How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

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Instagram Reels are currently gaining momentum, especially after the recent celebrity backlash against Instagram’s move to a full-screen mode similar to TikTok. However, there is one feature of TikTok that we found missing from Reels, which is the ability to fast forward and rewind Instagram Reels at our convenience. Currently, if we miss a part of the tutorial or something like that we have to wait for the drum to play again. Today we will discuss several ways to fast forward or rewind any Instagram video.

How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

Instagram does not provide any such facility for fast forward or rewind like TikTok. However, we have now discovered several possible ways to do this. Let’s see them.

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If you’re watching Reels on a PC or Mac, the process of fast-forwarding or rewinding a video is pretty simple. All you have to do is add the extension to your browser. Here’s how it works:

3. Play the drum you want to fast forward or rewind. Now the top third of the reel will act as a controller and you will see a progress bar at the top of the page.

4. Now, to rewind the drum forward, press the right side, and to rewind, press the left side of the drum.

5. You can set the extension to remember and automatically set the last used volume level or activate keyboard shortcuts to fast forward, rewind, slow down to 0.25X or fast forward to 4X.

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If you are using your phone to watch a reel and want to rewind or rewind the reel. In such a situation, you can download the Instagram video posted by other users to your phone memory, and then watch the video at your own discretion.

Another easy way to save and rewind an Instagram video without using any third-party tools is to watch the video recording on your phone. Later, you can view it in your phone’s Gallery app and watch the videos as you wish.

If you’re the kind of person who might do their best to slow down the reels in the future or get fast forward features up to 4x speed, you can check out our guide to using Chrome extensions on Android and watch the reels at your own pace. .

How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

So those are the four ways you can fast forward or rewind any Instagram video of your choice that is not yet supported by Instagram (I hope they read this and include it in the future). Thus, you can comfortably go through any training or advice without waiting to play it again. If you found this helpful; If you did, be sure to like and share it with others. Check out more tips linked below and stay tuned for more awesome tech tips and tricks.

How To Fast Forward Or Rewind In Tiktok

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Gaurav’s passion for technology has extended to writing editorials, manuals, technical product reviews, creating technical videos and much more. When it’s off, you can find it on Twitter or maybe play it. We all want to share interesting and engaging stories and videos on Instagram. Sometimes we need to speed up the video to make it more attractive and save viewers time. Instagram stories and posts have a short duration, so we need to speed up the video and show everything in a short time.

Today we will tell you how to speed up videos on Instagram. We will share various tools to help you create fast videos and recommend one of the best speed up video editor, iMyFone, so that you can speed up your Instagram videos without any problem. Download iMyFone below.

Hyperlapse is an amazing Instagram app. It can help you create high quality time lapses without any difficulty. You can create hyperlapses like a pro. You can use it to record hyperlapses for Instagram or any other purpose.

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Step 1: Open the Hyperlapse app on your mobile phone. On the screen you will see only record button.

Step 2: Click the Record button to start recording the video. Keep your hands still while recording and stop recording whenever you want.

Step 3: Now you will see the speed bar. By default, the video will be at 6x zoom, but you can zoom out to 1x and zoom in to 12x.

How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

Step 5: The video will be saved on your device, but you can also share it on Instagram and Facebook.

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The screen size of the video is small due to the cropping effect. If your hands stay still, you’ll have a larger screen size without cropping.

Hyperlapse is a free app that can be downloaded for free. It offers you a stable timelapse instantly.

IMyFone is a professional yet easy-to-use video editor that is user-friendly and very simple. It has a simple user interface that anyone can use. It is ideal for beginners and people who have no video editing experience. Additionally, there are almost all the video editing tools you need to create stunning videos, from basic to advanced. You can add effects, transitions, stickers and edit the video as you like.

Step 1: Launch on your computer. Go to File > New Project and choose any aspect ratio you like. For Instagram stories, the recommended and most used aspect ratio is 9:16 (portrait).

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Step 2: Go to the Media menu (on startup, you’re in the Media menu by default). Click to import the desired video file. You can import from your computer or directly from your mobile phone. Also supports wireless import from mobile phones.

Step 4: You will see a speedometer icon in the toolbar above the timeline. If the icon is gray, click on the video in the timeline. Click on the icon and you will see the Speed ​​Settings window. You can adjust the speed from 0.10X to 16X. Select the speed you like and click OK.

Step 5: You have successfully adjusted the speed. You can see a preview. Finally, go to the Export menu and click on Export Video. You will see the export window. You can choose location, quality, resolution and other advanced options (bitrate, frame rate, code, etc.). When you’re done, click Export.

How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

Ezgif is a web-based collection of video editing tools. You will have almost all basic tools including speed change, video trimming, video merging and resizing. You don’t need to download anything as it is an online tool. You can use Video Speed ​​Changer to change the speed of your video.

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Step 2: Click on “Choose File”. Select the video file you want to edit. You can also paste its URL if it is available online.

Step 4: After downloading, you will have the option to change the speed with a multiplier. You can choose any multiplier you want. You can also mute the audio, keep the original audio or change the audio speed along with the video. Choose the option you like.

Step 5: Click Change Video Speed. Your output file will be ready in few seconds. You can watch the video and save it to your computer. You can also make other changes using different tools.

IMovie is without a doubt the app of choice for iOS. You can download it for free and use the basic tools. This can help you speed up your Instagram stories. It is good for quick video editing. It can be used to create picture-in-picture effects, add awesome text and more.

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Step 1: Open iMovie on your mobile phone or iPad. Go to the Projects tab and click “Create Project”.

Step 2: You will have two options. Click on the movie. Movie is for editing videos, while Trailer is for creating videos using templates.

Step 3: Select a video and click “Make Movie” to change its speed. Your video clip will be imported into the video editor.

How To Make Fast Forward Video On Instagram

Step 4: You will see the video clip on the timeline. You need to choose it. You will see a speedometer icon/speed tab at the bottom. Click on the tab.

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