Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

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Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday – LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — The Style Room, located in downtown Lee’s Summit, will open its doors to the public Monday for the first time in seven weeks.

Hairstylists will not be double-booked, so customers will stay in their stylist’s chair the entire time.

Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

Also, if someone arrives early, they are asked to stay in the car and not in the waiting room. Clients will expect a text or call from their stylist when he or she is ready.

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Co-owner Kelly Trekel said another change that will affect stylists is the number of hours they will now work.

“We’ve had to go back to a 20-hour work week per stylist because of the distance we’re forced to distribute,” Trekell said. “And that will be a huge change because many of us are used to working 24 hours a day.”

Co-owners Trackell and Christi Knok say they are excited to be back and see their customers, even though it will be something different.

“We’ll get through it,” Trackell said. “There are certainly some challenges ahead of us, not only as people who work in the salon, but also as owners of this business.” But we’ve been through this before, I know we can handle it. It’s just a change.”

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Around this time last year they faced a fire that closed the salon for several weeks. They said they have been able to overcome obstacles in the past. She says the staff and the community have been supporting each other for the past few weeks.

“There were a lot of really good people in our community.” “One of the local churches here in Lee’s Summit made a donation,” Trekel said. “So it’s been a huge, incredible blessing for all of us.” And we’ve had a lot of wonderful people just reach out and help us through this time we’re all facing.” Esthetician Sarah Keaton is bringing a sense of style to men in the St. Clair area by opening a men’s and men’s barbershop.

Keaton opened Studz at 1183 South Carney Dr. at Nieman’s Family Market on September 12. Business has been busy so far, she said, with many new customers from the St. Clair area.

Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

The salon offers haircuts, beard trimming, massages, facials, waxing and sitting. Keaton said her salon is different from a corporate salon or barbershop because all haircuts come with shampoo and a hot shave with a hot towel.

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“I really love it when a guy comes in feeling shabby and shabby and leaves feeling like a million bucks,” Keaton said. “I just like to make people feel good.”

The interior of the cabin is done in a construction theme with exposed bricks and wooden planks, tool boxes and helmets as decoration.

“It has a masculine feel. “The theme is evolving,” Keaton said. “I have a wall that looks like they’re walking on it two by four.” It’s like a feeling of freshness. It has a beautiful, bright light.”

Keaton previously managed and cut hair at Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men in Clinton Township. Now she is opening her own business with employees she hired herself.

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“I’m very excited to be an owner because I know how to make (my employees) happy and I want to stay to create a good work environment,” Keaton said.

Keaton moved to St. Clair in 2017 and fell in love with the area. She said she had been waiting for the right opportunity to move her business to the area and jumped at the opportunity when the space became available.

Joe Reies, Keaton’s client for about seven years, said Keaton is attractive and does a great job with his hair.

Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

Trevor Stenzel, also a longtime client of Keaton’s, said she’s watched him grow by cutting his hair since he was 18.

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“Once I found someone who I liked the way they cut my hair, I kept coming back and it turned into a friendship,” Stenzel said.

Both said Keaton was very accommodating with their schedule. While they both live outside of St. Clair County, they plan to travel to continue seeing Keaton for haircuts.

The store is open for appointments and visits from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. From Monday to Friday and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Prices for haircuts range from $19 to $25, other services from $8 to $12. Discounts are available for emergency services and military personnel.

Follow the salon on their Facebook page at Studz, visit their website at or call (810) 328-4874. Donald Schaffner, an expert in microbiological risk assessment, discusses what to look for before going to the salon for a cut and color during the pandemic.

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Many of us are getting haircuts and covering gray hair so finally getting rid of the hair caused by COVID-19 can’t come soon enough, as New Jersey businesses are reopening months after closing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

But just because Governor Phil Murphy says you can go back to the hairdresser or hair salon starting June 22, right?

Donald Schaffner, Distinguished Professor in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at the University of New Brunswick, shares what we know, what we don’t, and what you should consider when deciding whether to live with the shaggy look a little longer or risk a trip to the salon.

Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

Donald Schaffner, who admits he needs a haircut himself, says people should make up their own minds before going to the salon.

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I think it’s useful to look at things in terms of risk rather than safety, because nothing can be completely safe. After all, even before the pandemic, you risked getting the flu by visiting a hair salon.

Is there a risk of visiting a salon or hairdresser? I think the answer is definitely yes, but depending on your personal situation, you may still decide to leave. After all, cars are dangerous, but we still choose to drive, hopefully by wearing seat belts and following the rules of the road.

So people have to draw their own conclusions. A person who is young and healthy has a lower risk than someone who is older or who has other risk factors for COVID-19, such as diabetes or asthma.

I think there are several types of risks that need to be discussed. The first will be the risk from other customers, the second will be the risk from the hairdresser or hairdresser, and the third will be the risk for the hairdresser or hairdresser from customers.

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We know that wearing masks and practicing appropriate social distancing can reduce risks. Good disinfection measures also help reduce the risk. All this is included in the governor’s order.

Is there a time limit for being in the store? If you need your hair colored and cut, should you go for an hour and a half appointment or split it into two appointments?

There is scientific evidence to suggest that timing of exposure plays a role in risk. The CDC uses 15 minutes in their definition of “prolonged exposure,” but it’s probably pretty hard to cut your hair in 15 minutes. However, if you’ve come for a longer appointment that might take an hour and a half to paint and cut, it might be a good idea to break it up into two shorter appointments.

Hair Salons Near Me Open Monday

Is it better to wait a month to see if the reopening of salons in New Jersey affects infection rates before making an appointment?

Delia’s Beauty Salon

As many restrictions are being phased out across the state, I think it may be difficult to determine whether the opening of salons or other changes will be the main cause if the number of cases increases.

I believe that everyone should make an individual decision. I definitely need a haircut, since I reached normal haircuts right around the time the state shut down barbershops. When they reopen, I’ll stop by my local hair salon and see what it’s like before I make a decision.

If salons follow all guidelines and do everything required by the public health service, will we feel comfortable returning to this necessary routine?

I believe the guidelines are quite comprehensive as they include limiting services to appointments only, conducting medical screenings including temperature checks, customers and staff before entry, requiring the use of personal protective equipment and requiring customers to wear face masks at all times. , ensuring that all staff-client pairs maintain a distance of at least six feet between other staff-client pairs, and implementing improved cleaning and sanitizing practices.

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A recent report found that two stylists with symptoms of COVID-19 in Missouri worked and exposed more than 100 clients to the potential illness. Since these stylists were properly masked, this probably reduced the exposure. The salon kept very good customer records. This enabled contact tracing

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