How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

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How To Say Good Night In Mandarin – When learning new languages, “Hello” or “Hello” is one of the first things we usually learn to say. Even if it’s the only word we can speak, most locals will be happy to hear that you’ve made an effort to speak Chinese (or any language).

We’ve compiled a list of the most common Chinese greetings you should learn if you’re learning Mandarin. It’s helpful to know in which context to use these greetings and which ones will help you sound more fluent and natural.

How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

You may have already come across the word 你好 (nǐ hǎo) or “Hello” in Chinese. While this is a common way to say “Hello” in Mandarin, there are also more casual expressions to use with friends. For many young Chinese, 你好 (nǐ hǎo) is becoming less fashionable and is considered too formal to use among friends and colleagues.

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If both words have tone 3, change the first word to the second tone in spoken Chinese. Learn more about tone rules here.

您 (nín) is used when addressing someone who holds a higher or respected position, both at work and in the family. So 您好 is a more formal way of saying “hello”.

These three are more modern and popular ways to greet friends, colleagues and classmates. All three are translated using transliteration, replacing the original English word with a Chinese character that sounds the same or similar. This is often done with brands, place names and people. These kinds of names are becoming more and more fashionable among young people in China.

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It literally translates to “You’re fine” and is often taught to students as a basic Chinese phrase, but is rarely used today. Even in English, come to think of it, we rarely ask “How are you?” and now among Chinese youth are similar.

Asking if someone has eaten yet is a more common way of asking “how are you?” Worrying about the health of a friend or acquaintance is common in Chinese culture. Most often you will hear it among the neighbors of the park on an evening walk after dinner.

This phrase can sometimes be used to ask “do you have time?”, especially if you are calling during lunch or dinner.

How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

Unlike English, where we can say “good morning” all morning, in Chinese, the morning is divided into several time frames, from early morning to morning.

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早 (zǎo) actually refers to early morning and can be remembered as 日 (rì) for the sun rising above the helmet. Originally, the 十 (shí) part of the character 早 (zǎo) was the helmet 甲 (jiǎ).

早 (zǎo) used alone is more often used as a shortened version of 早天好 (zǎo shang hǎo), creating a more casual expression, like saying morning.

Like good morning and good evening (which follow), the time expression + 好 is a way for us to say Good [time of day]. Here, 下午 is noon.午 is a character that refers to “afternoon” or midday, so when combined with 下 it becomes “afternoon”.

晚 (wǎn) or 晚晚 (wǎn shang) means evening or night. Combined with the character 好 (hǎo) creates a greeting that is usually used after sunset.

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In Chinese, 晚天好 is still a greeting, not a way to say “good night”. Use 晚安 (wǎn ān) to say good night in Chinese.

This is a great phrase to use if you haven’t seen it in a while. If you break down the characters, you will see that this is a very literal translation. You can do this by clicking on the character link above.

最作在干嘛? (zuì jìn zài gàn má?) – What have you been doing lately? after all, shén me ne?) – What have you been busy with lately?

How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

It is often used as a joke when passing an acquaintance or neighbor. This isn’t really a question, just a greeting that will be answered shortly.

Ways To Say Good Night In Mandarin Chinese

When I first came to China, my impression of this expression was absurd and rude. For example, “what are you doing?” It is usually used as a greeting to a colleague or friend.

Here are some phrases you can use to greet someone you’ve never met before or are meeting again but don’t know very well.

If you have any comments or questions about any of the Chinese greetings mentioned in the article, please leave your messages below.

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Download 20 Chinese greetings that will make you sound native and read them whenever you want. Saying good night in Cantonese (早抖 / zou2 dau2) is just as important as saying good morning (早星 /)

) is a good way to start the day because it can easily lighten someone else’s mood.

) is an expression for the end of the day. After a long tiring day, a simple good night will relieve you of all your stress and problems. A simple goodnight can also be a way to tell someone that you’ve enjoyed their day and that you’re thinking of them before bed.

How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

A good night can mean many different things. People who often say good night are really thoughtful and polite. In this blog, you will learn how to say good night in Cantonese. You’ll also learn Cantonese words and phrases that can come in handy if you’re planning a fun and adventurous night out in Hong Kong.

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Greetings such as Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night are part of everyday conversation. That’s why greetings are so important to learn. As Hong Kong is a Chinese country, people speak Chinese, mainly Cantonese, not Mandarin.

So, if you are planning to visit Hong Kong and want to know how to say “Good night” in Cantonese, check out the different ways below that can help you communicate with the locals.

It literally means “Good night” in English. It is used informally where 早 means “early” in English and 抖 means “quiet”. This expression is used when you are going to bed soon.

It means “good evening” in English. This expression is used in formal settings for both speaking and writing. If you want to say goodbye and end the day, but don’t plan to go to bed earlier, this is the word. You can put it at the beginning or end of the conversation.

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Letting people know you spent the rest of the evening with them will make their hearts skip a beat. This phrase means “

You can work late with your colleagues or classmates, but you don’t have much energy to keep up. At the end of the evening, you can say this phrase: It means: “Maybe we should sleep and try again tomorrow.”

Wishing someone a good dream is also a common way of saying goodnight. This expression means “good dream” in English. Of course, good dreams can give you extra happiness in the morning when you wake up.

How To Say Good Night In Mandarin

6. 我唔红天堂因為我已經搵你。我唔纪夢想因為我已經擁有你為我已經擁有你為我已經擁你。 N415 Jano5M Ging1 Wan2 Nei5. Ngo5 M4 Seoi1 Jiu3 Mung6 Soeng2 Jan1 Wai6 Ngo5 Ji5 Ging1 Jung2 Jau5 Nei5.) Play

Ways To Say Hello In Chinese

Of course, you can also be romantic, especially when you’re talking to your special someone. If you’re into it a little more, try using sweet words to let her know you’re thinking of them before bed. This phrase means “

Most people would agree that saying goodnight to someone is polite and thoughtful. When we are young, we love it when our parents tuck us into bed and read us bedtime stories. It’s their way of saying good night. Sometimes they also give an extra kiss goodnight to make them feel loved and cared for before bed. As adults, we want to feel that way too. Maybe not through bedtime stories, but even just words.

In addition to saying goodnight, try to learn Cantonese words and phrases related to bedtime. If you’re planning to go to Hong Kong or meet Hong Kongers, it’s good to learn some Cantonese words and phrases, such as:

Good night is also an important greeting like good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Just like a good morning can easily make your day great, a good night can make your night great by making you smile before you head off to dreamland. So why not learn all the words and phrases above?

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