How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

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How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students – As a student, paying membership fees plus tuition and other miscellaneous expenses is no fun. Fortunately, many subscription services offer student discounts and bonuses, such as Spotify’s student discount. Spotify Premium Student is a special student discount for one of the leading music streaming services. Let’s talk about how students can take advantage of Spotify’s student discount.

To get Spotify Premium Student, you need to prove yourself as an “eligible student” through a third-party service called SheerID. To be eligible you must be 18 years of age and attend an accredited college or university.

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

Students can subscribe to Spotify Premium Student for up to four years, after which they must pay the full price of $9.99.

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Spotify Premium Student has many benefits including on-demand playback. Unlike Spotify Free, which comes with tons of ads and forces you to “play shuffle,” you can choose which songs you want to listen to and the streaming quality.

Spotify Premium Student allows you to download your music directly to your device. This way, you can turn on offline mode and save cellular data by having the music you downloaded on your device.

Perhaps the biggest draw for Spotify Premium subscribers is the ability to listen to really loud music. This is equivalent to 320 kbps and will make everything you listen to better.

Additionally, in the United States, you can include Hulu (ad-supported) and Showtime with your Spotify Premium Student Plan.

Spotify Premium For Students Is Finally Here In Singapore For Just $4.99

However, the student discount will not last forever. You can subscribe to Spotify Premium Student for four years of study. At the end of those four years, it doesn’t matter if you continue your studies; You’ll revert to a standard Spotify Premium subscription if you don’t cancel.

You must manually revalidate your account to continue receiving the discount during those four years. If you do not reconfirm your student status, you will automatically be converted to the standard Spotify Premium level.

SheerID is a third-party digital credential verification platform. In these circumstances, they will work with Spotify to confirm whether applicants are eligible for Spotify Premium Students.

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

While SheerID manages the verification process, the Spotify student discount is available in 36 countries around the world (see below for a full list).

Being Charged Full Price Regardless Of Student Ver…

Spotify Premium Student is currently available in 36 different countries around the world. They are as follows: Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Philippines Poland United States Poland Poland United Portugal United Portugal Indonesia

Additionally, if you’re on campus and logged into your college or university portal — meaning you’re connected to the school’s campus Wi-Fi — you’ll get instant confirmation. In this case, you don’t need to provide your student email address and register your Spotify account.

Moving from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium Student is a very simple process. Here’s what it’s like to sign up for Spotify Premium Student for the first time.

First, create a Spotify account if you don’t already have one. You can do this in the Spotify app or in a web browser.

How To Activate Hulu With Spotify Student: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

After creating your account and logging in, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open a drop-down, in which you can click Upgrade to Premium. This will take you to the Spotify Premium update page.

To qualify for Spotify Premium Student, you must first verify yourself as an eligible student through the third-party service SheerID. Fill out the form completely, then upload school documents to prove you are attending a college or university. Alternatively, log into your campus Wi-Fi network to get instant verification.

After SheerID has checked your documents and verified you as an eligible student, you can proceed to fill out your payment information to upgrade your account to Spotify Premium Student.

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

From here, you must verify yourself as an eligible student through SheerID. Fill out the form and upload school documents that prove you are attending that college or university.

Spotify Student: Anmeldung, Bedingungen, Nachweis Und Laufzeit

After SheerID has checked your documents and verified you as an eligible student, you can proceed to fill out your payment information to convert your account to Spotify Premium Student.

Now, since your account is already high, you cannot take advantage of the free three months. This offer is currently only available to new users who sign up for Spotify Premium Student. After all the hurdles before its launch, the much-awaited music streaming service Spotify is finally available in India. This is a huge achievement for Spotify as well as my fellow Indians who have been waiting years for the streaming giant to enter India. However, there is another major obstacle, which I will explain later.

Music streaming services are nothing new in India, as the market already has its fair share of such services

Subscriptions can be made for a period of 12 months with a standard price of ₹119.00/month. It is automatically withdrawn every month from the bank account provided and no manual updates are required. The advantage is that it is ₹10 cheaper than the one month prepaid plan.

How Much Is Spotify Premium In The Uk And Us, And What’s Included?

To get the above plans just create an account on Spotify, go to the main page and choose your plan to get started. Payment can be made through credit/debit card/Paytm.

These plans aren’t much different from any other music streaming service you’ve chosen before.

Note: Subscription plans can only be purchased if your bank account allows for monthly billing. Check with your bank if you’re not sure if your account supports it.

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

What sets it apart from many other services is the inclusion of a student plan, which offers 50% off standard plans especially for students. The plans are as follows.

How To Get Student Spotify Premium

A student exemption requires verification to ensure that the person applying for the exemption is indeed a student. This is done by SheerID.

Now, if you are a student and want to take advantage of the discount, go to the following link: Choose one of the plans above (if asked) and you will be redirected to the confirmation page.

Here, you need to select your country and type your name, email and date of birth which should match the school/college records. Next, you need to select your college (for example, if you are enrolled in one of the colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai, you can type the name of the college, if it does not appear as a suggestion in the text field).

Finally, accept the terms and conditions and you will be directed to a web page that will ask you to upload documents for verification. You are allowed to upload up to 3 school/college documents. The document you provide must show the following information:

Solved: Student Spotify Premium Adding Headspace

The document can be in the form of a class schedule, transcript, registration or tuition receipt, or a registration letter with the above information. (I recommend uploading the fee/tuition receipt, as it usually contains all the necessary information. It may happen that the issue date on the receipt is later than 3 months old, but they still seem to consider everything. The other information fits I personally tried with a receiver about 4 months old and tried a friend with a 6 month old receipt and we both got proof)

Once you complete the upload, it may take 3 working days to receive your confirmation mail on the provided email id. After receiving the mail, follow the link provided in it to apply your discount.

It is very important to remember that the student discount is for a period of 12 months only. After that Spotify asks you to verify your student status again, which is why the student subscription plan only lasts for 12 months.

How Much Is Spotify Premium For Students

Now we have a better idea about the subscription model and pricing. It’s time to answer this question –

Student Discount On Spotify And Hulu

Well, in my opinion, the answer would be both yes and no. As I talked about before, Spotify has faced many struggles to get licenses, bring its platform to India, and among all these issues, one has been the most difficult to deal with .

Warner Music Group had filed a petition in the Bombay High Court to prevent Spotify from offering songs from the artist’s vast catalog. This is possible because they are eager to launch their own music service in India. This means that there are many songs and albums by different singers/songwriters ie

Indian Spotify has been removed from the library. The huge roster of artists signed to Warner Music and its library is notably lacking, so you may want to hold your price down.

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