How To Delete Stuff From Your History

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How To Delete Stuff From Your History – Have you ever looked at your browsing history? Maybe you want to revisit a restaurant you saw last night (even though you forgot the name) or a travel site you browsed a few days ago. This can be very useful.

However, On the other hand, What if you don’t want a history of the sites you’ve visited on your computer? Maybe your spouse or partner is looking for their birthday gift (even last minute) or you’ve visited a site that you want to keep private and personal.

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

You may be using a public computer and you don’t want strangers to see your history. Just

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For whatever reason, It’s great to know how to view and clear or delete your browsing history. It is very easy to do so in various browsers. So let’s explore.

Chrome stores the sites you’ve visited in the last 90 days in your browsing history. If you’re using incognito mode (you can read more here) it won’t cache those sites. But anything you search for in the standard Chrome browser will appear there.

Also, one thing to note: if you sync all your devices (laptop, iPhone, tablet, and more), that record will be visible on all devices. Similarly, When you clear It will be cleared from all devices.

Open the Chrome browser on your computer. In the upper right corner you will see three vertical dots. Click on them to open that menu and select the “History” tab from the options there.

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Once you click on that option, You will be brought to a summary of your current browsing history. If you want to try it, that’s fine.

If you want to clear it, click the “Clear Browsing Data” tab on the left. You have the last hour; 24 hours 7 days You will be taken to this screen (below) where you have the option to clear data for 4 weeks or any time. Choose your time frame; and select the categories you want to clear:

Click the dropdown (“Time Range”) to select your time frame. Check and uncheck the boxes as per your requirement.

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

As you can see from the screenshot above, Chrome not only saves your browsing history, but also cookies and cache files from the sites you visit.

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Once you clear that data, it won’t appear in your history. Chrome won’t auto-populate those sites for you if you type them in the address bar.

What if you want to clear some sites but keep the rest? That’s possible too.

Open Chrome, Click on those three vertical dots, Select “History”. The process is the same until now. now, On the first page of history, select the fields you want to delete instead of clicking “Clear Browsing Data” on the left:

Once you’ve selected all the sites you want to clean up, Click “Delete” in the upper right corner. Only those sites will be removed from your history.

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To clear your history in Firefox; The process is similar to Chrome – the buttons are slightly different.

Open your Firefox browser and click on the Library tab on the top right (it looks like some books are attached)

Select the “History” tab; Then the “Clear current history” option from the menu will replace the previous one.

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

And you’ll notice the “Free Time Range” dropdown. The last hour of your history two hours four hours You can clear today or anytime.

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Get ready now: If you select “Clear Now” at the bottom right. It will clear all your records and no questions asked.

If you want to select which bits to clear, The process is slightly different. Click on the same Library tab; Select “History” at the bottom and click “History All History”.

From the left bar, you can select the history you want to view (today, yesterday, etc.).

Then you will see your history. If you only have a few sites, You can ctrl click (or right click) on the site you want to delete.

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When you hold the ctrl key and click on a site, a menu will appear. Select “Forget this site” from that menu and Firefox will delete it from your history.

All records associated with that site (cookies, caches, browsing and logins, etc.) will be removed. Huh!

Again, The process is very similar to Chrome and Firefox. But in Safari, You click on the “History” tab at the top of your browser menu. Select “Clear History” from the dropdown:

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

A box will appear asking if you want to clear your history (caches, etc.) and which time frame (last hour, today, today and yesterday, all history).

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Select the appropriate option and click “Clear History”. boom History was clear for that period (or all time).

Click the “History” tab and select “Show all history” at the top of the dropdown. All the sites you browse will be listed during the day.

If you want to select a specific site to delete, Ctrl-click (or right-click) on that site and select “Delete” from the drop down.

Now you know how you can delete all or part of your browsing history from some of the major browsers in use today.

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Learn to code for free! Its open source curriculum has helped more than 40,000 people find jobs as developers. If you don’t have an Android phone to begin with. You may be using three or four services every day; Therefore, the company knows a lot about you. Even if you use the Service offline, the information you collect may include your commuting and shopping habits.

Just because this privacy database stores information anonymously doesn’t mean Google is trying to track you personally. But it is connected to you. The process helps advertisers better understand demographics and determine your interests to target ads to.

Looking for things you shouldn’t do; If you are busy or do not want your personal information retrieved from the Websites; There are ways to delete Google history stored on your devices.

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

Note that deleting browsing history will remove it from your Google Account, not just for specific devices. Therefore, Deleting any record is deleted from all devices.

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Your iPhone, Android phone tablet MacBook Chromebooks; Follow the steps below to delete Google history using a desktop PC or laptop.

If desired, the above steps can quickly delete your Google search history using specific dates and keywords. After completing the above steps, All Google search history is deleted from devices associated with that account.

If you want a quick and easy way to delete all Google search history in bulk. browsing history in Chrome; saved passwords; If you want to remove caches and cookies, all the steps below will apply.

All your Google history, including search history, is gone after performing the above steps. Therefore, you may not access any websites, Ensure data and other personal information is secured elsewhere.

How To See And Delete Your Incognito History

Once the above steps are completed, Chrome search history and all other history you’ve selected will now be deleted on your iPhone, including Google search history.

Google provides an option to automatically dispose of your data. If you want to save some data, it is best to ignore this function. However, If you want to automatically delete all your Google search data; Follow these steps to set up the auto-delete feature:

Deleting Google History FAQs I want to keep my passwords but delete everything else. How can I do this?

How To Delete Stuff From Your History

If you’re deleting all your Google data, you can uncheck the option under “Clear Browsing Data” to clear passwords. But if you want to be more secure, You can use a browser extension like LastPass to store your passwords in a safe place.

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Yes, if you are no longer interested in using your current Google Account, you can permanently delete it. We have an article here that explains the entire process.

If you go to the Google Account web page; You can click on the option to download all your data and delete your entire Google account and everything that comes with it.

Note that doing so will completely delete all your Google-related information. This process includes Google Docs, emails, Including losing all contacts etc. If you are using an Android device; You must create or use another Google Account to back up your device using many features.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain affiliate links. This does not affect our editorial team in any way. Have you ever “accidentally” visited a website on your iPhone only to instantly delete your entire history because you didn’t want your activity to be tracked in the first place? It happened to me that day. boy Do I regret clearing my Safari history because of a stupid page?

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I think iOS doesn’t allow removing individual pages from browsing history. After doing some research, I now know better. yes You can remove a previously visited page from your browsing history in Safari on both iOS and Mac. It couldn’t be simpler. Let me show you how.

To select multiple pages in Safari

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