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Google Play Store is a one-stop shop for downloading apps and games on Android. Additionally, Play Store also offers movies, series, books, magazines, music and audiobooks in digital format. We explain how Play Store was created and how to use it.

Google Play Store App Download For Android

Google Play Store App Download For Android

Launched on October 22, 2008, Android Market was intended to compete with Apple’s App Store for the Android ecosystem. At that time, the market consisted only of software for Android devices, namely apps and games.

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On March 7, 2012, the name was changed to Play Store and since then the services Google Play Music, Play Movies and Play Books are also found there. Meanwhile, Play Kiosk has also joined these areas, where German and international newspapers and magazines are available for purchase in digital format. Hardware like Nexus devices or Google Chromecast were also offered in the Play Store for a while, but the hardware section has now been discontinued and can be found in the Google Store.

Play Store now offers more than two million apps and games. If you want to browse, you can click or type in one of the 36 categories. The rankings show the top apps in each category. Google differentiates between paid and free applications. These rankings can also be called up in app and game overview pages. The range of apps and games may vary by region, as some services and applications are only available in certain countries.

Google Play Movies & Series (originally Google Play Movies) has been available in Germany since August 2012. A movie or series can be purchased as a rental version (usually 30 days before it is first played, then 48 hours of rental time) or as a purchase version at full price. The qualities offered are SD and HD. Movies and series can not only be streamed but also stored on mobile devices for offline viewing.

Music is also offered on the Google Play Store. You can choose to buy individual songs (usually 1.29 euros per title) or complete albums. The offer is filtered by genre, top charts and new releases, among other things. Music Flat Rate a la Spotify allows streaming millions of songs and costs 9.99 euros per month. A family license for up to 6 people costs 14.99 euros per month. All songs and albums can be listened to through appropriate Play Music apps and websites. To save data volume, titles can be downloaded if desired for offline listening.

Apple App Store Has Some Features That We Hope You Will Find In Google’s

In June 2012, Google Play Books (originally Google Play Books) was launched in Germany. Since then, both free and paid content can be found on the Play Store in both mobile and web versions. The offer includes German and international e-books. Before you buy a book, you usually have the opportunity to read a short extract.

Since mid-May 2014, magazines and journals are available in Play Store kiosks. Those interested can choose between a one-time purchase of an issue or a subscription to the magazine. Subscriptions can be terminated at any time and usually include a free trial period of 14 to 30 days depending on the release cycle.

Google Play Store offers various payment methods. By default, a credit card is required, but payment can also be made by prepaid card, which can be purchased at retail stores or through PayPal. Some mobile phone providers also offer what is known as carrier billing – meaning that you can also pay via mobile phone bill. When paying via PayPal and credit card, the relevant amount is deducted directly from the account. Play Store Credit Cards are credited directly to the relevant credit account using a prepaid principle, deducting the relevant app and media costs.

Google Play Store App Download For Android

We’ve put together a photo-by-photo guide to show you how to pay with Play Store Credit:

Download The Latest Google Play Store 31.6.15

Anyone who buys paid apps and games on the Play Store can usually return them within two hours and the cost will be refunded. Apps and games can be fully tested during this trial period. Additionally, some apps offer a subscription model or in-app purchases, which are non-refundable. Media and music, such as magazines, books, and related subscriptions, cannot be returned, but Google offers a free trial period for magazine subscriptions and Google Play Music, which typically includes a 30-day window. To return an application, simply visit the product page in the Play Store and click “Return”.

For Android apps and games to work properly, they need various permissions on the Android device. For example, photo apps can access the camera, to-do apps can access the calendar, and social media apps can access the contact book to find friends on the same network.

Starting with Android 6.0 Marshmallow it is possible to allow or deny the respective app individually. To do this, when users launch the app for the first time, they are asked if they want to give the application access to the camera, contact book, etc. Previously, app permissions could only be granted or denied entirely. To use individual app rights, developers must customize their applications beforehand. If this is not done, app permissions may still only be granted or denied altogether – even if the Android device has version 6.0 Marshmallow or higher installed.

On the left, the permissions for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which you can simply agree or disagree with, on the right, Android 6.0’s instructions, which you can individually agree or disagree with.

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In the web version of the Play Store, you can access the entire range through a desktop browser. Anyone who has purchased movies and series can use the browser version to watch them in a browser and on their smartphone or tablet. The same goes for music, books, magazines and journals. It is also possible to browse, install and purchase apps and games remotely on Android devices. Before downloading, the user is asked on which devices connected to the Google account to install the respective app.

Play Store usually installs updates in the background and without notifying users. If you want to install the latest Play Store APK manually, you can download the latest version from us. Note that the security settings of the Android device must allow the installation of third-party apps or unknown sources.

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Google Play Store App Download For Android

Loading… Reader rating for Google Play Store Download: Apps, Games & More for Android is 3/5 based on 1810 reviews. Google Play presents people with a personalized collection of apps and games based on criteria such as a user’s past activity, the actions they are trying to complete, location, and major events. These collections are automatically curated by the Google Play editorial team to ensure they include the best apps and games on offer.

How To Uninstall And Reinstall Google Play Store On Android

You can get apps, games and digital content for your device using the Google Play Store app. The Play Store app is pre-installed on Android devices that support Google Play.

Google recently rolled out more content for Play Store with changes from July 2022 and you can read about it in the article here (link)

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If the download from the Play Store doesn’t complete, try troubleshooting steps you can’t do from the Google Play Store.

Download And Install The Google Play Store App Step By Step

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