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Globally, Greta Gerwig has not been nominated for an Oscar for directing Lady Bird and Little Women. She is the protagonist of the spin-off How I Met Your Mother, which is called, essentially, How I Met Your Dad. But that expected story, told by Meg Ryan, never happened. Because between the time How I Met Your Dad aired and the day it was canceled, How I Met Your Mother wrapped up its final season and became as bitter as the sign up for more. Six years later, she found punishment indifferent at best, punishment at worst.

How I Met You Mom

How I Met You Mom

How I knew your mother has completely disappeared from the cultural consciousness. It wasn’t reevaluated or relegated to oblivion, her characters didn’t last, and her stars struggled to recreate their identity at the top of the show. Even a second or third life important to the whole show will remain difficult. While Friends, The Office and the resurgence of ’90s black sitcoms (including Moesha and Sister Sister) to start in the US Netflix created generations of new fans, HIMYM has remained. This week, it was confirmed that a line of HIMYM-inspired toys will be produced by Funko Pop, the creators of those giant-eyed cartoons found in every street store. But that news reminds us that, yes, How I Met Your Mother was a show that existed before.

How I Met Your Mother Costars Remember Bob Saget

For a while, that result was unexpected. HIMYM, which debuted in 2005, calls itself an “uplifting” Friends genre. It’s a sitcom that picks up the main elements of that show (a group of neurotic New Yorkers, relationship problems, and a downtown bar where everyone lets off steam), adding time hops, mysteries, and impossible stories. A love story told later. In 2030, Ted Mosby tells his young children about the events that led him to meet their mother, including Ted’s love affairs (and his friends with Lily and Marshall and the cartoon Barney) which opens the flashback.

In the first episode of the show, Ted (Josh Radnor) searches for news host Robin (Cobie Smulders), who he fell in love with. At first, it seems like the power of this show is Ross and Rachel, the central couple who transform into every future. At the end of the episode, he becomes a decoy and a switch-Ted tells his kids that this isn’t the specific story of how he met their mother, but their “Aunt Robin”.

That central mystery (“OK, who’s the mother?”) Fueled the show for the next nine seasons. Over time, the show has grown into a pop culture behemoth. Jason Segel, who played Marshall, was quickly anointed the show’s blockbuster movie star, landing roles in films like I Love You, The Man, and The Bad Teacher. Neil Patrick Harris confirmed he was gay a year after the show started, and there is something offensive about an actor playing a lothario woman – even though his character, Barney, is the caricature of the “lovely asshole” is. even more culturally destructive. than necessary.

As the show grew in popularity, stars flocked to it hoping to raise their profile through selection. For a few years at least, HIMYM was sitcom like that X Factor moment where Beyoncé enjoyed a duet with Alexandra Burke. Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Lopez all acted as cheerleaders for the band. Bryan Cranston shot a cameo two months after Breaking Bad ended. The show had a lot of potential and its importance to US broadcaster CBS meant it had a lot of secrecy when it was retired.

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There are many Reddit threads speculating about the mother’s experience and diving into possible clues from the past (including a joke passed down the first time, it made a lot of sense to fans named Tracy, something that wasn’t confirmed until the l ‘last moment). Others have speculated on the significance of many of the baked goods in showbiz mythology, from French blue cheese to a mysterious pineapple, whose origin is unknown.

The introduction of subplots and import tips somehow explains why the fans have left. Unlike Lost, which was built to a height that would only annoy those who wanted to finish it differently, HIMYM seemed to hinge on all the stories it had developed to make a last-minute change.

Barney and Robin, who were romantically involved during the run of the show, were split by minutes in its hour-long run, despite the last season taking place three days before their wedding The mother, who introduced Zelig- like through intense encounters with every major character throughout the season, it is also revealed that she died of a mysterious illness about a decade later, having children with Ted. In another twist, future Ted tells his children the story of how he met their late mother, but not the woman he would always expect to be with: she was Aunt Robin the whole time.

How I Met You Mom

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How I Met Your Mother 堪稱比friends還棒的美劇! @ 三咪一犬的窩:: 痞客邦::

For fans, who generally accepted the Barney / Robin relationship and fell in love with Cristin Milioti’s role as The Mother in the show’s latest series, it was like a slap in the face. More than 22,000 fans have signed a petition to have the ending rewritten, while a fan-edited video shows the show’s ending as a combination of Ted and The Mother (reveals his death in full), goes viral. Another effect, more or less similar to the fan-made version, was included as a special feature in last season’s DVD release. As I knew your father, who was believed to be true to an order months ago, had been arrested.

Gerwig said that’s the problem with the spin-off, telling Stephen Colbert in 2017 that audiences don’t want the show to appear on screen every time – a problem, though, for its star. But the vitriol accumulated on HIMYM around the same time had some effect on the show’s departure. CBS has the “dear indie movie” Gerwig and the voice of Meg Ryan, in the usual TV role of her – she’ll do it if they want to.

While fan vitriol doesn’t usually end badly, it often doesn’t spoil everything that has happened before. Seinfeld’s ending, a comedy that left him thrown in jail, was famous for his controversy, but his violence didn’t back down, haunting his previous seasons. The tragic finale of The Sopranos left many fans upset, but it would be hard to find anyone who wasn’t so upset as not to recommend the whole show to their friends and family, perhaps family.

How I Met Your Mother is a different beast, whose ending undermines its premises. When so much of the show’s history came out of a story that ended so horribly, most of it became unwatchable. When streaming services were created for the sake of the current and the longevity of regular shows, HIMYM was limited in reviewability. He fostered a close relationship within his fan base, forcing viewers to become passive observers of his mystery, only increasing the sense of betrayal.

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There are also other reasons that make HIMYM a non-issue in the modern context. For a show about trendy New Yorkers hanging out in a bar, a conservative streak is often seen in the show’s coverage of heterosexual marriages, children, and monogamy. Barney, meanwhile, has come to portray the worst of homosexuality, as the show continues to promote the idea that his character, and his character as such, must be “fixed” “satisfied” by good things. or not pleasant. -but-not-intimidating women. Eventually, Barney established respect for women after the birth of her baby – the baby’s mother, one night Barney called “Number 31” somewhere in the problem to remember his name, unrelated to that growth. .

In 2020 he leaves the show a classic relic of pop culture, with a big difference between how much the show was a few years ago and how little it is today. Those new Funko Pops are coming, which will decide the little plastic figures of Ted Mosby that need to be made, but it doesn’t matter.

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