Booster settings. Then add or remove apps.

Game Launcher has three performance modes – Power Saving, Balanced and Performance. You can change it at any time and use it as needed.

Game Launcher · Github Topics · Github

Storage. Tap Clear cache and then Clear data. Hope the game launcher works great.

Next: Want to customize your lock screen on your Samsung phone? Check out the lock screen story in the following link. Find out what it is and how to use it.Samsung Game Launcher is a free app that makes gaming easier on compatible Samsung devices. The app includes several tools to help you balance your phone’s functionality with games, by disabling phone alerts during gameplay, reducing game resolution to save battery, and more. It also has screenshot and recording features.

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Game Launcher App

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