How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

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I have a spreadsheet that has a new data entry in each row. I want to get Excel to automatically check the value of a certain column, and if the value is 1, it should go to the sheet with the same title as the column. See the image below for example;

How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

So basically I have 6 columns that I need to perform this check. OUT_O_10, OUT_10_20, etc., as you can see in the picture. If column OUT_O_10 has a 1 on the first page, I need row A to H, which should be copied to the next row on the page named OUT_0_10.

Import & Export With Excel

This link will allow you to download the near perfect example I need. I want my spreadsheet to check any column that contains the word “OUT” for a value of 1, since this spreadsheet can check the “Department” column and move the rows to the page with the same title. Move the line (A to H only) containing , and 1 if present, to the page with the corresponding “OUT” header.

Please let me know if this is not clear. There must be a way to do this automatically, since this page does exactly what I need it to do, don’t know how to do it from my own page. I have a 2016 Excel.

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How To Create A Summary Table In Excel (with Example)

How to Link Data from One Spreadsheet to Another Here are two easy ways to link data from another sheet in Excel or Google Sheets.

You have data on one page of your spreadsheet and you want to use it on another page. You can copy it – but you have to manually update the data in each spreadsheet every time the data changes. Who has that kind of time? Not to mention the risk of you manually entering incorrect information.

Here are two easy ways to copy data from another sheet in Excel (and the same trick works for Google Sheets, Numbers, and other popular spreadsheet apps, too).

How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

To copy data from one sheet to another, all you need is the name of the source sheet and the name of the copied cell. Then combine it with an exclamation mark.

How To Get Data From A Excel Sheet To Another When Two Criteria Is True Using Vba

Let’s say your source sheet is named “Roster”, you need to copy the data from cell A2 to another sheet named “Names”. On the “Names” page, click the desired box and type

Now, if you change the data in the original cell that you copied, the data will automatically update in every spreadsheet that the cell references.

Want to calculate values ​​using data from your source cell? Write the rest of your activities as usual. For example, if

Do you have data from two different spreadsheets that you want to copy into a new spreadsheet? A better option is to use Microsoft Excel Workflows (or Google Sheets Workflows) to link your sheets. With these Zaps (called our pre-built workflows) you can check your source fields for new or updated data and automatically copy it to your desired spreadsheet.

How To Get Currency Data Into Excel

Now, connected to your data, you can stop manually copying and pasting data—and gain peace of mind knowing your data is up-to-date and consistent in every spreadsheet.

This article was originally published in June 2017. The latest update is in December 2022, courtesy of Jessica Lowe.

Matthew Guai Matthew Guai is an editor and writer in Bangkok. When he’s not writing, he’s reading a new book or exploring random streets in a new city. Follow Matthew at @maguay.Bottom Line: Learn how to use VBA macros to copy and paste data from one Excel workbook to another, including adding data to the bottom of an existing range or replacing data to do.

How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

Follow along with the video above using the Excel files I use. You can download them by clicking below. Here is the workbook where I am copying the data

How To Link Data From One Spreadsheet To Another

There are several ways to copy and paste data with VBA. First we use the Range.Copy method. This allows us to perform the entire operation in one line of code.

The Range.Copy method has an optional destination parameter that allows us to specify the range we want to paste.

We refer to the source workbook, worksheet and range that we need to copy. For the destination parameter we refer to the destination workbook, the worksheet, and the starting cell of the range to be pasted.

The Range.Copy method performs regular copy and paste operations including formatting and formulas. If you want to paste the values, below is an example.

How To Link Your Data In Excel Workbooks Together

When pasting data into the destination workbook using VBA, you can also use special paste features.

Below is an example macro. You’ll notice that my example uses the PasteValues ​​type, but you can use PasteFormulas, PasteFormats, or any of the other PasteSpecial options. Here is a list of paste types.

Sometimes the size of your data in the source and destination files will change each time you run the macro. For example, you might have a daily task of adding new entries from an exported sheet to a master list in another workbook.

How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

In this case, you want to add new entries directly below the most recent entries on your landing page. To do this, you can use the following macro.

Create A Drop Down List In Excel From Another Worksheet

In addition to finding the last row of a range or sheet, you can also find the last column or cell. Check out my post and video on 3 ways to find last used row or column to learn more.

Instead of adding to the list in your destination range, you can choose to clear the existing range before importing new data. This can be done with this macro.

Running this macro will remove any existing data in the destination range before inserting the data from the source worksheet.

I would also like to offer you a slightly different option for your macros. Instead of identifying the destination workbook by name, you can use its workbook property. This is possible as long as the macro is stored in the destination (or source) workbook.

How To Make A Spreadsheet In Excel, Word, And Google Sheets

By doing this, you avoid changing the code if you change the file name for your destination workbook. Here is the VBA code used in this workbook.

This reminds me that unless you specify the workbook on each line of code, VBA always assumes that the macro you want to run applies to the active workbook. In this video VBA Assumptions I will talk about this important assumption and other important points about running VBA code.

You can modify the examples above to copy and paste between sheets in that workbook. Use the same workbook reference for copy and destination ranges. Here is an example.

How To Pull Data From One Excel Sheet To Another

You may not always need to refer to a workbook, but it’s a good habit to get into. Otherwise, VBA makes assumptions that can get you into trouble.

Excel: How To Pull Data From Another Sheet Based On Criteria

I hope these tips and macros help you save time when copying data between workbooks. Automating this tedious task can help prevent errors and make it easier for others to update your records. It is common that we want to enter and store all the data in one worksheet, and display the summary in different worksheets. A typical configuration will look like the screenshot shown above. An “Input” page, then a page to show the summary for each month. That way, all 13 worksheets will appear in your workbook. This was really a problem for me…

My suggestion is to have only one sheet to display the monthly summary where the user has the flexibility to select any month (or any period) using a pivot table timeline.

Note: The file is saved in .xlsm (macro-enable) format. Please enable content when prompted

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