How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month

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How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month – Spotify, the digital music, podcast and video streaming service that gives users access to millions of songs and other content created by creators around the world, has extended the free trial of its premium service by three months.

Spotify made the announcement in a blog post on Monday. Eligible free users and first-time Spotify signups can now get a three-month free trial of its premium plan, it said. “Spotify Premium is free and offers first-time users three months of their Personal Premium plan free.” This means that users can use Spotify Premium before starting their premium subscription.

How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month

How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month

Spotify is the most downloaded music app, and its premium subscription makes it even better by getting rid of ads and allowing users to save songs to listen to when they don’t have internet access.

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First-time Spotify users and free Spotify users can get Spotify Premium for up to $0 for three months. Until September 11, 2022. Plus, they hope to win back former premium customers and bring in new customers with the help of an extended free trial. Those who cancel their Spotify Premium subscription by July 15, 2022 will be able to get a three-month subscription for $9.99, which is about $3.33 per month. (or a similar price in the local market).

Users can end the three-month trial at any time. If they don’t, it will automatically convert to a standard Spotify Premium account at £9.99 per month.

However, the promotion is only valid for individual and student plans, so users interested in subscribing to Duo or family plans (which offer discounts for purchasing multiple premium accounts) will not be able to take advantage of the new offer.

Let’s say you’re undecided about upgrading to Spotify’s subscription plan. In this case, it may be useful to know that it regularly removes obnoxious ads in the free version of the service. Additionally, let’s say you have a premium subscription. In this case, you will be able to download music for offline listening, access the platform’s full list of artists and albums, and skip as many tracks as you like.

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A screenshot posted by a Reddit user shows that the company is working on new features so that users can record their reactions while listening to a playlist.

Similarly, Techviral said the company had earlier tested similar features with users in New Zealand. The new addition to the playlist is also being tested in Vietnam.

In addition, users can change their recorded voice, background music and clips before posting, and it is not clear who can hear these reactions. In addition, in order to post these responses, users must follow certain rules such as “no hate speech”.

How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month

Both a discounted price and a three-month free trial of Spotify Premium are available to returning customers in all 135 countries and territories worldwide where Spotify is available. With a subscription, you can listen to more than 4 million podcasts and 80 million songs without ads. Customers who pay for the premium subscription can access some additional features, such as better integration with the Apple Watch, offline playback, and the ability to stream as many songs as they want.

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Even though the economy is showing signs of slowing down, Spotify’s subscriber base is still growing, leading to the music platform’s premium offering. The company reported that more than 180 million people will sign up for premium services in 2022 alone.

All over the world, users are looking for ways to save money wherever possible. For this reason, there may be an increase in entertainment platforms offering extended free trials and discounts, such as the one offered here, to attract new members and convince existing members to pay. Spotify announced last month that it will offer a discount on its annual subscription plan, going for Rs. 999

Spotify has revised its daily and weekly premium plans in India and now calls them Premium Mini. A discount of Rs. 7 per day and Rs. 25 per week. Premium Mini plans are only available for mobile and tablet app users and work on one device only. Spotify says users can extend the Daily and Weekly plans for a total of 3 months. With the Premium Mini Plan, users get some of the benefits of the Premium Personal Plan which costs Rs. 119 per month.

The two premium mini plans offered by Spotify have a discounted price of Rs. 7 per day and Rs. 25 per week. Basically, these plans cost Rs. 13 per day and Rs. 39 per week. Premium Mini plans come with premium features like ad-free music and the ability to download songs for offline playback, but you can only download 30 songs at any time (even if you upgrade your Mini plan) And that’s just the tools. However, what isn’t really “premium” is the streaming bitrate, which is limited to 160kbps as a free plan. The premium plan offers a bit rate of 320kbps. Plus, the premium individual plan lets you download 10,000 songs per device, and you can use it on up to five devices.

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Spotify users can extend their “Premium Mini” plans for three months. However, every time the subscription expires, the downloaded music will be deleted and users will have to re-download it after charging.

Last month, Spotify rolled back the discount on its annual plan, which is currently available for Rs. 999 instead of the typical Rs. 1,189 since the service entered India last year. The premium individual plan still costs Rs. 119 per month and you get three months free with it. Duo plans with one month free trial starting from Rs. 149 and valid for two accounts. Family plans are valid for a maximum of six accounts and offer a free trial of Rs. 179.

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How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month

For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Gadgets 360 on Twitter, Facebook and Google News. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos on gadgets and technology. Spotify offers different plans for its customers in the Philippines. You have the regular Premium plan at Php 129/month, the Duo plan at Php 169/month for two users, and the Family plan at Php 194/month for up to 6 users.

What Is The Difference Between The $9.99 And $10.99 Plans?

Spotify has more affordable plans like the Student plan for Php 65 per month and now the music streaming platform is adding a more affordable plan with Premium Mini.

Priced at Php 7 per day or Php 26 per week, the Premium Mini offers ad-free listening with unlimited streaming to your Spotify account, 30 song downloads on one device, and music streaming up to 160kbps.

The Premium Mini is mainly intended for people who intend to use Spotify for a limited period of time (ie a week off) and only for their music and podcast needs. use a mobile device. Like other Spotify plans, Premium Mini can be paid for using your phone’s prepaid top-up or through eWallet apps like GCash and PayMaya.

However, disclaimer: in terms of price for long-term use, the regular premium plan is still the way to go, as it offers 320kbps music streaming, 10,000 music downloads on up to 5 devices, and is not limited to mobile devices. device (can also be used with computers and smart speakers).

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Along with the Premium Mini, The Verge also confirms that Spotify is working on a Plus plan for $0.99 (~Php 50) per month in select countries. While it still has ads like the free plan, Plus removes the number of tracks you can play in an hour. In addition, Plus users have the freedom to choose the songs they want to listen to.

“We’re always working to improve the Spotify experience, and we regularly run tests to inform our decisions,” a Spotify spokesperson told The Verge. “We are currently testing an ad-supported subscription plan with a limited number of users.”

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How Much Is Spotify Premium A Month

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