Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop – Buy the best wood floor cleaners and cleaning solutions now to keep your floors in top condition

The best wood floor cleaners will keep your floors looking spotless with as little fuss as possible. Not only do they wash, but these machines can also sanitize, vacuum and dry to quickly clean dirty floors. When used with a specially formulated cleaning solution, floors are guaranteed to sparkle.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

A wood floor cleaner is essentially a wet vacuum cleaner designed to seal wood floors. They are more efficient than mops and buckets, keeping floors dry in just two minutes instead of the 20+ minutes you would wait after mopping. While all wood floor cleaners can clean other types of hard floors, we’ve selected the models we think are best specifically for sealing wood floors.

How To Mop Hardwood Floors Safely And Swiftly

If you’re not sure if wood floor cleaners are best for your home, our buying guide below has all the information you need about these cleaners, as well as the liquid formula to use.

Or you can keep scrolling to find our short reviews of the best wood floor cleaners and liquids currently available.

How do you choose the best wood floor cleaner for you? What is the difference between a steam mop and a wooden floor cleaner?

Both steam mops and wood floor cleaners can clean wood floors, but they work in slightly different ways. While a steam mop simply blows hot steam to tackle dirt and grease, a wood floor cleaner uses its rollers to remove dirt while vacuuming and drying.

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This not only saves time, but also gives you a better end result. The best wood floor cleaners have double tanks, i.e. one tank for fresh water and one for absorbing waste water. This ensures that only clean water comes through the drum, so you never wash with dirty water. When used with a good antibacterial hard floor cleaning solution, they provide a more thorough clean than standard steam mops.

Wood floor cleaners are generally suitable for all types of hard floors, including laminate, linen and stone. However, never use wood floor cleaners on hard floors that are not sealed, as moisture can get into the gaps and damage them.

For best results, always use cleaners with wood floor cleaners. Floor cleaners offer a range of benefits, including removing grease and bacteria, and keep your floors looking and smelling great.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

One thing to watch out for. While some manufacturers recommend sticking with private label formulas, you can use any liquid cleaner in a hard floor cleaner as long as it specifies that it is suitable for use in a wood floor cleaner.

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In high traffic areas, such as hallways, kitchens and greenhouses, we recommend cleaning floors every few days with a wood floor cleaner to keep them hygienic and shiny. For little-used areas, a good cleaning every few weeks is fine. But in the end it comes down to your own preferences and the specific needs of your home.

The best wood floor cleaners don’t come cheap and will usually run you around $100 to $300. On the cheaper end of the scale, you’re just getting some pretty basic stuff. For more money you get a bigger tank and better features – many premium cleaners are ‘multi-surface’ models, so you can also use them to clean your rugs and short pile rugs.

Best Wood Floor Cleaner to Buy 1. Vax ONEPWR Glide Cordless: The Best Floor Cleaner for Most People

One of the most frustrating things about cleaning with a mop or steam cleaner is the long drying time. If you’re tired of waiting for your floors to be used, this hard floor cleaner is the answer. ONEPWR washes, vacuums and dries at the same time, significantly reducing cleaning and drying time.

The Best Way To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

During testing, it was able to easily pick up larger debris, such as grain shards, as well as smaller debris around the house. The cleaning roller is also not flooded with water, so your floor is not soaked or needs to be refilled every ten minutes. Although it didn’t completely dry the floor, it was dry enough to be used as usual in a few minutes.

Another reason to consider Glide is that it’s relatively compact for a wood floor cleaner, so it’s not too difficult to store. It also has LED lights on the front so you can see those hard-to-reach places. Once it’s done cleaning, ONEPWR even cleans itself to keep it free of sticky stuff inside. Packed with impressive features, it’s perfect for a medium-sized home.

Key specs – Capacity: 0.6L; running time: 30 min; charging time: 3 hours; weight: 4.9 kg (without battery); dimensions (W/H): 29 x 25 x 111 cm

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

If your budget doesn’t quite extend to a wood floor cleaner that can sing and dance, this steam mop is a great compromise. It’s wired meaning you have unlimited run time, and the pivoting head makes it super easy to get into difficult areas and corners.

The 8 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners Of 2022

One of the coolest things about the Kick n’ Flip is the rotating mop head. Once you’ve soiled one side, just turn the head over and use the top. It’s a small feature, but it can save you a lot of time when changing old clothes.

In addition, the Kick n’ Flip weighs no less than 2.7 kg. So if you’re considering a steam mop over your wood floor cleaner and want to balance functionality and cost, this is our top pick.

Key specs – Capacity: 0.38L; Duration of use: N/A (wired); Charging time: N/A; Weight: 2.7kg; Dimensions (WDH): 11 x 10 x 119 cm

If you’re looking for an ultra-thin, cordless wood floor cleaner, the Kärcher F3 is a minimalist’s dream. Despite its slim stature, this cleaner accommodates two separate water and waste tanks, meaning you can only clean with fresh stuff. The slim roller brush allows you to clean right up to the edges and the drying time is impressive, with floors ready in just two minutes.

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As a cordless cleaner, the battery life isn’t great – it takes about 20 minutes per charge – so larger families will definitely opt for a more powerful machine. However, if you only have one or two small rooms with sealed wood floors, this is plenty of time to give them a good clean.

Key specs – Capacity: 0.36L; Operating time: 20 min; Charging time: 4 hours; Weight: 2.4 kg; Dimensions (WH): 30.5×22.6x 122 cm

Wireless cleaners allow you to move effortlessly from room to room, but often at the expense of capacity and runtime. This solid wood floor cleaner from Bissell has the best of both worlds, with a volume of 0.8 liters and a cleaning time of approximately 30 minutes. It is perfect for medium sized homes that need a deep cleaning.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

Other than being untethered, it’s not that different from the wired version. It has a filter to separate larger debris from the wastewater for easier disposal and a double tank for clean and dirty water. Even better, Crosswave switches between cleaning hard floors and carpets at the touch of a button, meaning you don’t have to take them out of the room or stop them to vacuum separately.

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Key specs – Capacity: 0.8 liters; Running time: 25-30 minutes; Charging time: 4 hours; Weight: 5.6kg; Dimensions (WDH): Not specified

Vax’s versatile solution is an antibacterial floor cleaner for wood, tile, laminate, lino and more. It is designed for use with ONEPWR hard floor cleaner and Vax’ cordless spot carpet cleaner Spotless Go, but can also be used with all other cleaners, including those listed above.

We really like its mild scent and think it does a great job of restoring our floors to their former glory. It is best to use it regularly on lightly soiled wood, so if you need to clean your floors thoroughly, we recommend slightly increasing the ratio of solution to water.

KEY DETAILS – Size: 1L; Fragrance: Cotton Fresh; Works on all hard floors: Yes, and carpets

The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machines Of 2022

Dirtbusters’ multi-layer solution for all wood floor cleaners costs just £4 per liter and is also very affordable. The formula is safe for sealing wood floors, laminate, linen and tiles, and is also suitable for cleaning carpets.

You can choose from different scents from Dirtbusters, such as Orange and Berry Fresh, but our recommendation is Sea Breeze. This is a milder scent and ideal if you prefer to avoid strong fake fruit smells when cleaning.

KEY DETAILS – Size: 5L; Fragrance: Sea Breeze; Works on all hard floors: Yes, and carpet

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop

Dettol’s All Purpose Liquid is an affordable alternative to many of the recipes on this list. It is not technically designed for wood floor cleaners, but is diluted with water and added to your

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