How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish

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How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish – Hi there! When I started this blog, I decided to recreate as many traditional foods as possible from around the world. Many people skip breakfast, but in my opinion it is the most important meal of the day. Your body and your mind need fuel to start moving towards God’s purpose! That’s why I find it interesting to know what people eat for breakfast in different countries around the world. Let’s go!

The installation # 6 of the post series “Breakfast around the world” is already here! I feel like a child every time I choose the world to explore next. It’s so exciting! The fact that it’s only the sixth post, the sixth country out of 190-something, makes it even more exciting, because all the events are still in front of me. Today we are heading to South West Europe, to a country that I had the opportunity to visit on my own, the land of Flamenco, soccer, beautiful beaches, and many other wonders – Spain! But what about food, especially the Spanish breakfast (el desayuno)? Is it good? Let’s check it out!

How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish

How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish

To say I love Spanish food would be an understatement. Tapas (I plan to do another post on them in the near future), paella, jamón, Spanish omelette, sangria, all seafood, I could go on. I loved it before I visited this wonderful country, and I love it even more after I went there. But what about the Spanish breakfast? Let me start by saying that Spanish people tend to have breakfast later than anywhere else – mid-morning. It is not unusual to remember the famous Spanish dishes at 10 p.m. Even MacDonalds had to change the breakfast menu to suit the local culture: the breakfast menu in Spain is available until 1pm and in all other countries it is served until 12am.

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Spanish food is usually simple. No pancakes or anything like that, no too much meat. The choice of food depends on where the Spanish eat: at home or in a local bar or cafe. At home it’s usually something simple, like cookies (

S (French bread sandwiches with various fillings). All these delicious foods are always washed down with a cup of coffee.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s take a look at my Spanish breakfast table!

Spain is one of the rare countries where fried eggs are not a popular breakfast. However, eggs are eaten, only in the form of an omelet. Spain is famous for the potato omelette, so called

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. I would even call it the Spanish national dish, because it is so popular. I made it last week, you can find the recipe here. A Spanish omelet requires only a few simple ingredients (potatoes, eggs, onions) but it is very good! Of course I am talking about the most important version here, because you can fill your own

With anything you like: seafood, ham, sausage, to name a few. Usually, in bars and cafes, you can order a piece of omelette and a cup of coffee. It’s definitely my kind of breakfast, I love it!

I would say it is the cornerstone of the Spanish breakfast. A wide variety of sandwiches are available in all bars. He is famous

How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish

In Catalan. Basically, bread fried with tomato paste, garlic and olive oil. Tomatoes must be ripe to be good

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. Basically, you just take a ripe tomato and spread it on the bread until it’s full of meat. That’s how it’s done in other places in Spain. You get a piece of bread, a tomato and you have to do it yourself! A lot of fun. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see myself in Spain. Now it’s on my list of things to do during my next trip to this amazing country!

By peeling your tomatoes. This is how I made it using the recipe made by J. The talented Kenji López-Alt from Serious Eats and I loved everything! The recipe itself is very simple: make bread, rub it with garlic, top with tomato paste, pour olive oil. That’s all! There are other Spanish versions of the breakfast sandwich

Ostada con mantequilla y mermelada (bread with butter and jam), toast with jamón (cured Spanish ham), toast with cheese and much more. There are also bocadillos – French bread sandwiches with different fillings.

. I made them, you can find the recipe here. For those who don’t know what churros are, they are a fried dough pastry that usually comes in long sticks and is covered in sugar and (sometimes) cinnamon. Many of you may know them because of their popularity in Mexico. I’ll tell you this: churros are A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Despite the fact that they are deep fried, they are completely free of oil. You just need to have the oil at the right temperature when you are heating it. Use my recipe and you will love the results!

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But that’s not all. The Spanish are dipping their churros in hot chocolate! Isn’t it amazing? It is. And yes, they are very popular for breakfast. People may not bother making churros at home early in the morning, because it requires some work and time. Fortunately, there are many places where you can taste it. Churros are so popular in Spain that there are even specialty cafes called Churrerias. I could LIVE in a place like this.

. That is what people choose at home, when there is no time to prepare anything in the morning. I managed to find it

In my local store, so you can see them in pictures. They go well with a cup of coffee! I will not talk about croissants and other baked goods that are not of Spanish origin, but there are many of them in Spain.

How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish

(pure coffee), Espresso, and others. I made a version with milk, because I’m not a fan of plain coffee. In Spain

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Orange juice. Almost every bar in Spain has a juicer so you always have fresh juice! Love it.

) is also eaten for breakfast. I made them a while back on the blog. My version has an alcohol-based syrup, which is probably not the best thing to eat in the morning, but you can easily drizzle honey over the toast instead of syrup and you’re good to go!

To conclude, this is definitely my kind of breakfast. I like omelette, I especially liked this one with potatoes, I’m into different sandwiches, and I’m ashamed to say that I really like to taste some kind in the morning… Churros are good. I just put them on my face every day. I won’t do it yet, but I want to. Thank you Spain, you are beautiful! See you in more “Breakfast Around the World” articles!

Spanish breakfast is one of the best in Europe. It offers a potato omelette, their famous Churros, cakes, and a selection of great sandwiches! What did you have for breakfast / lunch / dinner today? Can you tell me in Spanish? If not, you are in the right place!

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In this article you will learn words and expressions that you can use to feel comfortable reading Spanish menus, buying food in the supermarket, or just talking about your all-time favorite topic: FOOD!!

(dinner). Keep in mind that Latin America is a very large area: even within the country you will encounter big differences in what people have for breakfast. – Spanish has the word “breakfast”:

If there is a restaurant you want to visit in Latin America, and if you want to learn how to order and go through a written Spanish menu, watch my video about restaurants- it will be.

How Do You Say Breakfast In Spanish

Near the beginning of this article I told you that Spanish has a special word for “breakfast”. Well, there are also special verbs for lunch and dinner:

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Now you know all the words about food in Spanish. The next time you cook, order something in a restaurant, or buy groceries at the market or supermarket, try to remember Spanish words.

By the way, we have a series of Spanish original videos, so feel free to check them all out on the YouTube channel!

Now, when you’re ready to go beyond talking about food in Spanish and actually learn Spanish, we have free Spanish training on our website where you can find the method we use in our Spanish Academy Spring to teach students how to speak. Fluent Spanish. You can also find some free Spanish lessons there that come directly from our Academy!

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