How To Change Garage Door Lock

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How To Change Garage Door Lock – About 6 weeks ago, I received a call from a customer requesting a service not offered elsewhere.

A customer has an old Rayner brand garage roller door in their garage and wanted a new lock key.

How To Change Garage Door Lock

How To Change Garage Door Lock

This door was made about 75 years ago and every company she called (before me) tried to convince them not to work on their existing products and buy new automatic roller doors instead. .

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After she was frustrated that her needs weren’t met, she was looking for a service and she found me.

In this second photo of her you can see how the internal mechanism is configured and how the lock and handle are attached to the door.

The chains on either side are attached to spring-loaded “latches” that hold the door securely in place on the travel track when closed.

There is no need to remove the lever handle to work on the key cylinder, just remove the four screws and pull the lock case out of the frame.

Lock, T Handle

The rim cylinders are pretty old and look a little rusty, but are working well for their age.

Here is another picture of the back side of the cylinder. You can see the roll pin on the back of the tailpiece and barrel.

After replacing a few tumblers to ‘change the combination’, I added a new key blank that was different from the original key to set up the plug.

How To Change Garage Door Lock

A slow and steady process is important for accurate and precise work. We leave the file for a little bit and constantly check and recheck it so as not to “ruin” our work.

Raynor Garage Door Lock

This eliminates the need to replace parts if they are accidentally lost.

The completed “new key” is made of brass. The old key to replace is silver

You can buy aftermarket cylinders for these doors now, but I’m old school and would like to keep them as original as possible.

One reason is that items manufactured in the past were often produced to higher standards and designed to last.

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Unlike many products found in the modern era, it has significantly increased productivity while abandoning quality control for the sole purpose of requiring consumers to constantly purchase new or replacement parts. intentionally manufactured using inferior raw materials and streamlined processes that enhance (This keeps the manufacturer in business).

The art of making locks is of great interest to us old traders. This is another example of the types of requests we receive at locksmiths.

Danny was very professional and friendly at the same time. He did not give us an estimate, but explained the exterior door repair and work. He was quick, positive about his job, and got the job done. He arrived on time and was taken care of on the same day. (Suseton K St. Louis, Missouri) In June 2018, I was assured that the issue was resolved but not urgent. If you would like to review my overall experience feel free to forward my number to Danny at 314-351-5553More

How To Change Garage Door Lock

Danny was a pleasure to meet and very informative. He explained several lock replacement options, none of which were suitable for the shutters, but replaced the front door lock with a lock I had never seen before. Highly recommend this company.

Garage Door Lock Replacement

He was quick and he showed when he said he would. he knew himself I ordered a new handle but they honestly said they didn’t need it as they could fix the door and they did. I locked and unlocked my door to his satisfaction so he knew what to do. Very happy with the service and cost.

Arrived on time as promised. They were very understanding of the project and provided more reassurance than I could have asked for.

Daniel came on time, diagnosed a problem I had with a double door, made the repair, and explained what caused the problem in the first place. He is a “door expert” and a true professional. I highly recommend him.

Danny was great! He considered my concerns and provided a more than fair estimate. He was there when he said he was going there. I highly recommend Danny. cheers!

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I hired Danny to re-lock my “new” home. He suggested replacing the three entrance doors with new deadbolts and doorknobs, and I agreed instead. All doors come with one matching key for superior quality product and work safety. They completed the project by adding new strike plates to the door frames. We recommend calling your first locksmith and locksmith only.

Requires an inner door track for smooth operation. Came right away, fixed the door and explained what they were doing during the repair. Fast and easy. He opens and closes doors better, his wife talks to him, and he dances better.

The owner spent a long time on the phone with me to help diagnose the problem. He was on time, friendly, and helped me solve my problem. I would definitely use him again!

How To Change Garage Door Lock

I had a very pleasant experience with the master key system. They came and worked for us (took longer than expected) but didn’t change the price they were quoted. Now, I’ve never compared so I don’t know if it’s good value for money, but they did what they said for the price they said. Enough said! ! !

Garador Garage Door Lock

Professional. I will be upfront about pricing. Fixed a stuck door in 20 minutes. A master key is recommended for outdoor door issues.

Danny is a seasoned craftsman, knowledgeable and professional. He will call again in the future and pass on their services to friends and family.

Danny was the best! I called him on Monday to fix the sliding glass door. They had the exact part we wanted (and it wasn’t easy to find – we searched everywhere) and it arrived on Tuesday evening. They stayed until eight o’clock until work was done, and then cleaned up. He was polite, professional and efficient! I couldn’t be happier!

He did a great job. He arrived on time and fixed the problem. He was very pleasant and explained the situation and how to prevent the door from sticking in the future. We will definitely use Master Key LLC again!

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Danny was a very friendly and understanding person. Even though his apprentice seemed to be doing a lot of work, Danny kept an eye on him to make sure it was done right. Rekeying was very reasonably priced.

Having grown up spending most of my time in Italy, I was very impressed with the uniqueness of Nova’s Classico. Being able to eat and enjoy them at home here in America is an indescribable nostalgic luxury. Thanks to Danny for arranging this transaction.

I searched the internet and found your service. I received 3 calls within a few days. A service call has been scheduled. Two gentlemen arrived promptly to analyze and fix the problem.

How To Change Garage Door Lock

The repairman came on time and did a great job fixing a very stubborn door lock. He persisted in cleaning the work area. I will use this service again.

Garage Door Lock

Danny at Master Key Systems made purchasing his Meroni door locks from Italy very easy. The whole process was perfect, even though I live in Australia with a 16 hour time difference with him and ordered an out of stock doorknob from Italy. Danny handled all emails quickly and efficiently, making sure that the product we received was exactly what we needed, covering all possible variables. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danny for my next purchase. Patrick Carr (Canberra, Australia)

I needed to secure a nurse station next to my waiting room and needed a pocket door and your product really helped me. Unfortunately, there are no practical options for effectively locking pocket his doors that are HIPAA compliant and secure areas where medical supplies are stored. This was very important as this particular waiting room was for “waiting for detox patients”. thank you very much.

Danny was very polite and knew what the problem was and how to fix it. He gave me some information about other issues that may occur with my doors and locks. If I have to do such work, I would like to hire him again.

Outdoor basement door pulls when opening and closing. Perhaps due to the age of the house, the hinges do not fit properly and the door frames are misaligned. Even with a special drill bit, the screw will never reach the wall far enough without hitting the stone. Dan spent a lot of time drilling and sanding to get the door to fit as cleanly as possible. I know it’s never perfect. he could have easily sold me

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