How Much Are Acuvue Contacts

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How Much Are Acuvue Contacts – Do you want as much flexibility as possible when wearing your contact lenses? No matter how long your day is or your plans change spontaneously – ACUVUE

Technology, this monthly lens increases moisture content. As a result, more of the wetting agent is absorbed into the contact lens, thereby providing moisture to your eyes. It gives you long-lasting comfort that lasts for more than 4 weeks and guarantees clear, white and healthy eyes. ACUVUE

How Much Are Acuvue Contacts

How Much Are Acuvue Contacts

Astigmatism contact lenses with LIDSCHLAG-STABILIZATION-DESIGN use four stabilization zones to keep the contact lens in position regardless of eye or head movements, thus ensuring constant clear and stable vision.

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For astigmatism, Johnson & Johnson offers a high-quality monthly prescription lens designed specifically to meet the needs of people with astigmatism. This allows you to see distorted objects because the cornea is damaged and the refraction of light is no longer correct. ACUVUE corrects this fact.

For astigmatism and gives you visual acuity. In addition, these contact lenses are equipped with a class 1 UV filter that blocks 93% of UV rays and 99% of UV rays to better protect your eyes. Thanks to the production of the latest generation of silicone hydrogel, contact lenses also guarantee high oxygen permeability and natural moisture – for pleasant comfort and long-lasting wear.

* From May 2021 to June 2021, 150 eye care professionals in Germany were surveyed in the JJV 2021 data file. Germany ACUVUE Data evidence for claims.

Wear a UV filter to protect against harmful UV radiation so that the rays do not reach the eyes and eyes. UV protective contact lenses are not a substitute for UV protective glasses because they do not completely cover the eye and its surroundings. Therefore, you should also wear UV protection sunglasses recommended by your contact lens specialist.

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