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Game Who Is The Killer – Monsters, aliens, and biological devices can all work for horror movie villains, but there’s something even more terrifying about serial killers. Maybe it’s because they have a really small base, or maybe they’re human, but a serial killer can give a peaceful game like any other kind of villain. Maybe that’s why they’ve appeared in so many video games over the past decade – their presence is marked by terrifying moments that unnerve players. Sometimes their identity is a mystery to be solved in a competitive race as the victims continue to pile up. Sometimes they take on the role of an unnamed antagonist, playing the main character in a dimensional cat-and-mouse game. Most video games are about killing people, but there’s something special about killing a serial killer with no regard for human life that sends a chill down your spine.

Other fictional killers have appeared in video games, from Jason Voorhees to the Joker. Some killers have worked on some of the most memorable crimes in the game, like Carnal Sins the killer in “Witcher 3” or Jack the Ripper in “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” DLC. But most killers in video games are always against the first enemy. There are a few that stand out above the rest.

Game Who Is The Killer

Game Who Is The Killer

“The Evil Within” was created by artist Shinji Mikami who made his name creating the “Citizen Evil” franchise. Mikiami told British sports magazine The Edge (via BloodyDisgusting) that “people are used to scary traps and they know what’s going to happen next, so it’s hard to scare them.” He created “The Evil Within” by trying to exceed the expectations of the player. A game full of ferocious monsters in a closed, confined environment, it dials the player’s anxiety up to eleven. It may be the greatest horror game of all time, but the game’s main antagonist isn’t a Lovecraftian nightmare. It is a man named Ruvik.

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Born Ruben Victoriano, he showed signs of intransigence from an early age when he investigated prostitution. Ruben lost compassion when his sister died in a local fire where she was badly burned. He then teamed up with a psychologist named Dr. Jimenez to create a device called STEM that could only be used by his brain. But Reuben was betrayed. He was killed, his brain harvested and put into a machine where his brain survived. Eventually, it became Ruvik, whose target quickly became people drawn to the world of STEM ideas to help him.

“Heavy Rain” is the first of the biggest games based on the Quantic Dream entertainment studio that we already know. In it, a serial killer is stranded in an unnamed city hit by an oppressive rain and the clock is running out before he can find his victim. The media eventually began to refer to the guilty person as the Origami Killer because small pieces of origami were found in all the crimes committed. The story is told in many ways. Each playable character investigates the killer, collects evidence and tries to find it as soon as possible. One of them is a man named Ethan Mars, whose son Shaun had just been kidnapped. This adds a level of playfulness to the game with additional speed control and a smaller window for faster times.

Everything about The Origami Killer shows that theatrical flair makes for a great video game villain. They drowned their victims, placed orchids on their chests, and folded origami pieces in their hands after moving the bodies to a new location for the police to find. They enjoy setting up a series of “Saw”-like challenges for Ethan to complete in order for his son to survive. Revealing the identity of the killer at the end of the game is a twist that will shock even the most discerning detective.

“Deadly Premonition” is a horror game that survived the world and the great game of “Twin Peaks” from the PS3 / Xbox 360 generation, although a port of the game is available on the Nintendo Switch for new players who want to take a trip back to the mysterious mythical town. The play follows FBI agent Francis York Morgan when he arrives in Greenvale, Washington to investigate the death of Anna Graham, who was killed and hanged in a brutal and traditional way, similar to other crimes. It happens all over the country. This leads to a series of strange interactions with the townspeople as he tries to find the killer.

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The rain killer, as the locals call him, has been seen many times, but no one knows who he is. The character has grown into an urban legend, the residents of Greenvale say that the killer only spawns when it rains. Agent Morgan remains a target of the Rain Killer throughout the game, but it is only later – after a confrontation with the many supernatural forces that rule the city – that Morgan discovers the killer’s identity and is able to try to stop it. Darkness has fallen upon Greenvale and its people.

New players may not know much about the “Clock Tower” series, but at one point these games competed with “Resident Evil” and “Silent Hill” as one of the most popular games of all time. The first game was released in 1995 for the PC, Super Famicom, and PlayStation and was one of the rare 16-bit 2D games made before Survival exploded in popularity as 3D became the new standard in the late 90s.

The story follows Jennifer Simpson, one of four orphaned children raised by wealthy Simon Barrows in a mansion called the Clock. Jennifer parted ways with everyone shortly after she arrived, only to find one of them dead. Then he was attacked by a boy with a large pair of scissors. Scissorman will chase Jennifer around the house, popping out of boxes and suddenly appearing, forcing Jennifer to run and find a place to hide. He may seem like an early riser by today’s standards, but there are generations of players who still follow Scissorman.

Game Who Is The Killer

“Persona 4” seems like an odd choice because it’s not really a horror game. Actually, it’s more of a JRPG, but the whole story revolves around revealing the identity of the TV Killer. Many citizens have disappeared, only to be seen on the mysterious Night Channel, a special television show that can only be seen on dark nights. Shortly after they started on the Midnight Channel, their bodies were found hanging from antennas or telephone lines with no apparent cause of death. The killer’s ways are revealed later when an unnamed hero and a group of his friends discover that they can travel to a parallel world on TV where they must fight monsters called shadows in order to save the people who would become the TV Killer. The real question of the game is who threw the people on TV to their deaths, and why?

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Game Who Is The Killer

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